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Hey Bulls What's the Word On the O-Line Starters?

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Who are you guys going to start on the O-Line this year and do you have a quality backup for each OL position?

I'm guessing here.

Center - Griffin , #2 Capogna.

Guard - Walker, #2 Tolley

Guard - Hunners, #2 Tolley

Tackle - Dile, #2 Carnes

Tackle - Watson (No way Jim Redshirts him if he doesn't have to). #2 Carnes.

I think replacing Miller, Carothers, and Davis is going to be difficult.  Will the new linemen be able to fill those shoes.  Yes/No?  Why?

I think Griffin is going to be good.   I also think that Tolley will be a good one.  Question about Walker, I thought he left the team is that correct?  Hunners should be good.  Dile's a returning starter and Thed's a second team big east OT.  However, you seem to have almost no depth along the line.  And some of your more promising players are young.  

Last year I believe that the game for UCF was lost along the line.  The announcers continued to talk about how the line was blown off the ball and jamming up the LBs.  I wondered why not cram the box, but I know the answer.  USF runs a spread offense and if you stack the box with 8, even PJ will throw some strikes.  So it's imperative that our line plays well against USF since we can't stack the box to stop the run.  

Personally, I think with the departure of three of your interior linemen and the added year of strength and experience along our DL, that the results will be different in that phase of the game.  Although, I thought with the departure of Herron the year before, you were going to step back but USF's line actually improved.  So I could be wrong.

But I just wanted to hear opinions from Bulls about the front five and the depth there.

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We shall see on those two, I am still not buying it, partly because Carnes is doing so well that tells me what value do we derive RS-Watson?  Carnes is a JR, if he starts this year why would Watson start ahead of him next year?  Maybe he expects Carnes to RS next season but he can't so he and Watson would be battling it out to start?  Why not let Carnes and Watson battle it out this year, the competition will only make the champ better next year.  Also RS- Robinson also has me more than a little worried about after the 2007 season because we'd lose every single DT on the two deep.

2007 is scary in returning talent without needing to bring those two back.  Furthermore, today those two are probably the best at their respective positions on this team, but by next year they may not be so why risk having their final two years on the team on the bench?

returning in 2007 Defense:

DE:  Buie, Julmiste, Selvie, Bellamy, Aaron Harris

DT:  Cray, Clebert, Riley, Woody George

LB:  Moffitt, Mompremier, Peoples, and all the freshmen

DB:  Mike Jenkins, Williams, Carlton Williams, Gilliam, Gachette, Verpaele


OL:  Dile, Carnes, Griffin, Capogna, Huners, Walker, Schmidt and Tolley

WR: Amarri Jackson, Johnson, Amp Hill, Edwards, Chambers

RB:  Ponton, Plancher, freshmen

QB: Grothe

Look over that group and that's the minimum returning lettermen at DL that's everyone except Robinson, on the OL everyone except Watson...again what value is derived from a RS?  I mean if we're looking to build for the future then I'd be more apt to RS say Walker so we don't lose so much in the 2008 season, or RS Cray or Clebert...

I'm not going to edit out the things that are not relevant... but it's a good start thanks to S. Bien.

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