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  1. If you get a chance go to utube and rewatch the Auburn or WV games. Our defense was unbelievable. If I want to watch offence, I go to the Flowers,Adams,Mack Cinci game. If I want to enjoy defense, I watch either the Auburn game or the first FSU game. Those 4 downs from the 3 yard line on 2 different occasions were pretty good.
  2. Unfortunately, if we are going to fill the stadium we will have to do a large portion of it with the Tampa band wagon fans. In the magical 2007 year, we didn't have that many people at the Elon game. It wasn't until we beat Auburn that people started talking. By the time the WV game came around, the even the mayor was excited enough to call that Friday night USF green and gold day. IF we could find a way to beat UW and GT, by the time BYU comes around those same band wagoners will come around to see what's going on at Ray Jay.
  3. Until someone challenges the SEC, and that would be a loong drawn out affair, things will move around a bit but not really change. However, IF they were serious about making college football championship a real championship, there would be 4 leagues with 20 teams each. Each league would have an east and west division with 10 teams in each of them. There would be a championship. Then all 8 division winners would play for a national championship, with one of the leagues having the opportunity of having 2 teams in the national championship game. With 80 teams having an opportunity to play for a national championship, almost every school who makes a serious commitment would have a legitimate opportunity. Each team would have 9 in division games, and 3 floater games to allow to retain old rival games. Probably makes too much since.
  4. Thanks a lot. I have already had my withdrawals and learned to settle for Judy's mediocre sports achievements. Why would we dare to dream again?
  5. Actually before Gregory got hear, those were all that could have been losses for us.
  6. I looked up the 2016 tournament and there were 6 sectionals 3 had 13 teams, and 3 had 14 teams, That's a lot of teams.
  7. It's been a while since my sons played but I believe there were 4 or 5 sectionals with 16 teams each? I would think #38 would be good enough.
  8. For a guaranteed spot yes. However, if the rest of the season is good enough they could be in. Where are they rated now?
  9. Usually, all rounds after the first are done by score. It's a little surprising that they are in 3rd place and they are not paired with the first two other teams. Usually if there is 3 team pairings, the first three are paired together. There must be an odd number of teams and they are letting the first 2 teams play together and 3 team pairings after that.
  10. This is the REAL truth. Leavitt told me that the The big shot alumni wanted him fired 2 years before he was. Looking back, maybe given the indoor facility and practice facilities he didn't have made a difference in how the team performed. Jim told me he Judy wanted to fire him when he held out signing his contract (for half he was offered at Bama) because he wanted outdoor facilities. I don't know how many people on here played even high school football but I had coaches who did a LOT worst than this to me. O Liar was responsible for a players death, and nothing. Maybe there was a reason we gave him a ton of money to keep him from destroying us in court. Leavitt did more for our sports program than any other three people put together. And Genshaft and Woolard did more to destroy our program than any other five people.
  11. Maybe she could get judge Judy to trade places with her........................or are they really the same person?
  12. I didn't do this right, and I am afraid I only read half of the front page when I read how bad a recruiter Leavitt was. Right now the #1 recruit in the country plays defense, and who wants to go to Oregon and play for Leavitt. I guess he got better.
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