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  1. I have to agree, I got a tour of the old one, it was pretty smokin good, but oh well. Enjoy it!
  2. The youth thing may not be as powerful as before, this is about survival so I think many of the previous "walls" will be much shorter. Just my opinion.
  3. I am curious, in the past, the draw was tv sets. Bring them in a geography that you want and don't have, and you are desirable. What now? Some of the AAC school have good to very good academics, others not so much. Some large enrollment, others are small. I guess the primary driver is money. How can expansion be spun to re negotiate the TV deals. The ACC needs a much better deal but with 2 AAC teams in Fl, the Florida teams are unlikely to be joining, maybe Cinci? I do think the Big 12 will move quickly, so the wait to see the first moves will not be a long one IMO.
  4. Several months ago I did the same thing. I was horrified. HS basket ball player, loved the sport. Wow, again, I was disgusted. So, I'll stick to 6:00 AM Crossfit every week day and nightly laps to stay limber.
  5. That is very true. Undeniable. This guy has announced he is staying as well, had announced he might transfer. Brandon Mahan - 2021-22 - (M) Basketball Brandon Mahan (13) Guard - Senior (2020-21) • Appeared in 21 of 23 games, starting 19 times in second
  6. Nice parenting, well done. Best of luck to her! She obviously won't need it!
  7. Impressive run VERY WELL DONE. Playing those young players will pay HUGE dividends.
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