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  1. crambone

    IPF vs OCS

    As it should be. Smaller steps first.
  2. crambone

    Missed marketing opportunity

    Show us the uniforms already!!
  3. crambone

    Think about it.

  4. crambone

    The Humiliation Continues for UofL

    He’s done. No way he comes back from this in any way, shape or form. UL did what they had to in order to save face.
  5. crambone

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    Ugly. Do not want.
  6. crambone

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Amen to that!
  7. crambone

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    Thanks for the confirmation.
  8. crambone

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    I agree in that it will be easier for practical purposes, just kinda sucks that it’s the end of an era, so to speak.
  9. crambone

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    And now they are required? Not sure how I feel about that. I’ve always kept my stubs in a scrapbook with the score of each game below them. Lame, I know. But it’s been pretty fun and my son likes doing it with me nowadays.
  10. crambone

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    For real? Scan cards?!?!
  11. crambone

    More on Blake Barnett

    I just want to win. If Barnett wins the job then he was the best QB.
  12. crambone

    BJ Daniels Retires from Football

    Crazy to think he could’ve had 3 rings.
  13. crambone

    Gear grab Wednesday

    Really lame they did this on a frigging weekday.
  14. crambone

    Adidas is official

    I’ve already got 2 helmets so I am looking forward to snagging a jacket and a polo or two.