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  1. Aurelius

    Girls of Illinois

    Pics or it didn’t happen.
  2. Aurelius

    Girls of Threads

    2 threads. 2-0. Clearly this must continue.
  3. 219 G - the “owner” of the tickets is amptix and they have a bunch on their site http://www.amptix.com/results-ticket?evtid=3429306&event=South+Florida+Bulls+vs.+Georgia+Tech+Yellow+Jackets
  4. True. I’m considering dumping my Bucs season tickets for the Bulls next season. I’m curious how these ticket resellers are making any money on these games at all.
  5. I just grabbed some cheap tickets ($13 with fees) on Gametime. They weren’t labeled with club access on the site but when they delivered the PDF tickets they say club access. May be worth the gamble for anyone looking for last minute tickets. .
  6. Aurelius

    Girls of Georgia Tech

    Triple option?