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  1. PlantainChipsForMe

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    https://umassathletics.com/news/2018/8/14/eleven-sports-nesn-to-air-2018-umass-football-home-games.aspx?path=football This link says it will air regionally on NESN, but nationally on something called eleven. I looked at recent NESN schedules online but couldn't find any umass games listed. https://nesn.com/nesn-national-faq/ NESN national says it broadcasts different programming than regional. Just trying to see if I sign up for NESN if I'll be able to watch the game is all...not trying to be argumentative.
  2. PlantainChipsForMe

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    So if you're in New England and you watch NESN you'll get the game, but NESN programming outside of New England will not carry the game then?
  3. PlantainChipsForMe

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    It sounds like if you live outside New England and subscribe to NESN, you'll receive a national broadcast vs regional broadcast. Is that correct? https://umassathletics.com/news/2018/8/14/eleven-sports-nesn-to-air-2018-umass-football-home-games.aspx?path=football
  4. PlantainChipsForMe

    GT Attendance?

    I'm not crazy about JK always reporting the actual attendance, but I get it. What pisses me off is he never reports actual for other events, like the bowl games at Ray Jay. I've mentioned this to him on Twitter and his response was always something like looked pretty full to me.
  5. PlantainChipsForMe

    UCF sued

  6. PlantainChipsForMe

    Arizona may be interested in Charlie Strong

    I have been called offensive, and sometimes people tell me to not be so defensive, so I will go for the OC position.
  7. PlantainChipsForMe

    The Last 96 Hours at UCF

    Here's what I've seen in the last 96 hours: a bunch of UCF fans complaining about Scott Frost poaching their recruits and the new coach not bringing any new kids with him. They are in meltdown mode...guess it's good we have an early signing day this year.
  8. PlantainChipsForMe

    QF Trading Card

    This was in the magazine my kids get. I think I was more excited than they were! Front: Back:
  9. PlantainChipsForMe

    Guess the attendance for Saturday

    I was there, seemed like way more than 22k in attendance. The club sections were pretty busy too.
  10. PlantainChipsForMe

    USF at UConn Cancelled

    When I read the thread title, I assumed UCONN had forfeited. Very disappointed this is not the case!
  11. PlantainChipsForMe

    ESPN Insider story

    I vote we play Oregon
  12. PlantainChipsForMe

    National Signing Day '17

    Wait...you're employed?
  13. PlantainChipsForMe

    Antigua Fired

    Because we didn't want to ruin his Christmas!
  14. PlantainChipsForMe


    They have those???