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  1. Gators by whatever they want does the rest even matter? This team is putrid and starting to look like the staff is too.
  2. This program is certainly on its deathbed and seems like no one with the administration has any type of a plan. Been a season ticket holder since day 1 but am losing all interest. Watching UCF the other day and anyone can see their players and system are light years ahead of ours. So very sad.
  3. So proud of this team!!!! Thanks for making us Bulls fans so happy!!!!!!!! What a ride!!!!!!!!!!!! Go BULLS!!!!!!!!
  4. Keep telling yourselves it’s just private and booster money and remember that every time a school cuts back employees/programs and rolls out furloughs. Enjoy the fraud and financial incompetence.
  5. Just retread after retread, after they serve as underpaid or non paid analysts under Saban and then go steal private funds again. AD’s should be embarrassed.
  6. These colleges and universities should be under investigation for how they mismanage funds. Shameful
  7. USF will do a feasibility study to study the feasibility of the study. Talk about it and do nothing until everyone forgets again.
  8. Happy New Year to everyone!!!! And as always Go Bulls!!!!!
  9. Really is a disgrace. The entire sports program, for the most part, is terrible (women’s basketball being a notable exception). The PR, administration, leadership all seem rudderless and make mistake after mistake on simple things. We study endlessly the IPF, stadium etc. We don’t need a football palace we need a simple venue we can expand and a vision and people to carry it out. As a long time fan, diehard, and alum I am growing disgusted with everything I see. Stop with the excuses and get something done.
  10. Rest In Peace. Way too young. Didn’t know him personally but one of us and will be missed. Peace be with his family and friends.
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