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  1. Losing the Temple game was tough because yeah I can't see them beating Houston and UCF has Tacko Fall who really owned the Bulls frontcourt and just caused disruption for the whole team in general. Really hope that you and I are wrong and these Bulls catch a couple of breaks and steal some games they aren't supposed to to win. The coaches and players have worked so hard it would be ashamed to see the season end with them losing out. The team needs to get to at least 20 wins to be considered for the NOT which is no lock
  2. FT shooting has hurt this team all season, it's only fitting that FT shooting has a direct effect on a loss. Unbelievable the best player on the team chokes at the line with .8 to play.
  3. WOW...make up call. Collins makes both USF wins this game
  4. Oh my GOD that was a bad call on Collins. He never touched him
  5. Euru step was pretty by Rideau to tie the game. Now again...DEFENSE!!!
  6. That's a lie especially since I don't post every game. Now get back to the game
  7. Foul anybody but Alston. Hopefully they get 1 last shot to tie the game yep has done that a lot. next season he won't have that fear.
  8. That's game as Alson Jr was way to much. Tough schedule for the Bulls coming up ad this was probably their easiest game they will have in a while
  9. What a weapon to have. Temple keeping the ball in Alston hands because he can make Fts. USF doesn't have that guy. Rideau smh
  10. Whelp this is where we need another defensive stop to forced OT. USF has really costed themselves dearly in this game with stupid turnovers and a lot of missed FTs
  11. This is a bad situation for USF. Will need an offensive reb from Durr or Yetna off a miss
  12. Again we need a defensive stop As a senior Lang sure is not a smart player