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  1. OP must’ve been close to me cuz the dude with the solar-powered helmet was a row or two in front of me. Didn’t seem all that trashed to me but I also left during the second quarter cuz my kids were miserable.
  2. I hope McCloud gets the start because if not then it will get ugly. Fast.
  3. We just got back to our hotel after leaving the game. The kids were miserable and so was USF’s effort in this game. I am not subjecting myself to any more of that crap. What a waste of money and time this weekend to come up here. Even if we somehow manage to win we won’t make .500 this year with the way we are playing.
  4. Just came here to post the same thing. Rust Cole picked USF over the other talking heads.
  5. Drink 2 beers and then drink a water. Repeat as-neccessary. That’s what I am doing right now.
  6. Gonna be a scorcher tomorrow. Hope the team isn’t another let down.
  7. Sounds like the wife and kids are gonna spend most of the game in the concourse. Think we will be graced with some cloud cover?
  8. We were gonna go to Stone Mountain today with the kids. They are “closed”, wtf?? Georgia Aquarium was our backup plan, headed there shortly. We found an apartment in Midtown. Stadium is a 12-minute walk according to Google.
  9. We are within walking distance to the stadium so we are literally gonna show up about 20 minutes before kickoff. No need to rush to get to the probable loss.
  10. Mine are both still in their boxes in a plastic tote. No real want to display them but they are pretty cool. I don’t have a huge collection of USF swag but do have 2 game-work helmets (matte white and matte green with the big gold U) and all of the commemorative bowl game tickets. Those are in storage, too lol
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