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  1. He was never turned down by the BOT, it did not get to the BOT. That was supposed to happen this week but was scrapped when Scott came back in the picture. The group against Levitt was claiming that he would have been turned down by the BOT when it came up. That is probably where that rumor came from.
  2. I hope Scott doesn’t fall through again. Apparently plan B is gone, the relationship between Leavitt and the current admin is now nuked beyond repair. Lots of hurt feelings right now, many people over there think it was wrong how they treated him. A quote I got from my friend: “the shadow of Judy looms large.”
  3. and this board wonders why nobody ever posts inside info on here...
  4. I just got off the phone with my friend to ask what happened. Like I said, things change. There was interest in Scott since last week, but by Thursday it was clear we were being slow walked. Leavitt was already clearly interested so USF put some feelers out and everything started to come together. By mid-day Saturday, after some meetings and phone calls it was looking like it would happen. A meeting with the trustee was planned for early this week and Leavitt would come in to negotiate mid this week. Around Saturday evening, Scott’s agent again reaches out to MK and
  5. I think I’m pretty clear that I am only relaying info I get from friends who still work for USF. I think it’s pretty clear these are just rumors things can change. Sometimes what I hear happens, sometimes it doesn’t (but it does more than not). Heck, CJL can still not be coach, things can change, someone can get involved. I get a lot more info that I dont post. I lurk a lot but rarely post info because some people here are crazy suspicious and negative whenever I post.
  6. Just talked to a couple friends in admin. Nothing official yet, so things can change. But if negotiations go ok and everyone is onboard, we can expect the return of CJL.
  7. Nice post, that's close. Still sticking with Hunter Green and Gold as the primary, but Apple Green and Black will be secondary colors which get a lot more play in gear and marketing since they give a more South Florida vibe. Get ready for some awesome things coming in terms of gear.
  8. Looking at the team with Barnett at the helm and with CCS, I see us going undefeated. If you or your friends haven't locked in your season tickets you should jump on the bandwagon now! It will help with seating priority when buying your ny6 bowl tickets Just go to http://usfbullstix.com or call 1-800-GO-BULLS Go Bulls!
  9. I'm so excited for this season! Glad I convinced a couple more friends to get season tickets this year. Go bulls!
  10. Just heard from a friend they are going to also release some gear to go with all our all black uniforms. It will be
  11. Believe what you want, I only post if I have something useful. Used to work in athletics for a number of years so I couldn't post when I worked But please don't mention me in the same breath as ucif. This is why many of us don't post here....
  12. I'm hearing from a couple of my friends who work in athletics that it's clear Coach Strong doesn't like being here. He sees it as a temporary position as he moves on to a "real" coaching job. In hindsight, it seems pretty evident with his comments earlier this year about fan support, but it's has become really apparent over the last couple games. He's not made it a secret to other coaching staff and now some of the team knows. Hopefully they are wrong, but this isn't a good look.
  13. An update and clairification.... You guys can believe me or not. I went to USF, graduated in 03 with a major in poli sci, lived in beta hall first year then Fontana. I love the bulls, have been to a ton of games since undergraduate and work at a small law firm in Tampa. I normally lurk, this is the first time I have info... And to be clear, I HATE UCif.... On to the news- talked to my buddy, here is some further background: - there are indeed NCAA infractions being looked into for MBB, but they are nothing major. - this put DW on the hot seat, but wasn't a fireable offense. - the
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