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  1. Caleb Murphy played with a really good point guard (Deivon Smith) who was also a top 75 player nationally. I imagine Murphy will be asked to play some point guard here given that X will be the only point guard on the roster next year. We shall see how that goes but I have a feeling he is much better suited to play off the ball. I expect a learning curve, but the kid is a talent for sure.
  2. I don’t think anybody is demonizing the NIH or NASA here, unless I’m misreading you It does pose a dilemma for me personally. I own stock and I sure as hell hope somebody is looking for maximum value, but at the same time, I realize that it comes at a cost. All I’m suggesting is more balance and regulation.
  3. Except regulating themselves to prevent the detriment of public resources.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens_United_v._FEC The day democracy died in America
  5. The middle class has been shrinking since Reagan. It has more to do with globalization and the transition form the CEOs of the 50s and 60s who had responsibilities to labor and government to the profit over everything system we have now. It was a balance. Now the only responsibility is to the value of a share. Period. Anything the CEO does is to make profit, and this certainly includes lobbying lawmakers and policy writers. If not he’s not doing his job. All of this profit maximization, has caused a whole array of social problems for the general public including the very employees of these corporations, which certainly doesn’t help grow the middle class. There is only one entity I can think of that can step in and correct this and it is not the “free market”. Unfortunately, corporations have been granted personhood by the Supreme Court and now have the same rights as you and I. Until that is rectified, I see no end to our current predicament. Money talks, ******** walks and they got a lot more of it.
  6. We ran a set play at the end to get this look and close out the game: Otherwise, more of the same except we made 20 free throws. There was also an emphasis on posting up Durr who managed to play pretty effective defense on Gardner for most of the night while picking up 0 fouls.
  7. Rideau's dagger at the end off of Casteneda's drive was a **** fine set play against that zone.
  8. Speaking of revenue, I wouldn’t be surprised if MBB doubled up gross revenue this year compared to last. Every game I’ve been to this year, attendance has been up. Makes you realize what a ****** parking lot the Sundome has. Last year, the place was virtually a ghost town aside from that CBI game.
  9. Ugly shooting in the first half was too much to overcome. Last 10 minutes was generally excellent basketball. Need 40 next time. Not going to win many games -13 on the boards.
  10. It was at hone. Wins against top 30 at home are quad 1. Houston will just barely qualify if we beat them.
  11. The NIT is possible, but it would take something shocking like running the table or only dropping one or two games down the stretch. Aside from ECU, only quality opponents left on the schedule.
  12. Anyone else think that by stirring up this controversy, they’ve generated more interest in this team than they would have otherwise? All a part of the plan. Half the people talking about it now would not care otherwise.
  13. I wasn’t able to watch the game. Were they doing anything different on offense, or were the shots just going in? Looking at the box score, it doesn’t seem like we shot the ball exceptionally well (though 38% from 3 is orders of magnitude better than 12%), but the rebounding advantage is insane (+12). This team clearly can win without Yetna against quality teams, if JB plays like Yetna. Somebody has to fill that role for this team to succeed.
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