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  1. Awesome interview - I am loving what CJS is saying and his philosophy on building a winning team. GO BULLS!
  2. If you are questioning my intelligence then lets look at the trend: He was a losing HC at three of his four schools. Yes he has recruited outstanding classes. To that point and yours he has not taken advantage of his reciting. By the way he had 4 wins and 5 lose in the PAC 12 in his only year at Oregon. And yes I happen to be Very SMART, but I prefer "INTELLIGENT"
  3. He has already figured out what works here? What makes you think that he can just come in and have a winning team? These are not his players, he did not recruit them. He or any other coach that is hired will have to start rebuilding this team. If he is hired three years from now we will be having this discussion again.
  4. Willie Taggart’s Head Coach Record: 10 years as a HC Record: 118 games 56 wins – 62 loses Western Kentucky 16 wins – 20 Lose USF 24 wins – 25 lose Oregon 7 wins -5 lose FSU 9 wins – 12 lose I don’t see why so many are excited about hiring a coach that is 56 – 62 and no Bowl wins.
  5. You have an excellent point, the P5 program, the money, the exposure. Still he knew that he did not have a QB of Q's caliber in waiting. It was an great opportunity for him and if I were in his shoes I'd do the same.
  6. True but Willie knew he would be leaving and he did not have another QB of Q's caliber to replace him.
  7. The Jim is the best coach we've ever had. Some will say Willie was and to them I say Q made him look good. As soon as he knew that Q was leaving, he left too.
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