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  1. George Jenkins

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    Khalid McGee
  2. George Jenkins

    Mi'Cario Stanley, off the rosters

    My understanding is that they got confused. One wound up on a research vessel at the St. Pete campus and spent a semester at sea. The other wound up at Fl. Poly Tech, enrolled, and had to sit out a year once he transferred to USF.
  3. 6. Wife is hot pro surfer
  4. George Jenkins

    Mi'Cario Stanley, off the rosters

    2 of them never made it on campus, so kind of misleading since they were never with the team.
  5. George Jenkins

    Mi'Cario Stanley, off the rosters

    I thought we cleared this up. His major transgression is that he never played the sport he's covering, therefore, he's not qualified to be a journalist in this particular area. He should stick to covering journalism.
  6. He's a 1000 yard back in Dallas. Sucks that he ended up on the team with the worst Oline in the league.
  7. George Jenkins

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    From Kendall, why not catch the 52, 56, 72 or 88 bus to the Dadeland/ South Miami and or University Stations? Pivoting, I think the 'Canes attendance in the 80s and 90s had a lot more to do with the four (at that time) national championships than the "serviceable" (to put it generously) public transportation system. Personally, I'm in favor of replicating that route to improve our attendace.
  8. George Jenkins

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    I'm just tickled by all of this discussion of Miami's "mass transit" system.
  9. George Jenkins

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Me too, but my better half is taking one for the team.
  10. George Jenkins

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Fun fact: Disney employees with valid employee credentials (and by extension, their households) get free access to all of Disney's digital content, which happens to include ESPN. As a beneficiary of this policy, I for one am offended by your libelous claim.
  11. George Jenkins

    Little Help...

    In order: 1. 2. 3.
  12. George Jenkins

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    Wow. And I thought she was generous when she gave my son a T-shirt (that he missed out on from the T-shirt cannon) at a basketball game.
  13. George Jenkins

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Maybe this is the big Tocobaga ceremony we were hoping for...
  14. George Jenkins

    IBG - USF not the only victims