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  1. Normally I want UCF to lose every game they play and shudder the doors on their football program but we have to pull for them in every game but ours. As others have stated they may not make it to us undefeated and we certainly don’t need them losing to a crappier school in a crappier conference.
  2. crambone

    Do not miss this side of Willie

    hahahahaha that is all.
  3. crambone

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    No sir, see you then!
  4. crambone

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    I shall see you at the ECU game, good sir.
  5. crambone

    Caption This...

    Johnson is such a crabby-looking SOB.
  6. Federal Bar? I was planning on going but we will be at Disney this weekend.
  7. crambone

    How Was that for F'n Play Calling

    Play calling on the four-and-out was questionable but overall much better. Our D (or lack thereof) does scare me.
  8. crambone

    Pregame announcer

    Yeah he is horrid.
  9. I miss your pics, MikeG. I also miss Big Wave Dave. RIP, good buddy.
  10. crambone

    Kean at QB

    The fact that Kean came in second stands to reason that he would be the second QB on the chart, right? If so, we are in trouble.
  11. Sorry, I was trying to be cheeky. Guess it came off differently.
  12. Walking up to the stadium at 5:30pm tonight and it was brutal. Next week will be horrid. Drink lots of water and cheer on our Bulls! The world will be watching.
  13. crambone

    Home Stands on TV

    I, too noticed that the cameras were on the other side this year. Good move.