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  1. Boomer

    Early FB Renewal?

    I'm in 209 and it looks like it was one of the sections that went up - around $14 per seat per game. One thing I like is that it looks like they are going back to the days of making the corresponding sections on the East side of the stadium to cost less than the West side sections to compensate for the sun burns. I remember a couple of years ago when they made them the same, there was a big migration of folks over to the West. We may be in a multi-year marketing strategy: Phase 1: Make the East (sunny) side cheaper to get new fans in with good views Phase 2: Make both sides the same price to move those existing East fans to the West (I mean who wouldn't?) Phase 3: Make the East side cheaper again to bring in new fans and assume the West fans who migrated earlier will not want to go back to the East. Phase 4: Repeat It's probably what I would do
  2. Boomer

    Early FB Renewal?

    Looks to me like the renewal period ends February 6. It’s only if you want to be eligible for some extra giveaways that you need to pay this early, which is why they’re calling this the “priority renewal period”. If you just want to guarantee the same seats, you can still wait until February.
  3. C’mon NewEngland, I was arguing for a SLIGHT advantage.. I think we agree.
  4. Feeling cold wasn’t the main point I was making. It was experience playing in it and how it changes the feel of the ball and traction of the turf. Hell, even moving with more layers of clothing on. Yes - they’re all human so they feel just as cold, but you can’t tell me there’s not even the slightest advantage that goes to the team with experience.
  5. If you've ever lived up north for a period of time, you can walk across an icy parking lot without slipping and falling on your butt. Someone who comes up and is not used to that will fall or at least have a lot more difficulty doing it. I know we're not talking about icy conditions for this game, but you won't ever convince me that there's not at least a slight advantage to the home team (with a lot of seniors) in that situation. Maybe the ball is a little more stiff in the cold, maybe the ground is a little more firm, things that teams who play in those conditions do get more used to and adapt accordingly. But the cold will not be the reason we lose this game.
  6. Boomer

    Potential QB Transfer

    Strong is becoming the John Gruden of college football. Bring in the veterans.
  7. Boomer

    Cincinnati 2018

    Don't get excited if you have the front row seat. You'll find that it is at the same level of the field and you will not see over the players! We watched much of one game on the video board before we moved up quite a few rows.
  8. Been awhile since I’ve heard the “Over-rated!” chant. I could go a little longer before hearing it again.
  9. So a question to those impacted by this locked door(s) (and for which the answers may be helpful in John's upcoming meeting). After hearing the reasoning given, are you okay with going into the club through a different door to assist in keeping the non-club members out? Or do you think for your donation they should spend the money, staff the door, and just do their job of checking tickets? There a lot of people with club access that walk pretty far up from the 100 sections. How far are you being asked to walk across to other doors - from just one side of your rows to the others or do you have to go a couple sections over?
  10. Boomer


    That’s exactly what we do. We stand around and let everyone sit in line while we talk about the game. Just saying it’s been longer each game and we should sit instead of stand. That’s a good thing, right?
  11. Boomer


    I know it’s taking longer for the lots to empty out. May have to break out the chairs next game.
  12. Boomer

    New Tradition

    Nothin’ to worry about there.