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  1. Iranian politician offers 3 M to kill President Trump: https://news.sky.com/story/iranian-politician-offers-3m-to-whoever-kills-trump-11914041
  2. Holy Cra*, get better. My Dad 40+ years ago had a stone pass while working behind the iron curtain. My urethra goes out to you!
  3. Really? Sold tickets? In my best "trip voice" link?
  4. Andy Staples is a great proponent of Non Blue blood programs. Coming from a former gator player, that looms large for me. I really enjoy his interviews, plus his topics on where and what to eat at CFB towns is unmatched.
  5. I listened to this over the weekend, in my opinion, it is superb and Jeff Scott is a superb hire. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/interview-new-usf-head-coach-jeff-scott/id1477536795?i=1000459734351
  6. Really, he is from Alabama. https://ucfknights.com/sports/football/roster/marlon-williams/8865 Why would you even say such a thing? You owned them? What does that mean? Owned them?
  7. Teams that have scored a point against La Tech this yearTexasGrambling StateBowling GreenFIURiceMassSouthern MissUTEPNorth TexasMarshallUABUTSATeams that have not scored a point against La Tech this yearMiami
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