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  1. I appreciate the offer, her getting to that point scares the crap out of me. We have a few friends with boys her age and we know how they would be raised so I see the appeal of arranged marriages :D. Also tried my hand at some "graphic design", needless to say my photo skills are better than the graphic design skills
  2. Now that I have remembered about photo posting...nevermind I don't remember about photo posting apparently
  3. Checking back in with some new pictures. She was pretty fussy during the pictures but we did get some that turned out. Hope everyone is doing well. [img]https://imgshare.io/images/2021/03/08/DSC_7273.jpg[/img] [img]https://imgshare.io/images/2021/03/08/DSC_7258.jpg[/img] [img]https://imgshare.io/images/2021/03/08/DSC_7252.jpg[/img] [img]https://imgshare.io/images/2021/03/08/DSC_7265.jpg[/img] [img]https://imgshare.io/images/2021/03/08/DSC_7256.jpg[/img]
  4. Thanks fellas, that is some of the best advice that I have received thus far. All I have gotten is the clichés of "your life will never be the same"...
  5. Thought I would come back in and see how everyone is doing. I started last season by deciding to stop watching USF football as it was ruining weekends. I have kept up with the scores and continue to read about USF, just couldn't handle watching it anymore. My wife and I did have our first baby 1 year ago now so that has taken up a lot of time. We have been having a blast being parents to a pretty awesome daughter. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be trying to be a little more active around here.
  6. Wow, I have been away for awhile and come back to this horrible news. Prayers for his family and friends :(
  7. I started making watch faces for my smart watch a while ago. https://www.facer.io/watchface/vGppR9BWUi https://www.facer.io/watchface/O6tdJFIot0
  8. Makes sense, you don't have to win your conference or division to get into the playoffs
  9. Reliving with the SoFlo twist. Feel like I am changing my phone background at least once a week Great work.
  10. Only things I have so far is a glass I etched using a vinyl cutter to make a mask and some acid and a steel Bulls logo my sister gave me that was cut using a CNC plasma cutter (still haven't decided what to do with it).
  11. Some of my favorites: Evan Landi Andre Davis Andre Hall Tyre McCants Darius Tice Auggie Sanchez
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