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  1. Not really. I don't think we can count on anybody besides Q and Collins to provide offense on a regular basis. I think the shooting will remain inconsistent and we caught Furman on a bad shooting night. It also helped that they were a much smaller team and we did well on the offensive boards. Offensive rebounds and second chance points are, in my opinion is what we are missing the most this year.
  2. Basketball is strange, man. Furman just took Auburn to the wire. I think we may have got one over on a pretty good team. Caught them on a bad shooting night. Could be a nice win.
  3. In fairness, this coaching search is the most exciting thing to happen to USF football since, well, the last coaching search. This program has done nothing noteworthy in three years.
  4. Wasn't groundbreaking planned for April 2020 anyway?
  5. Maybe Willie can pay for this part of the IPF, hell even put his name on it: "Stunning entry lobby and multi-purpose recruiting space" https://giving.usf.edu/where/usf-system/athletics/usf-football-center I'd take him back gladly if he was literally that invested in this program.If he had this facility, I think he could do pretty well on the recruiting trail, maybe even better than his first go-round here.
  6. Didn't see that, but Taggart is sitting on $18 million. If part of a deal with Taggart has him drop a nice chunk of cash on the IPF so we can break ground, and have a reasonably priced contract that is favorable to USF but also incentive laden, then I am okay with that. It would solve the biggest problem with USF Football really quick.
  7. Chaplin looks like he’s starting to get a feel for the college game. He was a mess last time I watched him play.
  8. ****. If we had that much on hand, not only the IPF, but a nice shiny OCS to boot.
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