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  1. My first game was their first game. Our group has grown and shrunk over the years but thankfully my buddy who graduated with me, and his wife, have continued the tradition with us!
  2. My last name is Cannon - it’s a tribute to my father who was given that nickname in the Navy. TBH it’s been a little harder keeping it given that it’s come to be a derogatory term lately!
  3. So are you a full table? I have two of us if there’s room. Please let me know either way so I know to purchase my own. Thanks.
  4. Hoping to hear back from a buddy of mine by the end of the day. If two of us are too many for your table that’s cool, we will buy individual tix.
  5. Well a bat supposedly led off this game didn’t it?
  6. I thought that was Save Our Homes that limited tax increases going forward as long as we stayed put.
  7. I didn’t attend any games last season for the first time since year one of the program after hearing reports they were strongly enforcing the mask rule if you weren’t actively sipping from your drink. I went yesterday since I figured I’d be more willing to leave a game like that if it got too uncomfortable. I still struggle with how restaurants can sit people six feet apart inside and outside a building and allow them to remove their masks for the entire hour or so, but not an outdoor stadium. Regardless, I’m a rule-follower when I’m a guest on your property, so I wore my mask the whole time. My buddy said, “I wonder if the next time we come here, we wont have to wear masks.” I don’t know about him, but I assured him that when I come back that will be the case.
  8. I gotta admit lacrosse helmets are what I first saw.
  9. My therapist tells me I can’t put this season behind me until I pay my debt.
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