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  1. footnfan1

    UCF President quits

    I am sure that this can be measured many different ways, but way is social media impressions, some of these really surprised me. https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2018/09/24/Research-and-Ratings/Social-climbers.aspx
  2. I thought both last second foul calls were terrible, especially the call against Collins. Temple never should have even gone to the line IMO.
  3. Yep and Yep. Good, but not very good IMO.
  4. Tired legs from the last road game IMO.
  5. Maybe the best in the league thus far IMO.
  6. It's going to be a long game boss. Not nearly over...
  7. footnfan1

    BG on Playing ucf Wed Night

    He is tough not to like. Class individual, GREAT coach. Give this man a raise.
  8. Its going to be a long game, USF may be the best team on the rise in the AAC. I am very impressed thus far.
  9. Interesting comments by Charlie about negative recruiting.
  10. footnfan1

    Poor Jose

    I watched the USF vs. UCF womens B ball game. I was totally impressed by how USF rose the fight, with limited players. There is no quit in that locker room, that is for sure. With the full set of players, I think UCF would have been crushed, but that's how things roll sometimes. Injuries are just rough.
  11. Welcome to the real world PH, but I will say, he is a GIGANTIC recruiter, and any road game is tough in the AAC this year. Nice win Bulls, no, REALLY huge win!
  12. footnfan1

    Women vs Cinci

    Is it on tv? Thanks.