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  1. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    Texted with Smazza

    True Classic.
  2. I have (or will have when they are mailed) four extra football season tickets to sell. Section 209 Row E Seats 8 - 11. These tickets have club access and great parking. Just looking to get out of them what I put in them. If anyone is interested, let me know via PM.
  3. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    Corporate tickets

    Don't forget, the entire "donation" is not tax deductible. It use to be designated at 80% of what was paid was allowable. The 20% was not as that was estimated as the benefit received by getting better tickets. Who knows how the IRS will rule if the seat benefit is tied directly to the actual seat. Calling something a "donation" doesn't make it a donation to the IRS. So, even with the IRS 80% deductible and 20% not, a corporation would be able to include the 20% with their business deductions, where I as an individual am not able to do anything with the 20%.
  4. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    Season Ticket Renewal Time!

    Heck with all the SPAM emails I get from USF, I might accidentally delete the renewal email by accident.
  5. What's your return policy? Honestly if I took money from them for those tickets I'd probably offer it back... but in general I just give them away so all they get is an apology. I wanted to be there today and hopefully can make the next home game. New child has made it a bit more difficult to schedule. Funny, I had two people cancel on me today at the last minute. I walked towards the ticket area to try to sell them and overheard a few Bulls fans saying his wife had lost their tickets I just gave them the two extras. Hard to sell this product....
  6. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    Sold on Bench?

    I had that same flashback.
  7. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    NEWS ALERT: Armed & Dangerous Man still loose near Tampa Campus

    So are the girls supposed to sleep with a pistol under their pillow? Maybe keep a gun stashed near their va-jay-jay? You sound like George Zimmerman. Shoot first, don't ask any questions. It's hard to ask questions when someone is on top of you punching you. I am sure it would be hard for these women to ask questions while this guy was assaulting them as well. The most they probably got out was "Why". Shoot. Then shoot again. It is better to be judged by 6 then carried by 6.
  8. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet


    Not true. I stayed to the end, I always do. You cannot see them from lot 6. I heard them go off from my car.
  9. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet


    Wow. If you announce postgame fireworks, you have to shoot them off, no matter how the game ends. What amazes me is that we didn't know about them. If USF spent money on something like that, it doesn't help sell tickets or increase fan enjoyment if fans miss the show because they didn't know it was coming. I just have to assume that if USF had a postgame firework show we would have heard a PA like this: "Fans, be sure to stick around immediately following tonight's game for a post game firework display." At least 10 times, all through the game. I hope there is more to this. Actually the announcement the last two years was to "stay in your seats after the game" for the post game fireworks. Then when we stayed in our seats we could not see the fireworks. That was a waste last night. I didn't see them until I was driving away.
  10. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    The wheels on the bus are flat right now.

    Fail by the team. I was in he stands till the very end waiting for someone on the team to show me something. With nothing else do my mind wander....
  11. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    The wheels on the bus are flat right now.

    And can someone spoof the song "Turn the beat around" to "Turn the bus around"?
  12. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    The wheels on the bus are flat right now.

    Of course when the band was playing Radioactive the words in my head sounded out: Welcome to my bad dream, this is a bad dream, step inside my bad dream, this is my bad dream.
  13. The wheels on the bus are flat right now. Flat right now Flat right now The wheels on the bus are flat right now. Flat right now Flat right now
  14. No_Willie_Jokes_Yet

    2013-14 Athletics Donation

    Scholar Scholar Bull Ya'll....