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  1. jlcolvin

    USF Builds

    Only things I have so far is a glass I etched using a vinyl cutter to make a mask and some acid and a steel Bulls logo my sister gave me that was cut using a CNC plasma cutter (still haven't decided what to do with it).
  2. Some of my favorites: Evan Landi Andre Davis Andre Hall Tyre McCants Darius Tice Auggie Sanchez
  3. I may be alone, but I really like the logo at the top of the website. It is classic and timeless.
  4. Worked fine for me as well.
  5. jlcolvin

    You get to pick one

    which P5 conference?
  6. jlcolvin

    Another arrest

    At least it was a non-violent crime this time.
  7. Sadly as a head coach, UCF is the best job. Last coach lied on his resume, had multiple winless seasons, recruiting infractions, and the death of a player where he went on trial for denying water...and still didn't get fired, but instead got a statue on campus. I would say it was a dream job but you have to coach at ucf.
  8. jlcolvin

    Preseason Magazine Snark

    Daniel Tosh said it best: "my biggest achievement at ucf was dodgin' the herp."
  9. jlcolvin

    Preseason Magazine Snark

    Apparently some programs and universities like having money in the bank. Guess we didn't like the plan of going into more debt for a wobbly wok.
  10. UCF Knights (@UCFKnights) tweeted at 1:56 PM on Tue, May 16, 2017: Next #ChargeOnTour stop: Tampa https://t.co/LhKGfH02qM (https://twitter.com/UCFKnights/status/864555133316857856?s=03)
  11. jlcolvin

    For Bourbon Folks

    I wussed out and ended up doing a nice glass for him. Just ended up putting his last name opposite the hideous logo.
  12. jlcolvin

    Fate may be involved...

    So my wife and I currently have 4 dogs (3 beagle mixes and a coonhound). We lost my wife's dog back in February so we have had 5 dogs before. So long story short, I saw a stray in the middle of the road on my way to work on Wednesday. So I pick him up and my neighbor agreed to watch him for the day and night. Well I bring him home from the vet the next day and there it was. It was like a sign that I need to keep this dog. From the picture below you should be able to see his Bull tramp stamp.
  13. Hate clicking and going to a blog with this: About the blog Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Miami Hurricanes and UCF Knights fans, welcome to the Sunshine State blog for all your news about your favorite college teams. It's written by the staff of the Tampa Bay Times. We invite your comments and participation.
  14. jlcolvin

    For Bourbon Folks

    Think I'm going to make one for my good friend who went to ucf. It'll say "ucf _______ is the reason I drink"
  15. jlcolvin

    For Bourbon Folks

    I think this fits in here: My wife bought me a Cricut cutter for my birthday in March. Tonight I played with cutting vinyl as a mask and using a chemical etcher to etch glass. Results below, I'm going to have some fun with this thing.