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  1. The timeouts were critical to execution down on the goal line. If he doesn’t call timeout there, not sure if those two touchdowns happen. Definitely need to work on execution and having a set of go to plays in the red zone that you don’t need a timeout to dig it out of the playbook. That reverse to Weaver was an exceptionally good call. Have that play and others ready to go next time.
  2. True, but a lot of that has to do with USF having the ball for 30 minutes over that span. Can’t spot anyone 21 points and expect to win.
  3. Lack of size and talent up front plus youth and inexperience in the secondary is not a good combination.
  4. This team has a true PG (albeit a freshman) and a couple of legitimate three point shooters. When is the last time we had both of those things together? I’m optimistic.
  5. Bellamy had a breakout game. 2 TFL in a handful of snaps. Looks like he’s the only defender that wants to or knows how to tackle properly.
  6. Cinci defense looks really good, but it doesn’t feel like I’m watching a top 10 team.
  7. The team rushed for 100+ on UF and the line opened up some huge holes. I expect that total gets doubled tonight. Rushing is probably at the bottom of my list of concerns for this team.
  8. Yup. Needed to keep that machine rolling. Back on topic, Cincinnati is fraudulent.
  9. In hindsight, we should have held on to TJ Wesit after Willie bolted, but I love me some Tom Allen.
  10. Nah. I usually don't spend too much time chatting with the janitors.
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