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  1. I had a work conference in Austin last year. I stayed at the AT&T Conference Center which is a few blocks from the stadium. It’s a great town but traffic sucked. The weekend I was there was when UT and Oklahoma played in Dallas so game day traffic wasn’t even an issue.
  2. Glad to hear you are back home. Hope for the best for you.
  3. Yeah that was wild how it unfolded. “So proud to be the Temple coach” ....and it’s gone.
  4. He could shut them out at home and make Huepel chug spoiled chunky milk from a helmet and that wouldn’t be enough. I’m over this coach.
  5. That’s commendable, good sir. You are a stronger man than I.
  6. OP: that’s awesome. The last 3 Thanksgivings we have been in northeastern GA or western NC. This is the first year we stayed home. I wish I was up there now!
  7. That’s how many home games I have attended. We also went to the GTech game. We have 6 season tickets, had season tickets since 2005. It’s becoming harder and harder to justify spending that kind of money to watch this. So glad we skipped the game today.
  8. Thursday was my first game attending since GTech. We just can’t justify taking hours out of our day to drive to Tampa, fighting traffic and heat (although Thursday was great weather) to watch us get outcoached by a paper bag. There is no fight in these coaches at all, let alone any sense of urgency.
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