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  1. At least we won't have to b**** about attendance this year.
  2. Getting closer and closer to watching some USF football is pretty exciting!
  3. Rotating QBs also never really works outside of HS....
  4. He's got to be severely hampered by the fact that his QB reps are being limited in practice.
  5. I love this idea. Would be awesome if it worked out.
  6. Very impressed. So many things I liked in this press conference from start to finish. The two things that stood out to me, his immediate committal to hopping on board as a donor and the presence and support from his Clemson guys that were there in the room (yes, they are likely on a recruiting trip, but still shows what kind of a person they think CJS is). He really sounds like a stand up guy. Personally, my excitement for the program has plummeted since CWT left. Can't wait to support and follow this program under CJS.
  7. Also worth noting that the CFB Playoff is a bit more important than the Birmingham Bowl, and also more important than the Cotton Bowl
  8. I don't think it's unreasonable to think and hope for 6 wins next year. Scott Frost took UCF to a bowl game after 0-12. This isn't the NFL. If CJS is a great coach, he'll win here early.
  9. I disagree and think the basketball team has a better chance. I say this primarily because of Bryan Gregory and the number of players we have returning. The basketball team can be as strong as any in the conference talent-wise, and coaching-wise, next season. I think that is less likely the case for the football team. Wouldn't put my money on either to happen, though...
  10. Good to hear and glad to hear he's doing well. Pretty cool for him that he gets to box on the side as well, great sport.
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