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  1. He's been wrong about this team the past couple of years. Hopefully he's wrong again? On paper, I see more depth and talent than before, just need to see how it comes together on the court.
  2. Typically FJs: Flying Junior - Wikipedia ICSA also sanctions single-handed competitions where the men race Lasers and the women race laser radials.
  3. This. This seems like the most depth we've had at every position, at least on paper. I just hope Trey Moss can make that jump from HS to college in year 1.
  4. Full circle as in around the toilet bowl, leaving streaks of **** on the way down?
  5. I'm not Mike, so I don't know. But, I'm pretty sure he's striving to make all of them.
  6. They would benefit, just not at USF. Why would they come here and get the CiCi’s pizza sponsorship when they could go to UF and get the PaPa Johns dough instead. It does affect our programs. It means the rare talent that does sign here will be fewer and further between. This is the next step in making a new tiered system in the money sports.
  7. Will it make the athletic department money? If so, then absolutely.
  8. This cannot be overstated. First true distributing/creating PG we've had here since the AC days.
  9. Seems like a good pickup. Stretch 4 to help free up the paint and rebound.
  10. This offense definitely did not run through Yetna. He cleaned up the slop and knocked down the open threes when teams collapsed in the paint. It was The David Collins Show and that was the main problem. Love that he brought this program back from the dead, but the inconsistency, questionable offensive decision making and poor FT shooting is no way to run an offense if you are looking for regular success. It's been that way for the past three years, outside of a few games where there was a concerted effort to get Durr going. There are definitely some holes to fill up front next year, but I'm really looking forward to see what Caleb Murphy can do when the offense is focused on him. Also looking forward to see what this team looks like with an actual point guard running the show. All this talk about lack of recruiting is nonsense when you have the #2 PG in the FL HS BB coming in next year.
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