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  1. There’s still time for them to figure it out and salvage a respectable season, but I certainly don’t expect anything better than .500 this year. They’re not a bad team and they’re on the cusp of being a good team, they just need to fix a couple fatal flaws (though I don’t think the FT shooting is getting fixed). Id like to see them incorporate the mid range game... Mack and Williams can both knock down those shots and help neutralize the zone, though Mack has shown he can be a liability on defense and is often out of position or makes the wrong read. I’m sure he’ll get better with more experience. At this point, I wouldn’t mind seeing Williams getting more of JBs minutes. Personally, I’m tired of watching the ball move along the perimeter for 25 seconds only to get a low percentage shot. Good things happen when they feed Durr, but they need a plan B once that gets taken away. During the last time out last night, I turned to my wife and asked her what do you think the conversation in that huddle is right now? Her reply: “Give the ball to DC or Q and watch them drive to the hoop. Don’t worry about the rebound, Yetna will get it when he’s healthy.” I think that pretty much sums up our offensive game plan this year.
  2. Honestly question here since you appear technically knowledgeable on Xs an Os. Wouldn’t having more shooters, especially ones that demand bigger defenders away from the basket, open up the lane and let this team do exactly what it wants to do?
  3. We must have had a big advantage in the paint. I can’t find the stat, but Durr and Antun we’re putting in work.
  4. He probably will. Not sure what the NCAA rules are, but that’s an NBA fine right there.
  5. It wasn’t just that call, it’s the egregious call on the other end on top of it that Gregory mistakingly factored into his calculus. I was sitting on the far end behind the basket where the foul was called on Q (after we got the board) with their guy falling to the ground and and chucking up a prayer. There wasn’t a whole lot there, but I can’t say the same on the other end. But, I also question going ISO to a 50% free throw shooter for the tie or win. I think at this point it’s safe to say we don’t have anything else.
  6. They fronted the post and effectively took it away with about 2 minutes left. The book is out on USF and it’s no secret how to defend this team.
  7. I was at that game and saw that one coming, so I was braced for it. Still feels bad. No call on the shot or the putback really stings.I question the last time out, particularly in hindsight with the play that wound up happening.
  8. https://247sports.com/player/emmanuel-okpomo-46039715/ Okpomo signed already
  9. Shaking down the local big fish for some cash in a box at the Lightning game last night.
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