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  1. No email for me, either. Season ticket holder since 2007. We’ve had 6 tickets for the past 3 seasons now. Not happy, I would’ve loved to have gone to this game and taken the kids.
  2. I got married the Saturday after “The Rutgers Game” in 2007. When we set the wedding date we did so also looking st the football schedule. Yeah, she’s a keeper.
  3. I, too have every ticket thus far. But I used my neck ticket holder thing at the bowl game so my tickets are still pristine.
  4. My ticket rep said that this year they are not going to do the commemorative bowl game tickets. That’s a shame.
  5. We bought 2 bowl game tickets through USF and are going to renew soon so may as well do it now to get free tickets. Even if we don’t use the freebies (I hope to bring 2 people) we can sell them and whatever we make is profit.
  6. Ugh this waiting stinks. Either fire him or announce that he is staying-put.
  7. It’s not different than “and the home of the Bulls” that the students do at the end of anthem.
  8. We shall see. I just hope he does it before the bowl game so our guys get some ample time in practice without Strong and Gilbert handcuffing the team.
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