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  1. Wait what? What do timeouts have to do with booing injured players? We can only boo if the "injured" player's team has no timeouts left?! So it truly comes down to whether the fans think they're faking to stop the clock or not. You've already seen responses by Bulls fans that they think our guy was faking it, so all I'm saying is that I think it's fair to think the ECU fans were thinking that too.
  2. How do you feel about USF fans? I could hear them booing loudly all around me at the BYU player that went down on their last drive. You may want to change your title to add “Some” to the front.
  3. C’mon you all can’t tell me that Blake isn’t on your lists.
  4. God if there’s one thing I hate, it’s cryptic posts like that. Either say it or just shut up.
  5. Beating Navy and ECU, is the only possible outcome that gives me any shred of hope of upsetting Temple at home on a Thursday night. Lose just one of those and it’s most likely over as far as a bowl.
  6. Yes because stopping them with tackles is not gonna happen.
  7. No - it's the north side. The side you see when approaching downtown from Brandon on the crosstown.
  8. Be glad it's not sill 1:00 pm. I remember drawing the short straw and having to stand in line at the stadium to buy the beers while the Bucs were kicking off.
  9. I feel bad for Wilcox - not one catch. Maybe thrown to once?
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