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Found 13 results

  1. I have 3 tickets that I cannot use for tonight's game vs HOWARD at 7:00pm. Free, just send me a message.
  2. anyone selling their tickets? I'm looking for 2 tickets to the USF vs UCF basketball Feb 15 at the SunDome
  3. Wikipedia may not be the most accurate source. However, when trying to quickly find information about the university; Wikipedia seems to be very out of date (content, photos, sources, etc...). I personally took the liberty to update our academic rankings the moment US News & World Report released the 2012 figures. In conjunction, I fixed a few disconnected links. Another person went ahead and added new photos of the university to the main article. While it was a good effort, many of the photos have just been randomly placed. If you happen to come across Wikipedia pages about another school on the other side of I-4; you will notice that they went to great lengths to detail and document their school and achievements. So, I am just wondering: How does everyone on TBP feel about this? Waste of time, or an endeavor that we should correct? I do envy envy the big 3 (and even UCF) for their pride. Main: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_South_Florida Athletics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Florida_Bulls Sundome (really needs to be updated): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USF_Sun_Dome
  4. http://www.gousfbulls.com/fls/7700/2012-2013/iguide/GlaserFile/USFF2013.html you're welcome!
  5. Aresco responds to a variety of questions 'We're Going To Be OK': Q&A With AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco By DESMOND CONNER, dconner@courant.com The Hartford Courant 10:42 a.m. EDT, May 19, 2013 The American Athletic Conference spring meetings begin Monday, the first gathering of its kind for the teams that make up the new league. For area basketball fans, one big question is where the men's and women's postseason tournament will take place. For 10 years, the Big East women's tournament has been at the XL Center in Hartford, but there now is serious competition to take it elsewhere, including an in-state location as the Mohegan Sun bids for it. Before taking off for Ponte Vedra, Fla., the site of the meetings, commissioner Mike Aresco sat with The Courant for nearly two hours. Aresco said the league is looking at the XL Center, the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville and the Sun Dome on the University of South Florida campus in Tampa for the women's tournament. For the men's tournament, he mentioned Hartford, Mohegan Sun, The Palestra in Philadelphia, Memphis, Tampa and Atlantic City. "We're undecided on whether we want to rotate it or whether we want to stay in a place for a couple years," Aresco said. "We're getting the bids together now and will have serious discussions at the league meetings, but we won't make a decision then. It will be not too long after that, but we've got good options." On to other business. Q: Let's get this one out of the way now, Mike: The money. There are concerns about whether there's going to be enough for the schools, the conference, to be able to compete while things get off the ground. And when you look at some of the TV contract deals the so-called "power conferences" have, seemingly, it's even more reason for concern. A: We're going to be OK. We got all that money from the Catholic 7 [leaving], and their units [from the NCAA Tournament] left behind, and units from our own teams that they accumulated, and we've amicably, very smoothly, worked out a fair and equitable revenue share that will put UConn, Cincinnati, the incumbents, in good shape, and also help the newcomers. Everybody will get something. .... Our conference has a great TV deal. We don't have the kind of money we would have gotten, obviously, had we not lost the members, but we've got enough and we've got more than those other four conferences (Mountain West, Conference USA, Mid-American, Sun Belt) we've been compared to, and that doesn't count the CBS basketball deal. Unlike other conferences, we have kept our marketing rights with our ESPN deal and that will generate revenue for us with a football [2015] and basketball [2014] championship game. There's the BCS money. Going forward, we're part of the new playoff system, so we'll have a certain amount revenue from that system. Q: You believe the six-year, $130 million deal you signed that begins next season can be renegotiated before it ends. It sounds like you're quite optimistic. Why? A: We expect to renegotiate that deal midway through. I think ESPN knows we'll have value for them. We'll do innovative things. The Thursday-Friday windows [for football] will have real value. We got caught in a perfect storm this past November, December, and we were doing our TV deal at a time of relative instability. We've stabilized very well and I think they recognize that now. Q: Can you quickly explain why it's really six years and not the reported seven years? A: This year was a bridge year because you already had a football deal in place. We have a basketball deal that also covers this year. Q: The money from the contract wasn't great; the exposure you're getting, however, is. You have to make it work for you, right, and win big nonconference games? A: I don't think people have focused enough on how good the exposure is that they're giving us in football and basketball. For instance in basketball, I think it's 113 games of the 170 games in 2014 will be on national ESPN platforms or a few of them sub-licensed to national platforms. In addition, we're going to do our tournament. All the games will be televised. These are great deals for exposure and that is how you build your conference. In football we'll have Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are unique in terms of doing a lot of Thursdays and Fridays, but we think since every team isn't asked to do it all the time, it works well for us. We'll do an occasional Wednesday. Rest of Report
  6. I had the opportunity to attend the Mike Aresco/ESPN conference call on the new deal. I jotted down some unofficial notes I thought I'd share.. Aresco was very excited about the deal with ESPN. He said the agreement shows confidence ESPN has in conference. Together the plan is to be very innovative. A wide ranging agreement - content can appear nationally and on various ESPN platforms. On the new name of the conference - nothing new. Name to be disclosed in Spring. Aresco went on to say possibly April, early May. They are currently working with branding groups. There will be games scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays. They will be sensitive to H.S. football There was a question about the existing schools infighting over exit fees. Aresco said there had been none at all. It's a very cordial, straightforward and collegial group. Will the conference consider selling naming rights? Aresco vehemently said No. Not even thinking about it. On the 12th member - "We are looking at expansion" Intention is to get to 12. Expectation is to have championship game in 2015. Possibly in 2014, but unlikely. When ESPN was asked of what nights for television (basketball) the response was most nights of the week, but it was too early to tell. Where will conference basketball championship be played? Aresco says they're looking at a group of cities - the preference is to hold it in a city with a conference presence. They may rotate among site, not sure. Aresco like the Pac12 model - on campus sites. Aresco said top 3 priorities right now are 1) the name/rebranding 2) Venues 3) revenue ESPN can license out games to sub-licensees. ESPN said "excited about upside, can help in 'comprehensive exposure'." It was asked if Tulane could make it next season, Aresco commented they had other obligations. Further talk on a 2014 conference football championship if Navy joined earlier, but it has not been discussed. Pinstripe Bowl - still working on, hope they stay with new league. Who makes the call on what teams get on ESPN? The network and conference work together to determine best games for TV. What input does ESPN have in naming process? Aresco says the league will decide but may ask ESPN for opinion. "ESPN has never asked about a name." Is there a scheduling agreement (basketball) with the C7 schools? Aresco says "No agreement, but you'll see us play down the road."
  7. That Sun Dome is beautiful on TV. Can' wait to get there to see in person. That and the Muma center has to help. I know it's been said frequently but, it looks great!
  8. Good: 1st half Bad: 2nd Half Ugly: What game were refs watching? #45 was trying to injure people
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