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  1. In an effort of trying to manufacture butts in the stands, the coaches tried to convince fans how good and prepared this team was in the offseason. They spoke of how many weapons we have in offense. How dangerous and deep we are now at linebacker. Hook, Line and sinker. The buzz was returning and then...they played. I love this school and I’ve been a USF fan since I was 12. My biggest fear is that the cloud of apathy is approaching, or worse it’s here. Words have lost their meaning entirely. An empty stadium is expensive, but deceiving a fan base might’ve been more costly. I hate the doom and gloom but I still care. Go Bulls.
  2. I feel like Orlando will be close enough to add a tailgate menu item. I was thinking hotdogs. (Reference the movie “The Great Outdoors” for the reason why)
  3. Maybe the downtown building can show USF colors before we have to win 6 games. Keep bringing your kids to the games and getting them excited. My nephew was that kid and now he attends USF and goes to every sports event. Knows every stat. I hate saying it but a “grass roots” effort is what it takes for the long term. It won’t be quick, but I don’t want USF to become just the flavor of the week again. I, for one, am pumped for the season and I am inviting non fans to come to the Wisconsin with me. One at a time.
  4. When football first started, our version of the highlight reel was seeing our score from the game scroll across the bottom of the screen. We have come far and I certainly won’t forget it.
  5. When I played football, I loved putting people on their asses, extending my hand to help them up afterwards and then next play, do it again. That’s how you get in the head of an opponent.
  6. This is a thread that’s worth adding to. I understand many frustrations, and hopefully people are just venting to begin their therapy. My first year at USF was also the first year of USF football. The only highlight ever shown on TV was the bottom banner on espn scrolling across the screen showing our score. WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY! Let’s get it all out of our system, and then show the guys the support they deserve.
  7. Trying to bring the family so I can facilitate my daughters “ambition of showing up on the Jumbotron tradition.” Go Bulls!
  8. Not even gonna try and score. We will just run up the middle. Into the ass of the linemen getting pushed backwards
  9. Watching this game, the obvious weakness is the o-line. There is no toughness, no grit, no badasses. They’re playing so soft. Play calling certainly doesn’t help.
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