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  1. Especially if Pitt goes a 2 high Safety configuration. If they stay 1 high, DG will burn them for 30 yards per completion. Pick your poison Pitt.
  2. Heupel put DG in some bad situations against FAU. Heupel is still learning how to use DG IMO. Its his second game, pretty small sample. Let's see how he does vs. Pitt. I for one, thinks he will feast on the Pitt secondary.
  3. You realize that the HC, fired Josh instead of his brother? Josh was sacrificed, and thank goodness he was. https://www.crimsonandcreammachine.com/2018/10/12/17967532/oklahoma-sooners-football-josh-heupel-ucf-bob-stoops-mike-stoops Under Heupel's watch, Missouri improved from 124th nationally in offense to 13th in 2016. Tigers quarterback Drew Lock set an SEC record with 43 touchdown passes this season, earning first-team all-conference honors. Pretty average in my book, nope https://www.upi.com/Sports_News/College-Football/2017/12/05/Central-Florida-tabs-Missouri-coordinator-Josh-Heupel-as-coach/7501512497213/
  4. Average? He turned Missouri from a zero to a hero on offense. He was the 247 Coordinator of the year!
  5. 2 game record is better and in playing time, more like one game. SPLITS CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG vs. non-Conference Teams 16 32 50.0 372 11.6 5 0 74 199.2
  6. Not really, a focused recruit by Milton. https://theathletic.com/1204571/2019/09/12/staples-the-hawaiian-who-is-adding-to-ucfs-status-as-a-quarterback-paradise/ UCF coach Josh Heupel learned to expect the Friday night sales pitches. During dinners at the team hotel the night before a game, when players and coaches tend to be at their most relaxed, Knights quarterback McKenzie Milton would update Heupel on the exploits of the player who replaced Milton at Mililani (Hawaii) High. “He’d be talking about DG,” Heupel says. Among Milton’s dutiful reports to Heupel was one from last September. During a 35-0 win against Waianae, Milton relayed to his coach, Gabriel had passed Timmy Chang and Tua Tagovailoa on Hawaii’s all-time passing yardage list. UCF coaches had their first in-person meeting with Gabriel on his official visit last November. A day after his visit, Gabriel decommitted from Army. In December, Gabriel took official visits to Georgia and USC. Had he chosen to sign with the Trojans, it might be Gabriel and not fellow freshman Kedon Slovis who took over for the injured JT Daniels. But while Slovis was making his first collegiate start against Stanford on Sept. 7, Gabriel was breaking down his first collegiate start, a 48-14 win at Florida Atlantic in which he completed seven of 19 passes for 245 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.
  7. Really. 30%? Dillon was 7/19.average completion NCAA leading 35+ yards per completion at FAU. His in-completes were on long stretch plays primarily. He should be revved up for Stanford, Wimbush is no longer a starter. C/ATT YDS AVG TD INT QBR Dillon Gabriel 7/19 245 12.9 2 0 58.9 He erased Tua's Hawaii passing records, he will be fine, just fine.
  8. That's Footy to you sir. Not wrong http://knightnews.com/2017/02/resort-style-lazy-river-coming-on-campus-to-ucf/ https://www.adedesign.com/projects/ucf-recovery-cove/ Danny White found a way to monetize the expenditure. 1 million helps a little. https://ucfknights.com/news/2018/11/16/211780904.aspx
  9. No idea, they have yet to build it. They will build it this next off season .
  10. It is Recovery Cove, a student athlete only lazy river, relaxation area. Now named after a donor. This social media graphic is being sent out to every visiting recruit that is expected this weekend, for the Stanford game. Oops, I am wrong, I will try to find then correct graphic Here is is https://twitter.com/MosierQuade/status/1171779896525447171?s=20
  11. Here is the article I referred to, SIAP. https://projects.newsday.com/college-football-coaches-salaries-contracts/charlie-strong/
  12. I thought Coach Srrongs buyout is 22 weeks pay, from what I heard on a radio show last week, per a review of his agreement. This article seems to confirm that, 192,000, if accurate. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/ I saw other articles quoting 2M this year, 1.7M thereafter. I always ask fans, if you fire X person, who are you going to hire that is better? I think at this time of year, the number of available candidates is small, so someone would probably be promoted in an interim fashion.
  13. Funny you should say that, i as a kid ( both my parents were from Terre Haute) when we would visit, I was struck by just that, the smell.
  14. My oldest son was considering his engineering options. He had an offer from Rose Hulman, went for a visit, found my fathers memorial brick, and said Gpa, nope and nope, too cold. Strongly considered G tech , which had also contacted him, triple nope, nope, no, no pretty girls.
  15. Totally agree. Willie listened, to his credit. Including Charlie Strong, when at the Ville
  16. Only after Willies drop back passer game plan failed and Q asked him to wake up and let him play.Good on Q.
  17. It was one game, vs. a VERY good team. Too early to panic IMO.
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