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  1. I just feel that when you try and be good at both with the level of kids we recruit you actually end up being average at both. Only a few teams really field an elite offense and defense, I am not saying have an absolute horrible D, I am just saying that I feel in this day and age it would be advantageous to have a wide open offense and a serviceable defense. I would rather have Q, Mack and company on the field needing a touchdown to to win a game over having Selvie, Moffit and company needing a stop to win the game.
  2. Well not entirely but with the way offenses are putting up points in this new era of football it would be beneficial to just field a team that has a chance at winning shootouts. Football these days are basically basketball on grass, Taggart figured that out and basically said we arent going to ask the defense to win games for us, we are going to go out and win it with the offense and I loved that mentality. Strongs old school keep it close and hope the D gets a stop and win by 3 points is yesterday’s game, I don’t know why strong insist on wearing bell bottoms and an afro in the era of dreadlocks and skinny jeans. GOT TO ADAPT....
  3. It has nothing to do with coaching or players, I just feel that is the way the universe work. I read Cincy board and they want revenge for the 60 plus points we put up on them a few seasons ago, they think the weather will be a factor, they said their defense is the real deal. I’m not disputing any of that, I just have a feeling that we go up there and put it all together and then us fans will be wondering where has this team been all season.
  4. I am all for seeing what the other QB’s are capable of doing now that we have nothing to really play for. Agree?
  5. Have we ever been successful without a Grothe/Daniels/Flowers type of Qb? BB isn’t the answer, Flowers made this stale offense look good last year just as King is making the same offense look good in Houston.
  6. The problem is the team is taking on the personality of the coach. He coaches scared, and how long will we go with BB, I can see why he was bounced around from school to school.
  7. That 4th and 1 in the first quarter when Charlie elected to kick I was screaming at the screen. I hate spineless coaching, you got to go for that and let the O build some momentum.
  8. Just a question for the imagination, do you think the UCF game ending would have played out similar to the Texas Tech game had Wilcox not fumbled? I had this calmness about me on that drive that we would score, I think UCF knew it as well but then the Wilcox play happened.
  9. Yeah that Black Friday game has the potential to be real big for the conference if both teams are undefeated at that point. We have to play and beat them anyway in route to a conference championship so why not have them be undefeated and ranked.
  10. Do we move up this week? The only team to lose in front of us was #12 VT. Thoughts
  11. HPbull

    Week 5 Games to Watch

    #12 #13 and # 16 go down this week. Memphis takes care of uCf. It's possible that we could be sniffing the top 10 in the next few weeks.
  12. HPbull

    Ticket prices

    What's up BullsPen, let me shed some light on the current ticket and attendance situation from my perspective. I graduated from USF and I love my school and root for my team and every chance I get. The problem I have is, I can't buy season tickets even if I wanted to because I have 4 sons that play little league football (TBYFL) and their games always seem to fall around the same time USF play on Saturday's. Thursday nights is really a no go with the 7:30pm start times which is really more like an 8pm start time because it's a school night for my kids and with the length of the games and travel time back to South Tampa (Interbay) wich is really not that far from RJ, my kids would be getting in bed at 11pm. Friday night games are better but the problem there is that high school football in Tampa is a big deal and I have nephews that play and my kids and I go to their games. So it's not that I don't want to support my team but with these non traditional game days It's just a lot easier to DVR it and watch when I get back home. To tie this back to the point of the ticket prices I am not sure no price point could solve my issues and I am pretty sure there are a lot of alums in my situation or something similar. Now I make it my goal to try and get to two home games a year on a Saturday that don't conflict with my kids little league football. I think we need to come to a realization that people find it more convenient to watch the games from home not necessarily out of want but out of need.
  13. Looks like these three teams will go down, how far do you think we move up?
  14. HPbull

    USN&WR USF #140

    We are pretty much tied with Cincy now, I think the ranking jumped from 133 to 140.
  15. USF up to 140 from 159! UCF dropped 5 spots from 171 to 176...