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  1. Boomer

    We Made It!!

    There are still GPA requirements (above just passing the classes) that you have to maintain at the community college in order to get accepted into the specific college. My son had to retake one class in order to bring his GPA up to get accepted into the college of Engineering. Can't remember exactly, but i believe it was a cumulative average for the math and science requirements that had to be at least a 3.2 maybe. Wonder if these have gone up as well.
  2. Boomer

    Our Shirt 2018

    Dear Lord I hope that's not the only reason they would have vetoed that slogan! I kid - I know you were only giving an example. So the pictured shirt is green? I need to check my monitor settings - it looks black to me.
  3. I’m shocked that I’m the first one mentioning Courtney Williams. My Top 5 are based not on stats, but just exciting to watch Quinton Flowers Matt Grothe Courtney Williams Victor Rudd Radanko Dobras
  4. Just curious - what is "military friendly"? I think I understand what "children friendly" is.
  5. Boomer

    JPP To Bucs

    Well played.
  6. Boomer

    Something fun for the offseason

    Her mom?
  7. I have a photo of Jim Harbaugh demonstrating this point in a USF jersey, but I'm not smart enough to get the photo down to 0.01 MB to post it.
  8. #22 white jersey from the Big East days is what I got. Good memories.
  9. You should have received an email if you're a current season ticket holder and you renewed last Wednesday. Basically just contact your rep if you qualify and go to USF or meet up at a game as I've seen some do.
  10. Boomer

    Illinois game 2018

    I believe I read somewhere that they do this every two years to connect with alumni in Chicago. And yes - it is a fun trip.
  11. So who was it that died? I’m looking everywhere I know of, and can’t find any details. I know he’s not as popular as Tim Tebow, but this is a huge deal to him - both personally and professionally. I was hoping to wake up today to find more details somewhere. For him to leave the day before this big game (for him) for a death says it must be someone very close. I saw some local writers retweet the news but have they not made some calls to find out more? Are there only a few of us that care? Quinton has touched my heart more than any other USF athlete. I seriously worry about him if the NFL, or any other professional football league doesn’t have a spot for him. I’m hating the possibility that missing this chance will hurt those chances.
  12. My son was valet parking at the Vinoy in downtown St. Pete today, and had a Jim Leavitt sighting. He was decked out in O gear. Said there was also a lot of NFL types coming and going because of the game.
  13. Boomer

    Illinois game 2018

    There was a pretty good turnout for the Notre Dame game AND the Cubs game that weekend. I was surprised at the amount of USF gear inside Wrigley.
  14. Maybe we should install a garage door at the tunnel where the team runs onto the field. You know, the door starts to open, the fog comes rolling out from under and the team bursts through the fog.....maybe not.