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  1. I totally get it - the heat was brutal, but the result was worse. I’ll continue to go, but I’m getting weak. I can’t believe my buddy and I are still planning that trip to Orlando.
  2. Geez - what can make you so mad in front of a food truck to go off like that? I mean, she was not letting up!
  3. No I think it will be Halloween. My buddy, Linus, is taking me to a pumpkin patch where he tells me the announcement is being made...
  4. To smazza's point - what descriptor are you actually saying that makes you believe he can't possibly be doing his job? 67 years old? Overweight? Male? Or little success?
  5. Been a football season ticket holder since Day 1, and while my wife and I have been members of the Alumni Association since graduating, we just recently paid for lifetime membership. I think there was like a 50% off promo or something like that.
  6. No - you’re worse. At least hers were different colors. 😉
  7. Wow. I never realized that - 216 has Club seating but not Club access. I knew you didn’t have to have seats in a Club section to donate more for access, but always assumed purchasing in a Club section would include access.
  8. I can certainly identify with that shirt! And wore it to the game last week!
  9. it wasn’t labeled RV parking, but there was a sub-conversation within this one about RVs.
  10. Still the case. Only 7 left in stock after my purchase today. Thought I was good to go until I pulled it out at the tailgate last week and the sand came pouring out with my memory of it tumbling over at Clearwater during the off season. Fortunately it held up okay for its last tour of duty. I have another generic 10x10 so I’m hoping I can pull the USF fabric from my broken one over that one.
  11. Oddsshark.com is showing us as 21-point favorites.
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