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  1. Not sure how Navy's rushing defense is so good... they're pretty small up front outside of their 310 lb NT. I'd imagine we will see much more of the 2 TEs and pulling linemen given how effective it is compared to anything else we run. I am also optimistic that we will start hitting our open receivers deep. It's crazy how consistently McDoom was open last week and I doubt Navy has anyone that can cover him on a deep route. Offensive line has been giving QBs more time to throw lately and they actually played pretty well last week.
  2. Not if the pass rush get there. We ply 10 yards off the ball and still get beat deep.
  3. It’s a trade off. Your LBs can’t rack up the sacks and TFLs if they’re dropping back into coverage. I liked how aggressive they were on Saturday. IMO, the secondary needs to tighten up, jam guys at the line and buy more time for the pass rush.
  4. Also, I could watch Sands run the ball 40 times a game. That dude is on a mission. Love seeing him mow down DBs.
  5. Thanks for this. I like the aggressiveness of the front 7. Also, I don't want to watch another snap of the USF offense that doesn't have 2 TEs on the field.
  6. Signing up for a credit card in the concourse at RayJay with a bogus SSN just to get a Robogoat t-shirt was a USF tradition back in the early 00s. Bring back Robogoat!
  7. And BJ Taylor, and Aubrey Dawkins. That's 43 ppg and 14 rpg gone.
  8. That's what I'm saying. Football outside of the Privileged 5 is dead... a literal road to nowhere money pit.
  9. Yetna is Chuma Okeke https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/chuma-okeke-1.html https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/alexis-yetna-1.html
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