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  1. Q playing QB is 100% the only reason I would have gone to any of the games. There is only six of us but, I just saved some money.
  2. I thought the team is doing really well given the lack of power under the boards. They have pretty good depth on defense but they are pretty young and ball handling when the other team knows you are weak on backboard strength allows them to cheat out a take a few more chances against our perimeter. When our shooters are hot, it makes things a lot easier. It appeared that our break point today was when we did not get a couple of calls they should have, and FSU got excited, and we tightened up. When I remember where we were, and how far we have come in such a short time, I have to believe that Gregory will get it worked out. We are starting to have consistency and a steady growth I haven't seen at USF a a long time.
  3. Isn't he also the player who body slammed the kid from Hillsborough in Charlotte?
  4. half way through the second half we were down by 2 or 3 when coach called a time out and we came out a different team. The defense wend smother, we fought for every rebound, (even on the offensive boards) and there were a ton of fast breaks off of the great defense. If we played like that the entire game, it would have been over by half time.
  5. At the time we had those loses, we were 2nd and 8th, and in the discussion for the Natl Championship game. If you recall, once we lost WV who only had the one loss to us was in 2nd and in the Natl championship game until they lost to Pitt in their last game. That year we averaged over 50,000 at Ray Jay, and I don't know about anyone else but there wasn't a day that went by over a couple of months. (after the night win at Auburn) that most of my customers wanted to talk about USF football. I cooked for the tailgate parties for the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and was cooking for 120 to 135 kids every game. Our tailgate party was on ESPN sports 3 times that year plus the ESPN special they did on the amazing upstart USF football. We had to quit trying to have tailgate parties for them in 2018 because of lack of interest. We dropped from 120 minimum to when Leavitt left to 35 to 40 on Holtz's last year. We started with 50 people Taggart's first year to 35 his second year, to 20 his third year. His fourth year we had 25 to 35 and by the end of Strong's second year, we had less than 6. We finally didn't bother last year. I'm sorry, I miss those years. Yes, we moved up so fast that we were playing against opponents that were way over our heads, and somehow we were winning a lot of them. By the end of the year, our competition caught us and our top 50 recruits. I don't mind telly you that when we had a top 26 recruiting class, his last year of recruiting, and when we were rated top 18 when he was fired, I had high hopes for what we could do with those types of recruits. That's what I mean about having something to play for.
  6. I get your point but it was nice having something to play for. We haven't had very many since he has been gone.
  7. I don't know about him but I don't come here a lot because I think you're an internet bully, and I get sick of listening to you.
  8. It's hard to believe that every football expert in the US considered the accomplishment that Leavitt did in such a short time at USF with no facilities, no money to hire descent assistant coaches, no money to keep the coaches he trained as miraculous, but the alumni that got upset because Leavitt would not bow and kiss their rings don't like him. When you consider that he had to recruit players that could not walk on at UCF his first couple of years and built a few of them into a strong enough unit to go from nothing to NCAA members, to a nothing conference, to CUSA, to Big East, in such a short period it's a wonder how he could win so many great games until half way through the season, when he lost 5 to 8 of his key 15 players, The only thanks he gets from a few of the big shot alumni was "he can't finish" or "he can't get us to the next level". It 100% uoir fault that USF football sucks the way it does. I hope you are happy. UCF alumni love you and send their thanks.
  9. It's difficult to throw the ball to someone who is sitting on the bench. Spent a LOT of time watching the game from the sidelines right in front of us.
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