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  1. Thought I read some time back that Shahid (one of my all-time favorite Bulls) had a debilitating disease and may have passed away.
  2. Barring Luke applying for and winning an appeal for eligibility to begin first semester next year (not too far fetched), I believe he could begin playing as soon as the first semester is over next year (ie. Dec. 15 or so).
  3. Perhaps this situation got to this point because of the way (disrespectful?) that Kiir reacted to being disciplined. There are rules in place and someone is in charge. When a rule is broken or, as this case may be, behavior which may reflect badly on the team or university in general, some form of punishment is required and should be expected (you’re foolish and/or entitled if you believe otherwise). I am as upset as anyone about Kiir leaving. He was going to be the saving grace for Yetna’s absence. But I trust the job that Gregory is doing. Whatever punishment was prescribed I’m sure it was appropriate for the infraction. I’m still rooting for our team and coaches. My expectations may be a little more tempered than before Yetna’s injury, but I’m not going to put limits on what they can accomplish because of how they improved from the beginning of the year to the end. It was a team thing not just a few players. That speaks to the program Gregory has built. We haven’t had this combination of academics, talent, recruiting, and coaching in........ever?
  4. Only finishing his sophomore year of high school. I think you can reasonably project him to grow a little bit (for those worrying that he's only 6'3" and 200 lbs).
  5. We are getting killed on their 3 pt shooting, but they're hitting 66.7% overall. Gregory needs to make some adjustments. I don't believe we are out of gas. I believe Collins may have something to say before the game is over. But we need more than Collins to step up.
  6. Am I going to be the only representative there from TBP?
  7. Who's going to be at the AAC MEN'S BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT?
  8. According to that same link he's visiting USF today!!!!
  9. I heard he's got a little red Corvette.
  10. It's been several weeks since Chad Dollar has left the program. I haven't seen anything about a replacement. This is a very important time for recruiting. Wouldn't you think it's important to have a staff at full strength?
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