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  1. footnfan1

    USF vs UF Continues

    Just a fan, not an Alum, but thank you. I would need to see the agreement.How much is UF paying USF to show up? How much money can USF make on the one home game? Without seeing these details, my answer would be no. I would not schedule a 2 for 1 game. My guess is that UF is looking at the Tampa game like a free recruiting opportunity. I suppose they hope to dominate the crowd, to make it like a home game. That is all speculation. I have no knowledge as to why the decision was made, but iIfeel quite sure, that UF will never play UCF at Spectrum. NEVER.
  2. footnfan1

    USF vs UF Continues

    Beat them. Beat them badly.
  3. footnfan1

    Craig Watts

    Good luck young man!!
  4. footnfan1

    AAC Tournament

    Skills. Boom.
  5. footnfan1

    AAC Tournament

    Game cancelled. Natty Champs.
  6. footnfan1

    AAC Tournament

    Monsoon rain in Orlando. Should have played the game in the AM IMO.
  7. footnfan1

    AAC Tournament

    They'll cancel the game IMO.
  8. footnfan1

    AAC Tournament

    1:00 Eastern. Rain expected.
  9. The story won't die. Slow news summer.
  10. Well deserved. My hat is off to her.
  11. footnfan1

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Go Gaels.
  12. Danny has used this to his advantage. UCF has sold about 90+ % of all the seats set aside for season tickets. Graduation rates remain high.His "hires" have produced. As a result, university leaders have signed White to a new five-year rolling contract which will see his annual compensation increase from $630,000 to $1,030,000.
  13. footnfan1

    Come on Willie....

    I'll be pulling for Boise.