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  1. goldenbrahm1996

    Jim Leavitt article on 247 sports.

    Yep, this is probably his one shot. Unless he wants to go down a step or two in job prestige.
  2. goldenbrahm1996

    Jim Leavitt article on 247 sports.

    looks like they're about to hire the North Dakota St coach
  3. goldenbrahm1996

    Point Spread for Gasparilla Bowl

    How exactly is paying a coach 2.5 million a year to go 4-8 getting on a "budget"?
  4. goldenbrahm1996

    CCS.... I think has mailed it in

    Lol what do you think he’s gonna say?
  5. goldenbrahm1996

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    Hate to break it to you, but no one outside of our fanbase remembers/cares that we were once in a better conference. No one cares that we beat Auburn, Florida State, and Notre Dame a decade ago. To say we have a stronger overall program tradition than UCF and/or Boise is asinine at this point. They've won a combined 5 BCS/New Years 6 bowls now, we've yet to even compete for a conference championship. Truth hurts, but we have watched the gnats completely pass us by in the last 5 years and they are in the process of lapping us now.
  6. goldenbrahm1996

    Early FB Renewal?

    ****, looks like prices are going up pretty significantly in some sections. Not really sure that's the best plan of attack for the Athletic Dept at the moment.... I'm sure that's gonna sit well with our already apathetic fan base....
  7. goldenbrahm1996

    Petrino is out ...

    Pitt? They’re about to play in the ACC champ this year
  8. goldenbrahm1996

    Defense observation

    I think it's all of the above.
  9. goldenbrahm1996

    "No Access" to Club

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you don’t have club access. Click the below link. Only tickets in red, yellow, or green sections have club access. Just because the attendant at the top of your section has been letting you through, it doesn’t mean she’s supposed to. Your ticket will say “Club Access” on it in big letters if you’re permitted in the club. https://www.google.com/search?q=usf+football+2018+season+tickets&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS722US722&hl=en-US&prmd=nisv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiTlaSArJjeAhVwm-AKHaRBAJAQ_AUIEigC&biw=375&bih=712&dpr=3#imgrc=6m_QFlZqPutT-M
  10. goldenbrahm1996

    "No Access" to Club

    240 and 206 do not have club access for USF games. Not sure why everyone was all up in arms about this. They put those signs at the top of the aisles where people have been sneaking into the club all year without having seats that actually have club access.
  11. goldenbrahm1996

    UCF ticket sales

    I just don't see us getting enough people who are gonna wanna go unless both teams are undefeated. The lower bowl is about 40-45k when completely full, I find it hard to believe we'd be able to surpass that unless the stadium is 25% gnats fans.
  12. goldenbrahm1996

    Koepka - no not that one

    That guy they showed congratulating him after the round wasn't Chase. It must've been one of his buddies or something of the sort
  13. He was the only Bull I couldn't convince myself to vote for.
  14. goldenbrahm1996

    New AD Search

    You must be a blast at parties
  15. goldenbrahm1996

    New AD Search

    If he still has the desire to work in this business, he knows he's not getting a call from any program with a higher profile than ours. Not to mention he already has a condo in Clearwater and from all reports has a very good relationship with Strong.