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  1. Rotate Marsh and Jordan Smith at this point. What is there to lose?
  2. We all know what happens when you lose an NFL caliber athlete at the QB position. Not too surprising IMO.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Ford and Joiner are elusive and have great vision but I have yet to see either run away from everyone. That leads me to believe NJ needs more carries. Bring back the 3 "RB" sets we used to see with DJ, QF and MM but with Joiner, Ford and Johnson.
  4. I’ll edit this and say the passing game wasn’t ugly, it was just pretty quiet. Like a Prius: quiet and efficient.
  5. Good: defense, specifically LB and safeties. Grier had a crazy stat line and the safeties were making plays against the option and in the secondary. Bad: pressure from DL Ugly: Passing game
  6. If we’re speculating, I suspect it’s the result of an aggressive contact tracing program, if not positive tests.
  7. There was a reason he was the #3 prostyle QB in the country coming out of high school. There was also a reason we brought in Blake Barnett in 2018. All of the QBs on the roster after Flowers graduated were projects. That is evident by what we saw last year.
  8. From the rumor mill: Holiday Hoopsgiving working on bubble event involving multiple games Could this lead to a Kentucky vs. Memphis matchup? This would be a huge SOS bump to get UK, AU, LSU and an additional game with Memphis.
  9. Just read this: Human DNA does not produce a positive result on the RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 The reverse-transcription PCR (RT-PCR) test is the method of choice for detecting...
  10. I'll bite. Please take a biology course and check back in with us.
  11. So maybe we’re at your perception of the pinnacle. Perhaps not everyone has the same perception and experiences that you do and they would disagree. The American is not America. Gotta keep trying to put the more perfect in the Union.
  12. I’m not sure of the answer, but it doesn’t mean we’ve gotten to where we need to go as a society. There’s always room for improvement.
  13. I think the list is more inclusive than that one incident. If and when the team comes out with a statement, I for one will be listening. I’m sure their collective experiences in our society are different from mine.
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