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  1. I actually think we need to go with another back JK looks slower then a cement turtle. Nothing against the kid and if he wasn’t a transfer from UF would he still be getting the benefit of the doubt. He just doesn’t have any explosiveness, we sat Barnett down for the sake of the team and we probably should do the same with JK.
  2. USF is now ranked 104 in US News top Universities that came out today. We jumped 20 spots from last year, looks like UCF is going in the opposite direction.
  3. Strong just seem to have a hard on for minor stuff for example he seems like the type that will have a curfew at 10pm and if you come in at 10:05 you won't dress for the next game. I get that there are rules but sometimes you also have to use common sense, I get it that someone will say but if you let one person come in 5 mins late then the next person will come in 10 mins late yada yada yada. Look I want him to be a coach and not play disciplinarian for minor stuff that affects the team as a whole. I don't know what Ford did but is it any worse then what another football player would do at any other program in America and be allowed to trot out on the field and help their team win?
  4. He is more focused on insignificant thing that really has nothing to do with football. Reports of Johnny Ford not playing due to team rules, kicking off Soloman and other talented players and I remind you he ran off all kind of talent at Texas in the name of trying to be a dad to these players instead of a coach. Before anyone jumps down my throat let me clarify, I think players should be held accountable for their actions because in life we all are but he seems extreme with it to the point where players look like they are walking on egg shells around him. Don't hold the door open for a lady, or don't tuck your shirt in or using profanity etc shouldn't be that big of an issue where players are punished. Lord knows what Dabo or Saban or Urban put up with on a day to day basis. I am not saying let them run amuck but jeez lay off them some they are teenage boys last thing they need is a **** grumpy ass daddy away from home to constantly monitor them and punish them for stupid stuff. Strong needs to do what he is hired to do and that is coach football.
  5. High school football, me and about 6 friends that would come with kids have sons that play high school football in Tampa
  6. We were just there last year, my son football team had a 7 vs 7 camp and there was definitely no ac
  7. Forget the Cincy game, we will beat them! For some reason our hopes of winning the east have always rested on beating Temple or needing Temple to lose or some other weird scenario involving Temple. The year we only lost one game in the east guess whom it was to, you guessed right TEMPLE.
  8. We were giving Cinci everything they could handle in the first half of the game before we imploded, they are playing in Tampa that is a win. Wisconsin is slower then a cement turtle, our speed will give us a shot we just have to be able to defend the run. We will beat UCF this year, they caught us on a decline after losing about 4 in a row, plus they don't have their all everything QB. We will beat GT, we have a better team this year and they are switching systems its kind of hard to see them being really good running a traditional offense with option personnel. Only team worries me really is Memphis, overall I think we lose two or less and we capture our first divisional championship.
  9. In light of Pender choosing UNC it got me to wondering. Why is it that kids get caught up in the glam of “P5” schools? We have seen it time and time again with Wollard, Cherry etc. Last year Armwood highly recruited RB Snead chose OSU when they had 3 or 4 other 4* RB’s already on roster now that guy is at a JUCO. Pender chose UNC, what’s the over/under on him wanting to come back home in a year due to a “hardship”? Sometimes the best play is going to a school like USF, UCF, CINCINNATI, Temple, Houston etc where you can play early and often and not have to sit two years behind 4 other 4* just because the jersey says OSU, UF or FSU. Do you think USF should stop taking transfers that snubbed us from the get go, I feel those highly touted recruits look at school like ours as a fall back. Look at Ed Oliver, could have went anywhere in the country but went to UH and still got drafted 1st round.
  10. Think jet sweeps, screens and end arounds. They want him in space.
  11. I see it the same way Toro does. All I hear is exscuse after excuse as to why we can’t do this or why we can’t do that. I am tired of hearing it, we need to **** or get off the pot! Sometimes you have to manufacture success, it’s not alway an incremental thing and I think that is why people still love Leavit so much because he had a vision for USF and it seemed like he truly loved the school and wanted to take it to the highest heights. If we as fans and the administration see USF as a big player on the college scene then we need to act like it doing just enough to be moderately successful in the conference we are in won’t cut it. Build a barebone stadium like FAU or UCF and upgrade it over time, we don’t need the Waldorf Astoria to start out like that dumb ass feasibility study suggested, give me a Comfort Inn and renovate it every few years until it’s a 5 star gem. Doak used to be ugly as hell and the swamp was upgraded over 100 years.
  12. People keep talking about where will we get the money. If we are that broke as an athletic program close the whole **** thing down. As an AD you have to tap in to the deep pockets, get creative, what’s $200 mil to a billionaire NOTHING, they will make that in interest in a year or two. Call Vinik and ask him the build the stadium on our campus, give him naming rights Vinik Stadium, split stadium revenue with him on all football games and non football events that utilize the stadium. Advertise his Tampa Bay Lighting during events and give him a press box to do with as he please. I don’t know if he would say yes or no but I would be willing to try, we can’t maintain the do just enough attitude in today’s football landscape. You have to be all in because the next shift in college football may very well see us on the outside looking in.
  13. That sums up USF in a nutshell! Always doing the conservative..... Sometimes you have to throw charts, feasibility studies, data points etc out the window and be willing to bet on yourself! You have to be willing to say at some point that “ I know we have a product that America would love to consume, we are a top tier university that strives to be the best that we can be in the classroom and on the field and I am willing invest in our product however risky it may be”. Houston was willing to do it and don’t give me that tired line about being broke USF is far from broke and about deep pocket donors didn’t Vinik go to bat for USF in the pitch to join the Big 12? Go tap into those pockets if need be.
  14. Sounds like Strong gets the warm and fuzzies from seeing who he can pop with all this **** testing...
  15. Solomon and Bell will go to another team and light it up!! Strong did the same thing at Texas he is doing here. Once he get his guys in and we still win 4 games what will be his excuse then. Look I am all for discipline but this **** draconian dictatorship needs to stop. Who gives a **** if a kid wears earrings or doesn’t tuck their shirt in or don’t open doors for old ladies... We are running a football team not a **** gentleman’s social club.
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