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  1. I read the book. Wasn't pleasant but very interesting to learn how the human animal reacts in that type of situation. I think I remember he got a lot of heat for writing it from the families of those that didn't survive. Of course there was already some suspicion from those families as to why he was the only one that was able to survive. Someone who's read it recently will have to remind me, but I think it had to do with why he was found sitting on top of the boat with a life jacket on when the others (obviously without life jackets) went down. I felt bad for him - I'm sure the survivor's guilt was already pretty heavy, without any extra accusations. I wonder if those families are part of this movie now.
  2. Welcome. I know it’s “finger licking good”, but now’s not the time to be doing that.
  3. I'll be where-ing mine! That is if I can remember at 5:00 in the morning that I'll be heading to the event after work that day. If you see someone in absolutely nothing USF-related, it's probably me, so be nice.
  4. The web site for the bookstore says it closes at 7 pm so I would definitely go before the M&G.
  5. Geez, the black and white Rockys are almost terrifying.
  6. I listened to CJS’s interview on Ron and Ian the other night, and they asked him about his recruiting success and how it felt to nab a Mr. Tennessee. Of course he responded that he couldn’t talk about a specific recruit until later when they signed. Later I realized all the “liking” and retweeting he does with recruits when they post. I guess I wasn’t really paying attention to recruiting rule changes when social media arrived, so I found an SBN article explaining them Figured I’d share it if anyone’s in need of a primer https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/college-football-recruiting/2016/4/14/11429908/coaches-recruits-twitter-facebook-social-media-rules Edit: After posting I realized this might have been better placed on the Recruiting Board - feel free to move it.
  7. So he quit the season with Houston to preserve his ability to play one more year somewhere else - and made the head coach look silly in the process. Wonder what lesson was learned here. It may be "fair" to the athletes, but you can be sure programs in the future will try to figure out a way to keep this from happening again.
  8. I was reminded that it was the Green Bay Packers and KC Chiefs in the very first Super Bowl, so with the NFL celebrating 100 years of football, it would be nice for those two teams to meet again (although the first Super Bowl was only 53 years ago). So hopefully we'll see both our Bulls in that game!
  9. So does this mean we can finally put the candles out and take the photos down?
  10. Per the Tampa Bay Times. “Longtime Plant High School football coach Robert Weiner leaving for college job“
  11. They’re remodeling the clubhouse because of a mold issue from what what I was told by en employee who checked me in last month. The cart barn has been in horrible shape that could be seen on your approach to the 18th green for years. Not sure you would need anything more than a light breeze to knock any of the current buildings down. Heck, even “the Claw” itself isn’t going to be standing too much longer.
  12. The vast majority of posters supporting CJL are simply professing that he's the best hire at this time in their opinion - not that we'll hate or not "get behind" any other coach. They are all still following the team and if they haven't gotten behind all the new coaches by now, they wouldn't still be here. As far as the "jilted lovers" comparison, remember that a jilted lover is someone who was dumped. We weren't dumped by CJL. Imagine your parents telling your girlfriend to go away and you weren't allowed to date her anymore. And over the next nine years, the three gals they've since set you up with have turned out to either be total losers, left you for a better guy, and all wasted a lot of your money. Would you not at least be a little skeptical of their judgment? But I am grumpy at times. And yes, mid-50's is probably old to you, so I'll wear that one.
  13. I hope I did this right... IMG_7129.MOV
  14. Full disclosure - I’m a season ticket holder from day one and a fan of CJL and would like to see him return. My question is, if you’re MK and negotiating with CJL to return, do you also reach an agreement with him on how he’ll respond to all the questions regarding his last departure? These questions will start immediately with the first press conference, and USF will also have to respond. I would think it would be very important for both parties to be aligned out of the gate. Do you: A) Make him admit guilt, show remorse and say he’s had time to become a “better person” and happy for another shot, and USF go with the whole “we feel he’s paid his price”? B) Let him continue denying things, and USF simply go with “that was in the past and we’re about putting the right person at the right time” now? C) Both parties go with “no comment”? Personally, I go with A. I wouldn’t make him go into details about what he’s guilty of (slapping, lying, or whatever) but something that says he didn’t do everything the way he should have and no comment after that. What I don’t know is that if somehow admitting any type of guilt would have an impact on his earlier settlement with USF. But then again, it would be USF’s option to take any action so I would think that would be all addressed in the new agreement.
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