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  1. Great article. Didn't know that momma could hoop like that. Young David had his wotk cut out for him if he's going to wrestle away the Best Basketball Player award from his mother.
  2. On paper this looks like an excellent hire and worthy successor to Chad Dollar who did a great job in his to short stint at USF. USF needs to keep recruiting the areas outside the home state such as Georgia, the Carolina area, Maryland, and Virginia.
  3. Yes the Dollar loss is a BIG ONE.
  4. The team is going to be better next season. Coach Gregory needed scholarships and he now has them. Holston leaving is no surprise as it was expected. Injuries have robbed him of his explosion and agility. Minimum PT at best if he stayed. Martin wouldn't be getting starters minutes next season and clearly he's a guy that wants that. Would've love if he stayed but I understand if he still wants to chase his dream of the NBA elsewhere. Got a real nice class coming in with what's coming back. 3 more possible recruits will be added. Excited for the future of USF men basketball.
  5. Now let's start recruiting. Recruit the guys that are in coming back. Recruit some better players then the ones that are leaving. USF needs a huge offseason.
  6. Awesome performance for USF. Can build on this is they close our at home strong.
  7. If they blow this lead in the 2nd half it will be the worse loss in a long time for a program that has a lot of losses over the last few seasons. Boys looking great so far
  8. Yep. Gotta hope that he doesn't transfer like the last what 4 or 5 best players on the roster. It's another reason why USF seems to be in rebuild mode every year. This program doesn't get many good players so they cannot afford the few good ones they get to transfer out year after year. Coach Gregory is after so many Juco players it's hard to know what the roster will look like next season.
  9. Never seen Bulls Basketball this uninteresting wow. Well good news is it won't be long before this horrible season comes to and end then the real fun begins as I'm sure players will be leaving and players will be coming. Hopefully the ones coming will be much, much better then the ones leaving.Really only thing to look forward to with Bulls basketball
  10. Corey Davis Jr for Houston has just put the Bulls away in this game as he has taken over offensively. 33-17 Cougars.
  11. Peyton Banks attempting to shoot USF right out of this game
  12. USF would have the lead if they could make FTs. 3 of 9 so far
  13. Jiggetts with 2 fouls and to the bench. Collins running the show the rest of the 1st half. Bulls still very much in it. Since Da Siva quit team seems to be stabilized.
  14. Team playing hard but since early success Houston has shut down the USF offense. Team still in it but the Cougars haven't really went on a run yet.
  15. Looks his prediction was right. Fewer minutes meaning no minutes