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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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  1. I listen to Mike each morning from the 239, I don't believe Mike each morning from the 239. Mike has been tough on UCF when UCF is terrible, and equally supportive when UCF is not terrible. Both are good for Mike. Mike is not dumb. I get the humor, but at 60, I am a bit more discerning. Mike is a radio host columnist. Ratings/hits are his life. I take him with a huge pile of salt, but I do appreciate his making UCF more main stream.
  2. I don't think he said never, but he said he has stopped calling blue bloods who demand more tickets than he can provide. He also mentioned, that they have begun stadium growth studies.
  3. Danny White said in that interview ( missed by most folks due to the 2-1 comments) that because of the limited away fans ticket availability, he has given up on attracting what he called blue blood programs. He no longer even tries. I think he said 27K season tickets sold, 10K students, only leaves about 4-6K away fan seats. The stadium is no longer 45K total a he has converted many low revenue seats, to club seats, so there is a lower overall total. He admitted, many teams wont come to UCF with only 4-6K available. I am pretty sure, that is close to what he depicted.
  4. Danny Whites job is to graduate student athletes, increase donations, hire great coaches, sell season tickets, finance increased facilities. He's done pretty well, now, to build that lazy river. Each AAC school has different agenda's. To compare their methods for success is a little silly. USF is different than Houston which is different than SMU which is different than UCF. No AAC team is on the same agenda, raises $$ the same way, has the same challenges etc. I don't demonize differences. USF has done a great job leveraging what they have to offer (seats) to compare what they do to what anyone else does is not valid to my small pea brain.
  5. I don't think UCF makes 3-4M per game, more likely 1.5-2.5M depending on the opponent. That is just a guess mixed with a little reality from people who know the real numbers, who have shared tid bits from time to time.
  6. From last year pre bowl game, for FY 2017 Total football revenue LSU reported $86.2 million in football-related revenue, which is nearly $20 million more than UCF brings in for its total athletic department revenue. UCF reported $21.9 million in revenue directly attributed to football. This is the article by University Revenue guru Kristi Dosh. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristidosh/2018/12/31/lsu-vs-ucf-comparing-finances/#3d13ab0e7b0a Another article claiming 62M in revenue last year, up 10%. The Knights sold $5.6 million in tickets during the financial year that started in June 2017 and ended in June 2018, a jump from $4.4 million the year before. Football drove most of those sales, bringing in $4.6 million. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/ucf-athletics-revenue-soars-after-perfect-football-season/ar-BBTV9QN
  7. Well, if you have to go "box" https://www.foodandwine.com/wine/tk-best-boxed-wines-serve-crowd
  8. GREAT series to sign up, congratulations.
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