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  1. True, but they have a strong presence up there.
  2. Don't forget the few Piggy Wiggly's still around in some parts of the deep south. And their high end grocery store( Walmart)
  3. Thoughts and prayers go out to SJSU and the player. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/sjsu-football-player-stabbed-in-san-jose-altercation/ar-BBBovzS?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=LENDHP I posted because we open the season there.
  4. True, Unfort we know how this all plays out, SEC love is TOO DEEP.
  5. Should be higher than The Gators after their performance last night. At least WE put up over 30 points on the Noles. I would say we should be around 20- 22. After our Bowl Blow out Win Id say around 17-20 .
  6. Already canceled my subscription a while ago and I DO NOT READ or Visit THIER WEBSITE. Money and Clicks matter. So If others are unhappy, let your voices be heard.
  7. They do make things called automobiles, airplanes, buses, trains and cabs. I flew 1000 miles to make the game. Sure sounded like you were complaining or throwing shade toward those of us who attended IN PERSON . And the commuter reference isn't necessary either is it?
  8. Says the "Fan" sitting at home in front of his TV. Lost all credibility if you cant make the effort to show up yourself.
  9. Some Ticket Reps regularly post on here so they read the comments as well one would assume. ( my ticket rep post regularly) The music is fine as long as you choreograph it with the Band, It should be played before the game and when the band is walking to their seats, Right before the half when the band is heading to the field for halftime, and when the band is taking a break. Drowning out the band and fans from cheering is NOT the answer. It makes us look like a JV league school or Arena Football. It does very little to get the fans yelling and cheering. Also I agree the HOT announcer is horrible and cheesy, Has always been horrible. I cant tell you how many people ( visiting fans/ friends) tell me how bad it sounds and makes us look. " R U FEELING HOT" "Away side" crickets, " Home Side " crickets. Please make it stop. Want to get the respect we deserve than lets start acting like a big time program in ALL aspects.
  10. Rather hear the bands and Fans than the loud music. Seems like every time the crowd gets into the game they drown us out with the music. Leave the music for the Pro Teams and others, Not college Football.
  11. ESPN poll will have us around 22-23, only because they want to hype the USF/UCF game and sell/ bill it as a ranked team playing their rival. AP will be close to 25, Coaches will have us at 25, CBS will have us at 21. So anywhere from 21- RV at 27.
  12. Unless the AAC does something differently than the BE and Other conferences, order of finish / wins don't always equate to better bowls. Other than the Playoff and G5 New Years day that goes to highest ranked G5 Champ the conference can pick who goes where and they usually base it off several things: who played where last year, ( dont like to send same team to same bowl multiple years in a row usually) geography, 9like to make travel easier for the schools and fans),match up with the team in the bowl( don't like to have two teams play that already played) the list goes on and on, Basically Wins don't always equate to Bowl pecking order is what im trying to say. We could legit end up in St Pete or the worse AAC bowl affiliations unless we win the conference or make the playoffs.
  13. USF (good guys) 43-35 Memphis scores late a few times to make it closer than it needs to be. Mack (0ver 100 all purpose yards and counting today) Adams 420 ( Because that's the number I always pick for total yards)
  14. Seems we are defying all the old sayings that Offense sells tickets and Defense wins championships. (Don't want to rain on the parade here) but our attendance continues to struggle and it now appears we will not win the conference championship (Thanks Temple). With that said I agree this was one of my favorite USF teams to watch (other than the run to #2 And the inaugural season). Don't know why more people haven't taken notice and jumped back on the train. Has there been too much damage to ever fix the attendance issue?
  15. Didn't see any "clowns" last night but did see some interesting characters at the game. Little Red Robin hood and Wolf at the game. (Little red robin hood was a guy and the girl was the wolf). Also saw a Bull Superman and a few other interesting things last night.
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