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  1. And that was only 5 days after we beat UF on their court. I remember how excited everyone was leading up to this game.
  2. Senior year at USF finishing up my BSEE degree. Those (and the few years prior) were some fun times in the dome. Actually had to go stand in line early in the day to score tickets.
  3. Yeah - when I turned them down I told them to give you a call. You're welcome.
  4. The article states there is permanent damage. Only a couple months ago my son noticed his arms were swollen after an intense workout with a buddy. After waiting a day, we sent him to the doctor. They did bloodwork and sent him home. We got a call at 9:00 that night from a doctor telling us to go to the emergency room. He had Rhabdo, and needed to get his blood flushed as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to his kidneys. He spent thee days in the hospital. If this kid kept working out with his levels elevated, he may have done some damage.
  5. I'm not sure even a billionaire can move Belleair Beach to Tampa. Bayshore Blvd perhaps?
  6. This may be how you would feel as a coach, but be careful respecting someone for what you THINK is their motive. I agree with Skingraft as far as what I believe his motives are. I can respect him for this as well, but for doing all he needs to do to bring in the cash and accomplish bigger things somewhere else down the road - not for some moral high road you think he’s on.
  7. Never understood the value of the commemorative ticket - emotionally or monetarily. Especially now in a time where the game day ticket isn’t ripped in half at the door. No better way to commemorate a game than keeping the actual ticket and perhaps getting it signed by those who played or coached.
  8. Just called my rep to leave a voicemail but was surprised he was in so early. He admitted he dropped the ball and is working to "make things right." I'll give them the opportunity before passing judgment. I remember the FSU game in Tallahassee my buddy and I requested our seats to be together and they made a mistake and put us in separate sections. They corrected it before the game, and our new seats were pretty darn good so we'll see.
  9. Renewed and bought additional bowl tickets before the 7th. No email, no delivery, and I know my credit card has not been charged yet. My buddy who gave my name and account number to his rep to request we stay together got his two free tix in the mail yesterday but not the additional one he ordered. He can also see all three bowl tix on his Manage Your Tickets page, where all I see are my golf vouchers. Green Bull last year, but moved up to Bronze Bull this year. I’ll be calling today.
  10. I'm in for six tix for the bowl game after early renewing my 8 season tix yesterday. Had to respectfully decline the offer to upgrade to the next giving level since the $100 donation per seat increase for Section 209 already moved me up to a new level. One step at a time boys.
  11. So just today I looked and thought the same thing - the amount was too high. But then I clicked on the “more” (I think) button, and it showed a couple of additions to your ticket charges like an increase to your current donation. You can uncheck them and you’ll be left with just your ticket balance. If that’s not what you meant, sorry for those 10 seconds you’ll never get back.
  12. I called the number on the email and the person was VERY non-commital. She said they would TRY to sit you as close to your regular seats as possible. She said that they had not been officially told whether we would be the home or away team yet, so the seats may be similar but on the other side of the stadium (who cares at 8:00 pm?). She said they SHOULD include club access if you have club access now. She said the free tix would be placed with your seats. Other than the free tix being with your purchased ones, she was extremely careful with the words so as not to guarantee anything. She had no word on parking.
  13. I'm in 209 and it looks like it was one of the sections that went up - around $14 per seat per game. One thing I like is that it looks like they are going back to the days of making the corresponding sections on the East side of the stadium to cost less than the West side sections to compensate for the sun burns. I remember a couple of years ago when they made them the same, there was a big migration of folks over to the West. We may be in a multi-year marketing strategy: Phase 1: Make the East (sunny) side cheaper to get new fans in with good views Phase 2: Make both sides the same price to move those existing East fans to the West (I mean who wouldn't?) Phase 3: Make the East side cheaper again to bring in new fans and assume the West fans who migrated earlier will not want to go back to the East. Phase 4: Repeat It's probably what I would do
  14. Looks to me like the renewal period ends February 6. It’s only if you want to be eligible for some extra giveaways that you need to pay this early, which is why they’re calling this the “priority renewal period”. If you just want to guarantee the same seats, you can still wait until February.
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