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  1. Yes, our tackling is horrific. I think it has more to do with weakness than technique.
  2. I agree with all the positive sentiments. Some of my concerns are the following: Our D backs were in position but never turned to make a play on the ball. We got burned several times, I’ll admit, but other times we were right there and an outstretched arm might have done some good. Also, we don’t have any players that strike fear in the opponent. We sometimes wrap up and hold on for dear life. Our receivers are fast but they forget to catch. Great athletes but rarely high point the ball or come back to the qb. Overall though, I don’t feel terrible about this one.
  3. I caught that too! Maybe he is another disgruntled alumnus.
  4. Started at USF in 1997, the first year USF played in games. I remember the highlight we’d expect back then was the ticker rolling by with a final score. Ever so often we’d make a top 10 play on sportscenter. Was at FSU, ran onto the field after WVU thinking “we finally made it” as I looked around to see the stands absolutely packed. Since I’m obviously starting to go through a midlife crisis, I need to know. WHO IS THE MOST USF-esque FOOTBALL TEAM OUT THERE RIGHT NOW SO I CAN TRY TO RELIVE THE GLORY DAYS? Who should be my secondary team? The underdog that could potentially beat anyone, and then eventually lose to their “Rutgers”. Is it Coastal Carolina? If not, who?
  5. Boise state looks efficient on offense. They aren’t big players. They just have the right plan. Fun To watch. UCF down 14-0.
  6. Just curious…it’s 38-0 and I feel it’s not even that close. Anyone else feel the same way?
  7. We have to remember Cade was the best QB against our defense. Maybe they made him look good. But playing faster, bigger and stronger people accuracy matters a little more. Can’t just throw the ball in the general area and expect the receiver to make the play against good competition. Still amazes me that a 5 yard pass can be so elusive.
  8. Do we have anyone in the backfield that can run through an arm tackle? I appreciate lightning running backs, but mix in a little thunder every now and then.
  9. Can we please celebrate the greatest play of USF’s night? We had the first kickoff go into the end zone.
  10. Everything I’ve read on this hire is nothing but positive and full of enthusiasm. I too, am excited to see a young up-and-comer leading the Bulls. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t this excited after each hire. Holtz was the answer to Leavitt’s caveman style approach to football. Until he wasn’t. Taggart was the answer to Holtz’s lack of enthusiasm and recruiting chops. Until he was swept away. Strong was the answer to Taggart’s lack of defense, but he forgot to bring the offense (or return any discipline) with him. Finally, we have a coach that answers a few voids. Recruiting, player development, Florida contacts, enthusiasm, youth and a few other qualities. I want this to work. I just can’t allow myself to get too excited until the difference is seen in the field. I’ve never been a paper champ style of fan. I will do my part financially to help this program out with facilities and always, always cheer on this team. GO BULLS!!!
  11. How is McCloud on a D1 scholarship? He’s probably a great guy but I just don’t see any accuracy.
  12. This is the most USF start to a USF game! Why wouldn’t we doink a snap.
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