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  1. I firmly agree, and am not making that argument in all seriousness. I loved that brand of basketball and grew up watching my beloved Miami Heat literally trade blows with the Knicks in the playoffs every year in a race to see who can make it to 75 points first.
  2. Some would argue that xCSH destroyed basketball as it was intended to be played.
  3. But the license plates tho...
  4. You guys still talking about the CFP? As it stands right now, if Bama and Clemson both lose and we run the table, UCF will recognize us as national champs: http://www.colleyrankings.com/ Football—09/16 1. Alabama 2. Notre Dame 3. Duke 4. Indiana 5. Stanford 6. Penn St 7. LSU 8. Clemson 9. South Florida 10. Ohio St
  5. George Jenkins

    Some Changes for Saturday’s Game

    Can we get Sam Barrington to step out of the radio box for a few games? He's still got his redshirt left, right?
  6. George Jenkins

    Blake Barnett

    I have zero issue comparing him to Ryan Tannehill (a first round draft pick, albeit a questionable one, and a ho-hum NFL QB). Little slower, but more accurate. Give him another year's worth of film, and I think you'll have NFL scouts giving him some pretty high marks. QBs get drafted very highly all the time just based on potential. He's probably already on the radar.
  7. George Jenkins

    Attendance at IL

    From the ESPN recap I was fully expecting to read "Joey Knight contributed to this story" at the bottom.
  8. George Jenkins

    Final few minutes of first half

    Getting the ball back and scoring in a hurry has been our MO. I like the strategy.
  9. George Jenkins

    First game I can remember where...

    Didn't BB have one batted down at the line in the second quarter intended for McCants? I think it was in the sequence where two consecutive balls got knocked down at the LOS.
  10. George Jenkins

    We are a 4th Quarter Team

    Except for that Elon game.
  11. George Jenkins


    Beating a team with the 117 SOS wont mean as much as you may think, no matter how loudly they proclaim themselves kings. Were still eating at the kiddy table.
  12. George Jenkins


    This team beating an undefeated UCF doesn't mean a thing, except in our own little world. Neither of these teams are going anywhere with the current status quo. Them winning does nothing but rile up the yahoos that feed off of their own delusions. **** those guys. I hope they lose every game.
  13. George Jenkins


    Live here in Orlando. Haven't met a logical UCF fan yet.
  14. George Jenkins

    Publix and USF

    Get ready guys. We're also working on a variety of assorted USF-branded wieners, sausages and kielbasas to pair with our nuts.