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  1. I feel bad for Lex and certainly for the coaches and all the fans that were excited for USF basketball for the 1st time in years. I mean today's news pretty much puts USF from the upper tier of AAC schools to the bottom tier before the season ever started. Cannot see this team going .500 in this tough league. The problem now is that who will clean up all those bad shots that Rideau and Collins take? Also Dawson has been dealing with an injury as I recall too.
  2. Men. Highest rated player the men basketball team has ever got in the Rivals.com era. We are about to be on a higher level of sustainable success under Coach Gregory, which is something many doubt was possible for any men basketball head coach to do Coach Gregory has only 2 scholarships to use for the 2020 class so far and he just filled one with his #1 overall target. Up next is either a PF or Center imo
  3. To USF after his weekend visit. Unbelievably great pickup for Coach Gregory and men basketball program. Highest rated player to ever commit to USF and it a great start to the 2020 class.
  4. USF coaches have been all over this young guy before he started to blow up this spring and coming summer. He's a player to watch for sure. His HS team is ST Andrews in Boca, FL. His travel team is TEAM CP25. He has offers from WVU, OU, and USF . - Justin Byerly https://hoopseen.com/news/event/201904/top-three-overall-performers-2019-hoopseen-atlanta-jam
  5. Just happy for these coaches, players, trainers, school advisory, athletic department, and all the fans. Man what a season. It had surprising starts, disappointing stretches, and a great great finish ending with the College Basketball Invitational Tournament Championship. Just to think this team was at it's lowest state 2 years ago and today are are one of the best teams in USF Men Basketball history. Scary the true potential this team has going foward.
  6. Seems to happen every game and you just don't know when it will appear. We can look so good in spots during just about every game, but we will also look bad, very bad in the same games as well.
  7. Can't let up now. Turnovers and the 3 ball and leads evaporate fast. Let's crushed LMU's throats!!
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