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  1. Travel tips: Wear a mask Wash your hands Avoid the middle seat Don't touch your face
  2. I don’t remember joining this drinking cult but since I was tagged in contractually obligated to participate right?
  3. 1) South Florida2) 37-313) Jordan Cronkrite4) Randall St. Felix5) 522
  4. Quite a bit of USF discussion today on the afternoon show, and throughout the week. Not just fluff either. Mentions about KJ Sails and his eligibility, discussion about last season, and changes to the roster. It was great to hear.
  5. I estimate that I have consumed 2,238 PubSubs in my lifetime. Ultimate Boar’s head is a good choice for a cold sub. Chicken tender sub is world famous - ask them to toss the chicken in honey mustard for an added twist. Order through the app and you don’t even have to wait. You’re welcome.
  6. I may need to check it out again - when they first started only NFL Ticket Exchange was allowed. They guy next to me got his seats revoked for using stubhub. My parking pass is now marked not for resale. I can transfer for free but can’t sell it. Dumb.
  7. So far no, I will let you know if that changes
  8. I’m a Bucs season ticket holder and I hated when they made the change. Personal use wasn’t a problem. Selling or transferring tickets and parking passes however became a nightmare. They also prevented you from reselling except through the NFL Ticket Exchange, and you can’t list below face value. So when I travel for work and can’t attend a game, I can’t sell below face value to recoup some of the costs. Want to tailgate with friends in a different lot than my parking pass is for? Same problem. Digital scanner goes down? Prepare to wait an hour to enter the parking lot. The worst is trying to transfer the ticket to someone who doesn’t normally attend games. They’ve got to download the Bucs app, create a Ticketmaster login, etc. I’ve had people decline free tickets because they couldn’t figure it out. The Bucs don’t allow screenshots or images which makes it worse.
  9. Got an autograph at Bucs training camp today. He looked tiny next to Suh...
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