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  1. Two sports illustrated articles in the last few weeks. That bodes well for our national football coverage love and team buzz.
  2. I vote that we change the trophy to a bronze statue. Better yet, we freeze GOL like Han Solo and use him. I see no better use of his time.
  3. They should not play their music over the band. In the middle of the band's song and stadium chant they will blast some generic stadium music or the announcer will burst in to say some nonsense. I think it happens every first down. Let. the. band. play. Let. The. Fans. Cheer.
  4. "It's like you got to BE the ball, man. You've got to let the universe open up your mind and the field will open up. The first thing a good quarterback has to do is get his karma right. Your horoscope tells me you may have some challenges ahead but if you wear these crystals you may be alright. " I have verified on the internet that these are things this coach commonly says.
  5. The original Brexit. I am not a historian and do not know how accurate the article is. Sorry if misleading. I thought it was interesting that the representatives made a statement on their decision and gave time to discuss dissenting views. Brings home how complex it is to govern and compromise on difficult solutions (and only time can tell if the decisions are good ones). Also just nice to read something good about our country. I'm still for dismantling Navy on Oct 28th! Go Bulls
  6. Happy Birthday Navy! Here is something for I ran across that history buffs may like. Hopefully we can dismantle the Navy (football team) at the end of the month. ----------- And, once again, the United States had a navy. Although the Continental navy was later dismantled, October 13, 1775, remains the U.S. Navy's official birthday. From these humble beginnings, the world's most powerful naval force was born. The Birth of the Navy of the United States Navy News On Friday, October 13, 1775, meeting i
  7. D-line, Stay away from the chili this time!
  8. CWT can still learn. He is relatively young in experience as a head coach. I was disappointed in his slow turn around in offensive scheme. I was not impressed with our Bowl loss. I still think with the right coaching we win.... But that was his first bowl game! He has been horrible on the sideline the first few years, putting in calls late, but that has improved, although w/ room to grow. He has had big games before like FSU, Mich St, Wisconsin. With very talent poor environment CWT at least put together a respectable first half. We were clear underdogs. This was his first big game w
  9. I don't know. I live in Orlando and support my bulls with a plate. I have never had an incident. I have even been on campus. My car is a piece of crap so they may just look at it and think someone else already got to it.
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