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  1. I am in the minority with my view, but I am not overly impressed with Charlie Strong's coaching record. His record was very impressive when he had Teddy Bridgewater (30 wins with 9 losses), but his overall record without him was 23-27. At Texas, Mack Brown had one loosing season in 16 seasons while Strong had three loosing seasons in three years. Mack Brown last four seasons were not great (5-7, 8-5,9-4,8-5), but they were still decent compared to how Strong did at Texas (6-7,5-7, and 5-7). I know he was "rebuilding" those last three years, but that is not an excuse to loose to a team like Kansas which was awful for the past decade. Btw, Kansas only won two games this season: against Rhode Island and Texas. I know he will recruit well and he will save USF a lot of money, but I just do not believe he is a good head coach. However, I hope I am wrong about Strong and he will do well here.
  2. Ned, understanding logic is not one of your strong suits either, but I guess we cannot expect too much of that with a red neck.
  3. Nothing much Ned, absolutely nothing could have been done by a cop pursuing a drunk driver according to you.
  4. Assuming he was averaging 90 miles per hour, which is equivalent to 1.5 miles per minute, I would have to guess 3 minutes at minimum. The closest entrance/exit to I-75 north of bearss ave would have been sr 56/54, which btw is located 12 miles north of bearss ave. He was traveling on the wrong side of the highway for minimum of 12 miles before he even got to bearss ave.
  5. Simple Ned, they would have seen and pursued the vehicle and tried to stop it from ramming into these kids. This guy was driving on the wrong side for over 4 miles according to the latest reports from witnesses. So Ned, your opinion is that a cop cruiser couldn't have done nothing? I drive quite a bit on Tampa highways on weekend nights and I see a lot of cars pass me by at well over the speed limit. And I have seen more cops on highways in Miami area on weekends
  6. Well according to the slantinel, ucf had the best recruiting class in the state of Florida
  7. Condolences to the families. I'm surprised at the lack of police patrols on the major highways here in Tampa during late nights especially on weekends.
  8. Ucf did well in addressing their biggest need which was Dbs and they also got very good qb prospect in Tyler. But to write they got the best class over fsu, um, uf, and usf is ridiculous. The bulls class overall as a group was good, however they did miss out on a Dt and a pro style qb which is why I would rate their class as an A-
  9. Ucf hadn't done squat till this year and they did finally beat some decent teams this year. That being said, how do they get the edge based on one year? Would not surprise me if they get only 6 wins next year. I'm not saying the bulls are going to be better, but the expansion will be based on one season?
  10. Bulldally/Gismo, what's the timeline you are hearing on when the big 12 is looking to expand? Any idea about the second team?
  11. I'm sure coach Heath will take care of the dad soon behind close doors and all of these allegations will go away.
  12. Well if Judy hired Woolard, then she's as responsible for this mess as the A.D. You don't hire someone from a mediocre sports school like St. Louis to run a athletic program like usf.
  13. Hire the top associate A.D. from a big time football school. Don't hire someone from a mediocre bball school like our previous hire and I also believe whoever hired Woolard should be fired as well.
  14. I was surprised that drew didn't make it here. Was it related to academics or just that csh decided to go back on his word with drew?
  15. Good hire for both the wr and qb positions. I also think that Reaves will be a better qbs coach than Sheridan.
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