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  1. Appreciate it, never said I could do any of that, just made a point that ex players are always your best bet when coaching. Just look around the country. There’s a lot of ex players that are having tremendous success.
  2. Ex players always make the best coaches bc they’ve lived it, that being said, this is a great hire for our university. Pat has done it all and is a great person.
  3. Ticketmaster for like 8$. That’s what I did this week.
  4. They’re ****** UCiF. They’re always mad. That’s what they do in Mickey Mouse town.
  5. It blows my mind how many guys on here try to hate on players who played on the team you “love”...
  6. Mile, I love that idea. Let them see the benefits and then they can make their decision the following year. Nice. You’re hired lol
  7. Not gonna lie. Me too. It’s actually my main email. When people ask what my email is and I tell them, I get the ol’ you still have that?!
  8. I can tell you that 70% of players don’t even know what varsity club is.
  9. ...point went completely over your head. If someone who used to play, has always been able to show up and get tickets. Why would they all of a sudden update an email address when they didn’t know they didn’t have free tickets anymore...
  10. Lol, how many people do you know that still have @mail.usf.edu emails?
  11. I think the biggest factor that everyone seems to be missing is that a lot of guys didn’t know they didn’t have tickets anymore. I get/got asked by a bunch of people before the first game, “How do we get our tickets this year”, because a lot of guys don’t have emails hooked up to Usf anymore or live out of town. It would be pretty ****** to not know they changed the way you can get tickets and show up with a little kid thinking you were getting into the game like the past. Just my 2 cents.
  12. We no longer receive tickets to games. So yes, it’s true.
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