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  1. If you’re moving the ball with ease, what’s all this trick play ********? Lil Charlie should be looking for a new job next season.
  2. I see my error now, thanks for the “audit”. The way the table looked on my phone’s browser was confusing. I thought I was being jobbed on Collins’ points. Again, thanks for keeping track Mike.
  3. I suspect our half court offense will be Collins/Chaplin driving to the basket and collapsing the defense with 4s waiting for the kick out somewhere between the midrange and 3pt line. Second chance points will be required. It is very disappointing to see Durr out of shape because getting him the ball in the high post and knocking down the jumper from the ft line is the key to breaking the zone defense. Any team that does not run zone against us should fire their coach.
  4. I demand a recount. I had Collins with 18, that should be 9 for the spread. And thanks for keeping track Mike.
  5. I’d add that that his best asset is his court vision.
  6. http://stats.statbroadcast.com/mobile/?id=321998 Florida Col. 84 South Fla. 94 Final South Fla. Stats # Player PTS FG 3FG FT OR DR REB
  7. Florida Col. 84 South Fla. 94 Final Florida Col. Stats # Player PTS FG
  8. Box Score: StatBroadcast Mobile Stats Florida Col. 84 South Fla. 94 Final South Fla. Stats # Player PTS FG 3FG FT
  9. Exactly. This should be a defensive mismatch no matter who they switch to on the high screens.
  10. Indeed. Getting killed on the switches and the dribble penetration. These guys need to stop being so bashful and start communicating on defense.
  11. Exactly. I enjoy watching the kids play, and if I could help provide them an education, even better. Only if you don’t donate beyond what you get out of your tickets.
  12. If it was an investment, the IRS wouldn’t let you claim it as a deduction.
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