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  1. If it was the 1987 show with Gregg Allman, I was at that show as well. One of the best...
  2. Thankfully I get the BTN channels as part of my sports package with Spectrum. I went on last night to record the game and happened to catch a brief discussion on the matchup.
  3. How bad of a person would I be to keep this 8pm info to myself and tell the rest of my tailgating crew that it's a 7pm game so I get a whole extra hour of tailgating?
  4. If they don't break out the black unis for the ECU game, then I'm betting Strong's saving them for Black Friday.
  5. Of course that option might be a tad more than $9.99.
  6. 2006 @ #7 WVU Mountaineers Everyone remembers the 2007 home game and all it’s greatness, but this one was pretty special and I had the pleasure of being at the game. A beautiful autumn day as well.
  7. Our tailgating party comes from three different directions (St. Pete, Lutz, & Brandon) so it's tough for the group to do that. We're in talks right now about a plan to be able to be very flexible. We've had too many early season games where we all sit in the parking lot in our own cars while it pours for an hour or so and then wait for a long enough break to make the run to the stadium. The plan now is to get to our meeting location at our normal 3:30 time. We're going to have a conference call at 2:30. If a storm is imminent, we will dog off the tailgate and get to our meeting location at 5:00 so we can convoy in and at least have a chance to party after the game together in the lot. This also means we'll be planning to fend for ourselves as far as food goes this time since we won't know in advance whether we'll be able to do the normal sharing, so we may just plan to do a drive through on the way or something from the Publix deli. Just hope this cycle of evening rains takes a break Saturday.
  8. Because the weather forecasters are expecting a continuation of these 6:00 pm massive deluges and lightning storms through the weekend, I'm thinking ponchos for sure.
  9. Absolutely. Even if you have no plans to use them, bring them to your work or anywhere else you happen to go between now and Saturday.
  10. I just read where the pre-game family fun zone that used to be in the south parking lot has been moved to the actual stadium plaza on the south side under the scoreboard. Wonder what resistance security put up before this was decided on. I can imagine it's a bit tougher to keep your eyes on things with the bounce houses, vendor booths, etc. involved. Also, any insight as to why this was done? More room for the tailgate guys? I don't think I even noticed them last year.
  11. Boomer

    USF License Plate

    Added to the collection today.
  12. Exactly. Our plan at the time was aptly named, "How to get to #2 and No Higher". I guess in all the excitement, someone forgot to pull down the next plan in the series. Of course we then just got on the bus until his players told him how to run the offense.
  13. Sorry - was attempting to find a way to go but cannot so feel free to give away. Thanks
  14. Boomer

    Tailgate ready.

    I purchased a 2,000 W Honda Inverter last August. More than I need for tailgating but came in handy running the fridge and a fan (and thank you Jesus - phone chargers) after Irma. And very quiet.
  15. Boomer

    Season Tickets?

    That holder will hold all six of your tickets. You can be the bell cow of the herd.