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  1. I started making watch faces for my smart watch a while ago. https://www.facer.io/watchface/vGppR9BWUi https://www.facer.io/watchface/O6tdJFIot0
  2. Makes sense, you don't have to win your conference or division to get into the playoffs
  3. Reliving with the SoFlo twist. Feel like I am changing my phone background at least once a week Great work.
  4. Only things I have so far is a glass I etched using a vinyl cutter to make a mask and some acid and a steel Bulls logo my sister gave me that was cut using a CNC plasma cutter (still haven't decided what to do with it).
  5. Some of my favorites: Evan Landi Andre Davis Andre Hall Tyre McCants Darius Tice Auggie Sanchez
  6. I may be alone, but I really like the logo at the top of the website. It is classic and timeless.
  7. At least it was a non-violent crime this time.
  8. Sadly as a head coach, UCF is the best job. Last coach lied on his resume, had multiple winless seasons, recruiting infractions, and the death of a player where he went on trial for denying water...and still didn't get fired, but instead got a statue on campus. I would say it was a dream job but you have to coach at ucf.
  9. Daniel Tosh said it best: "my biggest achievement at ucf was dodgin' the herp."
  10. Apparently some programs and universities like having money in the bank. Guess we didn't like the plan of going into more debt for a wobbly wok.
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