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  1. This is the REAL truth. Leavitt told me that the The big shot alumni wanted him fired 2 years before he was. Looking back, maybe given the indoor facility and practice facilities he didn't have made a difference in how the team performed. Jim told me he Judy wanted to fire him when he held out signing his contract (for half he was offered at Bama) because he wanted outdoor facilities. I don't know how many people on here played even high school football but I had coaches who did a LOT worst than this to me. O Liar was responsible for a players death, and nothing. Maybe there was a reason we gave him a ton of money to keep him from destroying us in court. Leavitt did more for our sports program than any other three people put together. And Genshaft and Woolard did more to destroy our program than any other five people.
  2. Maybe she could get judge Judy to trade places with her........................or are they really the same person?
  3. I didn't do this right, and I am afraid I only read half of the front page when I read how bad a recruiter Leavitt was. Right now the #1 recruit in the country plays defense, and who wants to go to Oregon and play for Leavitt. I guess he got better.
  4. I'm getting late on this but the TV announcer said that 68% of the starting lineup for Texas was Fresh and Soph's.
  5. I agree as long as whoever takes her place gives him more support and commitment on facilities than Judy did. I hope she doesn't pick her replacement.
  6. Take a look at our leadership. How many Jr.s and Sr.s started last year? I didn't expect much this year but if they play the whole game, I will be happy.
  7. My son was at LSU for Saban's first year when Ole Miss beat them. I was stuck in a traffic jam and listened to a talk show were every fan who called in wanted Saban to go back to Mich st., and the AD to be fired. How'd that work out?
  8. But what is record on Friday night away games? Actually what the leagues record for Friday night away games? Especially when they travel away the week before a Friday night away game. There was supposed to be a rule that any away team that played of a Thursday or Friday night would have a bye week before they had to travel during the week.
  9. Or maybe he could have used the tickets sold instead of turnstiles since no one else in college uses turnstiles except him.
  10. That's right. When my son was in high school, Bill Tryon had a match set up every weekend there wasn't a tournament with Sean, Ty, my son a 5 other local boys and both Bill and Sean's dad told me I was crazy making my sons go to college. By the way, the boy from Ole Miss that just won the national college championship got an exemption to last weeks PGA tournament and finished 3rd or 4th. By winning the National collegiate, he got 7 exemptions from PGA tournaments. There is no guarantee, but the sponsors want to see the new champion. My son's played at Ole Miss with the coach and assistant coach. There are telling my son's that the young man is coming back next year, and that's probably a mistake. He had a chance to get a one million dollar sponsorship and 7 exemptions this year, and 7 next. That's enough to keep you in the game for a while.
  11. Most golfers go to college because it offers special entries into tournaments for those who win championships. Staying on the tour is difficult but getting on tour is nearly impossible. Tiger won both the Amateur and the college championships and when he graduated he received 7 exemptions into tournaments at the end of the year and 7 more at the beginning of the next year. Even if he hadn't won, if he had enough high finishes, he would have received exempt status when they calculated the monies at the first reshuffle. Ty Tryon is was the only person to qualify for the tour while still in college. He missed his final year, and it was the worst thing for him. There was another kid I can't remember his name (but he was the one who sued his dad because his dad made him sign a contract in high school) who did not go to college and did fine. Either way, no matter how good you are, there are no signing bonuses in golf, unless you have a titlest deal like Tiger, and a college education is very important.
  12. That's the problem when you shop after Christmas. You end up wearing COW BELLS!
  13. I know some people at Ole Miss that are talking to Leavitt. They are pushing for him to be their new coach it he will take the job.
  14. It's a shame to see how far Leavitt and Selmon brought our program in 13 years go down so fast. If they were still here we would be in the Big 12 right now. Selmon had Oklahoma, and Leavitt played at Missouri and coached at KState. Is the Leavitt situation killing us in the Big 12?
  15. I have read that BYU is seriously trying to work out being a football only Big East team. The only reason they couldn't go Big 12 is because the Big 12 wanted all in and BYU would not agree to play other sports on Sundays. I have also read that Air Force and Navy want the Army to be in the same conference.
  16. And go where? Working on a road crew. Tearing off roofs. Diggging ditches. A LOT of these kids are shoved through school because we don't take the time to teach them because they can tackle someone and we don't want to make them miss a game. Everyone knows their only chance for financial stability is on the football field and they require them to play in college to get to the next level.
  17. Sooooo If the Big 12 wants 2 more teams, and we are one, we should say no?
  18. I am 100% for whatever you can do to help the kids, and make a more level playing field. I know a lot of people who have played for SEC football teams. Everyone that I know will tell you (off the record) that they were paid to play. The joke is that aparently Miss state and Arkansas have been 2 of the biggest offenders in the last 20 years. Before that it was difficult to beat Tenn and Bama. I find it hard to believe that the NCAA knows that Auburn gave Newton's father $200,000 but since Cam didn't know about it there is no foul. Are you kiding me? The funny part is that Miss st is being checked out because they blew the whistle. Even though it's true that they admitted to making a $180,000 offer. The only reason they blew the whistle was because they were mad they were out bid. Is there a reason that the NCAA doesn't penalize Miami? It's because it would not be their best interest to penalize them right now. It would be a lot better money wise if they remove some of their wins 10 years from now. Exactly how do you remove wins? Does that allow someone else to go back and go to a bowl game? It's very hard to argue how corrupt the NCAA is, and the amount the universities and coaches are making off the players.
  19. A LOT of these kids only go to college because it is required to ne a professional football player. The colleges are making a fortune out of them and they are preventing them from going from high school to their profession like a baseball ,basketball,golfer, etc. IF the NCAA requires them to go to at least 2 years of college, so they can exploit them, then they should pay for it. Don't tell me that they are getting these great educations because we all know that is a lie. They usually are in a field that an education is not that advantagious and a lot of the time they don't graduate. When someone goes to school for a real degree, and they graduate, there is no way to take this away from them. When a person goes to college to play football and they get hurt, their career is gone. At successful programs like UF, football pays for everything. All of the womens sports and a lot of the non money sports as well as putting a loy of money into the general fund. Tell me what math class your kid goes to does that. College footbal would loose badly if any kid ever took them to court. It is a one sided contract. 1) Can not bargain for pay. 2) Can not leave without loosing a year of play. 3) No guarranteed contract. 4) Being unfairly limited because of a coach that was not fair. 5) No abality to complain about unfair treatment. Coaches lie to kids every day/ Coaches can destroy a players career and their is no way to complain. It's the closest thing to slavery as you will ever see in America and there is nothing a kid can do about it.
  20. A couple of things that are not acurate. 1) All scholarships are for 1 year. The coach gives you a new contract each year and there is no guarrantee that you contract will be extended. 2) All sports are not 100% scholarships. The money sports like football and basketball usually are, especially large schools but, the other sports do not get enough scholarships to allow for full rides. Except in womens sports who get full rides if they cxan walk and chew gam at the same time. Many times full ride scholarships for women go unused because they can not find any one who wants them. 3) Even full ride scholarships do not cover all of the cost at school. Travel back and forth from home, clothing, car and travel expenses, dates, phones, etc are not included. My sons had 60% rides at different sec and acc schools, which was a lot for golf scholarships. It cost me $15,000 per year at NCState, $12,000 at LSU and %8,000 at Ole Miss over and above the scholarship money they received. 4) They can not have any jobs are raise any monies unless special aproval while onm scholarship. I was very suprised when I found out that Grothe had a job in the off season.
  21. WOW I didn't mean to spill your prune juice! For what it's worth, I am 60 years old. I usually hold my grandson while I am standing. It is close to the back row, row AA. However, I have has son's who went to NCState, Ole Miss, and LSU, and when the teams are playing big games most people stand most of the time. But that wasn't what I was asking.
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