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  1. I used to think that The Claw had plenty of space for an OCS. The golfers on here didn't take kindly to that. Wouldn't it make more sense for the golf team to have to travel off campus? I also think someone said something about not being able to get proper building permits that close to the protected land. Idk.
  2. One of these is not like the other. Same city though, my bad.
  3. Nope, I was wrong. I sit corrected and no longer support an OCS because of it. Long live the sea of red!
  4. Well, I know for a fact that USF is in Temple Terrace. I guess people from Coral Gables tell people they're from Miami too, so I see your confusion. My point is that the nearest USF dorm room is 30 minutes away from Ray Jay. You're very welcome Bull Daly! I didn't realize some people were so anti-OCS though. That's kinda odd.. you don't see that mentality in any other University's fan base AFAIK.
  5. Here you go. Both taken from 10,000ft. Also, here is a view from 63,000ft showing how stupid it is to play your home games in a different city. Enjoy
  6. He has what you call a "punchable face". Plus he derailed USF's '07 season, did his best to destroy the Bucs from within, and helped cover up Sandusky's crimes against children.
  7. If you build it they will come. Ray Jay is nice, but i'm not sure how you can expect to have a college atmosphere a half an hour away from the campus... OCS is a huge factor in what separates commuter schools from true college campuses.
  8. We need an OCS. It will get alum back on campus and start real tradition, as opposed to the sea of red at Ray Jay. I live on the other side of FL, if I decide to go to a USF game, I don't even catch a whiff of the campus. I know i'd go to more games if it were on campus.
  9. 2-loss SEC would get in CFP before undefeated USF, unfortunately. 5 years ago, never thought i'd miss the Big East.
  10. Brett, dude, we get it.. you love reporting anti-USF. Let it go man. You lost. S a D!
  11. Ol' McMurphy quick to rain on USF's parade, also quick to put his foot in his mouth.
  12. The most striking difference is the lack of old and/or miserable people.
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