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  1. I'm not seeing this weak conference at all. The league looks very balance to me with the exception of Tulane and maybe ECU. I refuse to believe that Wichita state is reduced to a bottom feeder program. I also see UCONN, Cincinnati, UCF, and Memphis being good. Memphis is looking good against a top 25 team on a neutral site right now. Houston and SMU are very solid. I think a .500 record and a 9th place finish will be considered a successful season for USF. AAC is about to become a very strong basketball conference with what UCONN and Memphis did in hiring Dan Hurley and Penny Hardaway respectably.
  2. If you USF losing this game that would already be their 3rd lost in non conference play with games at Charlotte and FIU. I had them going 10-3 in non conference and winning 5 league games that would give USF a 15 win season. Bulls got to step it up.
  3. Not going to beat teams giving up that amount of threes. The Citadel game was lost because of it.
  4. Teams are also very confident playing at USF because there is never a home court advantage. It's truly like shooting in practice for opposing teams sometimes. Maybe one day USF will benefit from playing at home. Would like that automatic 10 point advantage.
  5. Collins already playing better this game then the last one. If USF can beat Colgate it will be their best win of the season so far. They have to play a complete game from start to finish.
  6. Vega

    MBB In Game Chat vs Stetson

    The guard play was terrible and none of them were good tonight. Castaneda, Collins, Brown, and Rideau were a combine 8 for 27 from the field. That is simply not going to cut it on this level. Collins certainly have to be better as he was billed to be the best player on the team. Performances like tonight from your guards will get you beat against any kind of better competition. Coach Gregory did say and continue to say his team will be in a lot of close games. Collins, Rideau, and Brown cannot collectedly play at a less then high level for this team to succeed this season.
  7. Vega

    MBB - USF vs. Florida A&M

    They play no defense either. The Citadel shoot A LOT OF THREES, A LOT OF THREES! USF will just have to control the damage they can do from behind the arc to hold their offense in check. On the offensive for USF they should just be patience, move the ball and they will get any shoot they want with little resistance from the Citadel. Bet on Yetna getting another double-double as there will be plenty of opportunities in that game.
  8. Vega

    MBB - USF vs. Florida A&M

    Nice win by our Bulls. They were really in cruise mode against a game FAMU team tonight. Alexia Yetna is living up to hype as one of the best rebounders in his high school class. He's a walking double double.
  9. Vega

    MBB - USF vs. Florida A&M

    Game could be close for the first 30 minutes but USF with their size and depth should wear FAMU down in the 2nd half and pull away late to secure their 4th victory in 5 tries this early season
  10. Very impressed with our team early in the season. Georgetown has some really good talent on their roster but USF has some good young talent as well and a **** good head coach leading them. The quest for .500 this season is very real and hopefully they use this lost against the Hoyas as a way to motivate them to turn it up a notch.
  11. I love women basketball, I really do but it's not a popular sport in the US. It never has been. I wish it would change someday as the ladies deserve more respect in hoops.
  12. Hate G'Town lost because it may serve as a wake-up call for them. Maybe Loyola is better than many thought. Still I wanted USF to be the ones to maybe slap the Hoyas back down to earth. Anyway they are young and talented in the back court and we can't expect (white Vince Carter) Matt McClung to post another stat line of 1 reb, 0 asst, and 0 pts again can we? Hoyas are talented in the front court as well so it will be a test for our bigs. The game should be competitive but I do think if the Bulls get off to a fast start offensively and smothers Georgetown backcourt defensively, we could see a somewhat repeat of the Ohio game today. The Hoyas are young and will start to panic if they get down by double digits. USF is better coached and if they play their game they can and will win over the Hoyas. In the end I have this game being tight and it can go either way. I expect a much better performance by G'Town Sunday but I'm also hoping USF stays focus on their goal of winning this tournament and imposes their will on the Hoyas, wearing them down and pulling away late to win. `
  13. That's something that needs to change and it will, hopefully sooner rather then later. Love the USF women but you gets no respect in the college sports world if the women basketballers have to carry the school flag. UNCONN is the only school that can get away with it but the men have had great success in the past as well.
  14. Gregory is all about fundamentals as much as or better then any Head Coach USF men's basketball has ever and will ever have. This team practices are very good and full or teaching and repetitions. The NCAA rules only allow a certain amount of time coaches can spend with players and Gregory maxes that out. This group of USF player are also very good of practicing on their own too. The missed free throws tonight was very unexpected and I don't think we see a lot of that happening much the rest of the season. I would be shocked if it does. The most encouraging thing coming from this game is that USF won the game while missing so many free throws against a very good mid major team in Austin Peay. Before the game I had USF winning by 2-3 points and that was if they played well in all facets of the game. Austin Peay is very well coached and has a lot of of experience. They also have a serious candidate for Ohio Valley Conference POY.in G/F Terry Taylor who has a pro basketball future. I promise you no USF team over the last 6 seasons would have won this game so I'm surprised and very please that this team, especially early in the season, could win a game like this.