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  1. UCF scheduled UNC several years ago, when UNC was I think 11-1. The game was supposed to happen this year, and UNC would have done nothing for the power of schedule debate, but many roasted them for not scheduling more P 5 teams. Ignorance abounds. They have lost two P5 games in 2 years due to storms, and we lost roof, pool cage, and about 225K in home damage, UCF got a better deal. USF has a decided advantage in scheduling P5 teams IMO. No bond issue forcing a certain number of home games, a huge number of seats to sell for FSU/uf type games. You guys are using the advantages well.
  2. Completely agree. I did not want to assume UCF would win, but just answer the perception question. Milton healthy, I think UCF wins handily, but you just never know. With DMack playing, who knows. I would like to think he would torch the uf secondary, but he only has a 2+ game sample.
  3. Perception wise, probably a lot better. After doing nothing for 5 years, uf was pre season ranked pretty darn well, for no reason IMO. We will see vs. no rings Jimmy just how good they are.
  4. Hate tioruin a good non story, especially involving the lizards.....Andy is the UCF Communications Boss
  5. footnfan1

    Our Scheduling Philosophy is a Bad Look (OT)

    That could very well be true. But: How many tickets did USF grant UF for the game at Ray Jay? The 20K extra sales, will that be from USF fans, or come out of the UF allotment? The 65K space is great for big crowd games for sure.
  6. Before or after the Jamie Lee Curtis scene, asking for a friend.
  7. footnfan1

    USF player in Jail

    Must be a terrible young man. Probably took someones lunch money, burnt ants with a magnifying glass, pulled little girls pony tails, hang 'em high! *Sarcasm Font* Talk about fake news.......
  8. Unlike many games, everyone hung around, even with a very rough first 1/2. Nice outcome, if not a surprise to many. Henderson took some very hard shots early in the second half. He ran for 200+ in the first 1/2, and for 3 in the second. Memphis rode that horse a little too long IMO.