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  1. Pretty sure if my 8 year old needs a ticket, so does yours... unless you can sneak him in under a coat and manage not to blow his cover when security asks you to raise your arms for the metal detector. I personally have Tickets to UH and UCF. Still trying to figure out one more to attend myself.
  2. We had personnel problems on defense, with glaring holes at LB and along the D-Line. Unless some JUCO or grad transfers are signing at those positions next month, I don't see much room for improvement on defense. Maybe if we could sustain more drives, the defense will improve, but we were and appear to still be soft up the middle.
  3. George Jenkins

    Big Saturday of Basketball in Tampa

    No argument here. I'm just thinking that with a Saturday game and ranked opponent, I won't be the only one in the cheap seats.
  4. George Jenkins

    Big Saturday of Basketball in Tampa

    Should be an improved atmosphere from the Tulane game. I'll be there +2.
  5. George Jenkins

    free throws

    Good thing we didnt sit Rideau.
  6. George Jenkins

    FB survey

    Same issue. USF still doing USF things.
  7. George Jenkins

    free throws

    Nonsense. I've studied the film, and all these guys need to do is tuck the elbow. Problem solved.
  8. George Jenkins

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    So is this like the time the US propped up the Taliban to defeat the Soviets? Suck it UCF commies?
  9. Get some of those $7 tickets in the Dome and I promise you, nobody will notice either.
  10. Dont hate me for saying this. Right now, we are a mid-tier AAC team. We are young, we turn the ball over too much, we are mediocre jump shooters and poor free throw shooters. Our post players are really raw and have a long way to go offensively. We have not beaten (or really played) anybody of note, but opportunity awaits. We will out-rebounded and out-work most of our opponents, but I dont see post-season in out future unless some serious strides are made and those issues are corrected. This team has come a long way, but still has a long way to go.
  11. George Jenkins

    Willie in trouble

    Maybe. Wasn't there some school that literally killed a kid, was found liable in civil court, but never paid the kid's family? I forget which school that was...
  12. I was traveling for business from Panama City to Punta Gorda and was able to stop by and catch this game. Glad I did. If you're in the area, I highly recommend you hop on the bandwagon. Tickets are a bargain, and the Dome would be awesome even half full. Hopefully more folks buy in because this team deserves it.