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George Jenkins


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  1. George Jenkins

    Football: better year?

    Game day performance will dictate our ceiling every year.
  2. George Jenkins

    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    But his girlfriend's tho...
  3. George Jenkins

    HB QF

    If he doesn't stick in the NFL, he's got one hell of a promising career as a motivational speaker.
  4. I wouldn't discount Barnett's height as an advantage. Finally, we may have a QB that can see and attack the middle of the field. Interesting to see how this pans out.
  5. George Jenkins

    Athlon QB Ranking: Do they know something we don't?

    This may be obvious but, I don't think they took our transfer QB's surfer wife into account when they did these rankings.
  6. George Jenkins

    Bulls vs Gators Tonight

    Well, that escalated quickly.
  7. Have you thanked God and your family whilst decommitting from Arizona? I'll respect your decision.
  8. Understood, but people are still uttering the letters "U-C-F" in succession. Regardless of context, this benefits them. This thread alone is probably brining attention to them through some Google algorithm. It's only a matter of time before they get a series with a lowly PAC12 team or a Boise State and lay down a beating 3 time zones away. It won't be a joke forever. I'll caveat that with they have to maintain success, which they have shown they are entirely incapable of, but I would think they're past the point of frying up donuts to put in the W column. We shall see. On that note, I'm just going to ignore them from here on out in hopes that they just disappear.
  9. You gotta give it up to Danny White. 4 months later, and this is till being talked about. I'm fairly certain he doesn't believe this, rather, he has designed and implemented this scheme to keep his school in the news cycle. Pretty well done. We'll see how that banner in the stadium works out for them though.
  10. I think it's fascinating that many round these parts still argue the legitimacy of this.
  11. George Jenkins

    This video gives me hope going foward for MBB

    Nice practice facility bro.
  12. George Jenkins

    For Bourbon Folks

    Went to the liquor store to re-up for the Derby party this weekend looking for Ol' Elijah Craig 12 year, which I always found to be a great value at $30. I learned that it is now this: https://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2016/10/heaven-hill-redesigns-elijah-craig-small-batch/ A blend of 8 and 12 year barrels. Still quite good, but a step down from what it once was.
  13. I think he's saying CWT couldn't keep the kid upright, which helps when you're passing the football. We've never had a solid pass blocking oline that I can recall. All of the greats have been athletic scrambles.
  14. George Jenkins

    SB Nation 2018 USF Preview

    Seems fair. Could be an exciting season.
  15. George Jenkins

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    I personally don't trust a Billiken further than I throw him.