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  1. I am an alumni of USF and I have been going and watching games for over a decade. I don't know if what all these writers are reporting about possible expansion candidates is true or not I guess we will see but I just feel like USF sat on their hands and did nothing. We made it to number 2 in the football polls and had some success under Levitt and I think that USF got complacent thinking it would always be that easy so to me if feels as if they stopped trying to be anything more then what they were under Levitt. We had a chance to get Rick Petino after his scandal even Bobby Petrino and Rich Rodriquez at one point in time but USF always seem like the institution that wants to take the high road. I am not saying get down in the gutter like some other school but what I am saying that if you want to win sometimes you have to be willing to step out there on a limb and do what many might feel might not be the best course of action for instance- Rick Patino did some bad thing but everyone deserves another chance at redemption and then hire him BOOM instant basketball success because of the name value alone same with football. USF always seem to take the safe route, for over a decade students have been wanting an on campus stadium but was always met with a contingent of people that said but but but we play in Ray J. Nobody cares Ray J feels like a corporate cavern, having an on campus stadium even If we had to swallow our pride and build one like FAU or UCF we should have and just did upgrades along the way. USF games have no college atmosphere even when packed on rare occasions, we missed the boat to build an on campus and develop unique traditions that you see other teams do maybe even run out with a real bull. Long story short if USF gets left behind its peers UCF, UC etc then its no fault but USF's they sat on their butts for years and didn't make the necessary commitment like the school to the east did and the University will ultimately pay for that decision. I know I am just one person but if we get regulated to a lower conference then we currently reside it then that will be it for me as a fan of USF sports, why should we show more commitment to a University and its sports program then the University is will to show themselves.
  2. I read on one of the news sites reporting it not sure which one but the 5 mil is coming out of account USF has that has a 700 mil value. So USF isn’t really hurting for money like everyone suggest.
  3. I am as hard as some of you on what I have seen out of Strong and his staff go and check my posts. This game against Navy I feel ok about, BJM coached at GT where he ran his D against their option frequently and we have done well against Navy in the past. We have more speed, better athletes and I think controlling the option may be something that BJM will be comfortable with. I see us winning 35-21 type score.
  4. Uconn will win in a very close game. Check our history with them, they always play us close and this year I think they actually have the talent in relation to us to get the W if a few things break their way. We have no more winnable games on the schedule, Temple, Memphis, Cinn, UCF,BYU are all losses. ECU is the only other team we have a marginal chance at winning and let’s say that we beat UConn and ECU that equates to a 3 win season further solidifying the regression of this team under “WEAK”
  5. We probably won’t beat UCONN, they alway play us close even when we have good teams. This will be a close game with UCONN catching all the breaks this time around. UCF had enough talent to not go 0-12 with O’leary but there comes a time when even the players want a change so it’s not out of the question that they might throw in the towel to ensure Strong is threw out of the building.
  6. I actually think we need to go with another back JK looks slower then a cement turtle. Nothing against the kid and if he wasn’t a transfer from UF would he still be getting the benefit of the doubt. He just doesn’t have any explosiveness, we sat Barnett down for the sake of the team and we probably should do the same with JK.
  7. USF is now ranked 104 in US News top Universities that came out today. We jumped 20 spots from last year, looks like UCF is going in the opposite direction.
  8. Strong just seem to have a hard on for minor stuff for example he seems like the type that will have a curfew at 10pm and if you come in at 10:05 you won't dress for the next game. I get that there are rules but sometimes you also have to use common sense, I get it that someone will say but if you let one person come in 5 mins late then the next person will come in 10 mins late yada yada yada. Look I want him to be a coach and not play disciplinarian for minor stuff that affects the team as a whole. I don't know what Ford did but is it any worse then what another football player would do at any other program in America and be allowed to trot out on the field and help their team win?
  9. He is more focused on insignificant thing that really has nothing to do with football. Reports of Johnny Ford not playing due to team rules, kicking off Soloman and other talented players and I remind you he ran off all kind of talent at Texas in the name of trying to be a dad to these players instead of a coach. Before anyone jumps down my throat let me clarify, I think players should be held accountable for their actions because in life we all are but he seems extreme with it to the point where players look like they are walking on egg shells around him. Don't hold the door open for a lady, or don't tuck your shirt in or using profanity etc shouldn't be that big of an issue where players are punished. Lord knows what Dabo or Saban or Urban put up with on a day to day basis. I am not saying let them run amuck but jeez lay off them some they are teenage boys last thing they need is a **** grumpy ass daddy away from home to constantly monitor them and punish them for stupid stuff. Strong needs to do what he is hired to do and that is coach football.
  10. High school football, me and about 6 friends that would come with kids have sons that play high school football in Tampa
  11. I said this same thing in a previous post, when I said should schools like USF/UCF/Houston etc should they stop being a fall back plan for these athletes that go to these universities where they will already have 5 or 6 highly touted recruits at that position which lead these kids to transferring out and looking for a soft landing spot like USF/UCF.
  12. Forget the Cincy game, we will beat them! For some reason our hopes of winning the east have always rested on beating Temple or needing Temple to lose or some other weird scenario involving Temple. The year we only lost one game in the east guess whom it was to, you guessed right TEMPLE.
  13. We were giving Cinci everything they could handle in the first half of the game before we imploded, they are playing in Tampa that is a win. Wisconsin is slower then a cement turtle, our speed will give us a shot we just have to be able to defend the run. We will beat UCF this year, they caught us on a decline after losing about 4 in a row, plus they don't have their all everything QB. We will beat GT, we have a better team this year and they are switching systems its kind of hard to see them being really good running a traditional offense with option personnel. Only team worries me really is Memphis, overall I think we lose two or less and we capture our first divisional championship.
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