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  1. Last we saw over the summer this team still has major deficiencies in the shooting department. Until that is fixed, I wouldn’t expect NCAAs. Hustle and grit only get you so far.
  2. My favorite from 4:00: "We come back for conference play and we're coming to kill everything!"
  3. Left side of the line showed some flashes in the run game, but again, look who we were playing. I like Joiner a lot at RB (local legend in my neck of the woods) and look for him to really step into that role if Cronk is out for any length of time. Props to Jonny Ford for being a man amongst boys last night. I don’t think we are as bad as game 1 or 2 and I think we’ll see improvement on offense as the year goes on. Defense was eaten up by a big physical receiver. Hope we don’t face too many of them this year. 6 or wins is doable if this trajectory continues.
  4. Kindergarten can’t come soon enough brother. I remember the first week in 5 years without the daycare bill. It’s like getting a substantial pay raise.
  5. Our QB 3 is returning kicks. If he every develops as a passer I am extremely intrigued to see what he can do running the offense. He must be a weapon with his legs.
  6. I’ve got $25 good at any Olive Garden or other Darden restaurant.
  7. I’d be happier watching this team play in Corbett than I would RayJay outnumbered by opposing fans. Football games have not been fun in a while. Still making a couple more games this year though.
  8. You’re saying you wouldn’t take the 25 million for the IPF and put that into basketball and lock in Gregory for a decade? I would. Remind me what football is competing for again? The coveted AAC Trophy? A NY6 game that we would send maybe 10k fans to? It actually feels wrong to use football and competing in the same sentence.
  9. Say my name. Know it. Repeat it. Tell everyone you know.
  10. How was the coverage for week 1? People are getting really tired of USF doing this to them every year.
  11. Problem is, the audience is too small. I think USF has demonstrated over the past decade that there are only 20000 or so people in the market that care enough about the program. The expense of the coverage isn’t justified.
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