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Why I believe in USF

Guest Bullistic930

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Guest Bullistic930

Well everyone, it happened.  We lost to Pitt.  Losses to Penn State and Miami were starting to look acceptable. Pitt? Not acceptable.

I guess this is it. Let's all stop being USF fans. Let's fire Leavitt, hang PJ and employ our loyalties elsewhere.  Maybe we could all be Miami fans?




Admittedly, I haven't been a Bulls fan for very long.  But when I first discovered USF football only a few short months ago....something really got my attention.  There is something -- I can't place my finger on it -- that sets USF apart from other "up and coming" teams. Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you feel it?

Our biggest fear is apparent. We are scared, no, TERRIFIED that USF will never be anything more than another UCF....a "directional" state school that, except for the occassional upset, goes largely unnoticed by Div1A powerhouses.

Our greatest dream, on the other hand, is to challenge the likes of FSU, UF, and Miami....and WIN.

Losses like the one we had today are very trying for everyone....new and old. But I offer this bit of wisdom:

If you look back in history (and I don't just mean football history), you see a pattern. The greatest and most inspirational stories involve unlikely heroes or institutions that rose up and came through against all odds. My friends...USF's time is still to come. The administration has made its intentions very clear: USF is striving to become a top tier public institution that competes on a national level in all aspects, academic and athletic. USF is one of the largest schools in the Southeastern USA. We have the desire, but more importantly - we have the ABILITY - to follow through on our goals.

Do you find yourself jealous of large schools with a huge football following? Yes? But why? Do you think the Gators had such a large fanbase back in the pre-Spurrier days? No way! The fact is...nowadays it's SAFE to be a Gator. There is no doubt...they have a great team.

Is that what you want? SAFETY? How hard is it to be a Gators fan or a USC fan? Answer - not hard.  But I'll tell you what - I'd take what we as USF fans have ANYDAY over what they have!

Today was a tough loss. Tactically, it's all bad news. But try and think of the big picture. Try and think long term - it's not so bad. For a school with USF's potential and drive, it's only a matter of time.

And that is the bottom line: It is only a matter of time until startup football programs elsewhere in FL are wondering, "can we turn the Big 4 into the Big 5"?

We are Bulls, and no one can take that away from us.

I believe!

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I think fans dont understand that Pitt is a very dangerous team right now. You have to admire the adjustments that they made during that game. Their defense brought their A game against us. Pitt may end up around 6-5 IMO. I was impressed by the coaching today from Pitt.

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