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  1. Strong, don’t say Coach cause not sure he can, is sucking the very life out of this program and fan base.
  2. Lord how does this mumbling, hand rubbing on pants, poor coach get paid millions to produce this pile of crap. And we didn’t start well you moron. Team had to pull games from ther backsides against crummy squads just to start that way. Was that starting well against Conn, Tulsa, Illinois, ECU and those other piles of crap. Stop talking and start coaching.
  3. Strong should be embarrassed. If he goes with his usual nonsense in the post game presser I am gonna be ticked. This guy is lost and is harming the program same as Holtz so far.
  4. Marshall may score again. Without the D touching anyone. What a sh$t show.
  5. Defense will close this out without any effort or stop at all
  6. Must be nice to have good special teams. Like Marshall.
  7. We kick off to limit field and still give up large returns every time.
  8. We should stay away from the Red Zone. Can’t work from there. What a joke offense.
  9. Going to get rolled by CUSA team, give up 600 yards and get pushed around in our own stadium. Can’t wait to see next year with this staff.
  10. Getting Pushed around by a CUSA team. Nice plan Charlie.
  11. Agree Strong keeps doing worse each week. What does he do to improve. Each week the team looks worse
  12. Marshall is so much faster than us. You can see it on every play.
  13. Has anyone else noted how Strong doesn’t even engage the fan base. Never on radio. Press out of practices. Never seems to say anything to media. He is boring in an age where boring doesn’t sell. Kids and fans are going to turn away in droves. Hope AD is paying attention although he has been awfully quiet too.
  14. Slow and weak is our defense. Even on that INT the QB had nothing but time. Awful.
  15. This is the slowest and worse tackling USF team ever. D line pressure doesn’t even exist. Strong is going backwards. Next year looks grim.
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