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  1. We are getting killed on their 3 pt shooting, but they're hitting 66.7% overall. Gregory needs to make some adjustments. I don't believe we are out of gas. I believe Collins may have something to say before the game is over. But we need more than Collins to step up.
  2. Am I going to be the only representative there from TBP?
  3. Who's going to be at the AAC MEN'S BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT?
  4. It's been several weeks since Chad Dollar has left the program. I haven't seen anything about a replacement. This is a very important time for recruiting. Wouldn't you think it's important to have a staff at full strength?
  5. On a even more pressing note, JK just reported Chad Dollar has been hired as an assistant at Georgia. Two of our three fall signees hailed from Georgia and we are currently recruiting others for this year and/or next year.
  6. Not at all. Holston had no impact on the team's success last season. Martin played well at times but was by no means consistent. He had the length of a PF/C but lacked the strength to be a consistent force down low both offensively and defensively. Jiggetts departure leaves the biggest hole statistics wise. LaQuincy should probably fill in nicely and we will actually have the luxury of a true PG to sub for him in talented true freshman Xavier Castaneda. Not to mention Collins, who although only being a sophomore next year, was our grittiest player by the end of the season and who seemed to put the team on his shoulders. We will have, again, a lot of new faces on the court next season, but we will have very close to a full roster. We haven't had one of those for one reason or another since I can't remember. And with that CBG will cultivate depth. Seeing CBG develop the patchwork team he had this year gets me excited for what he will do next year.
  7. Three. We probably will sign at least one or two and save the third for next year. We only have two scholarship seniors next year in Lang and Scekic.
  8. This. I haven't felt this good about recruiting in a while. I realize he's still scrambling to build a team any way he can, but he hasn't put his footprint on local/Florida recruiting. Can't wait for that to happen. Looking forward to next season. I anticipate a modest improvement over this year.
  9. After all he's been through (injuries, coaching changes, airport incident) I thought he would have been #1 on the list of players to jump ship. Frankly I was surprised he lasted this long. Still wish him the best. Pretty cool that he'll still have 2 years to play.
  10. I was a sophomore then. Looks like Willie Redden at the foul line and Tony Grier with the ball (possibly wearing that awful mask he had to wear when he broke his nose). Possibly Vince Reynolds the closest player to Grier but can't be certain on the others.
  11. In the men's basketball team guide I picked up at the Memphis game Jan. 31, it lists Manderson as a RJr.
  12. Manderson is a RS Junior, so a handful plus about 30 games left. So yes, I'm hoping he's trending upward.
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