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  1. The entire T/F and Cross-Country coaching team (Men's and Women's) were fired AFTER that dismal finish. It was the first purge by Kelly: https://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2019/06/05/usf-dismisses-track-and-field-coaching-staff/
  2. ??? It's always been the War on I-4 Google it. There's even an official website: https://www.war-on-i4.com/ And the bounce house is what ucf fans call it to make up for it's crap construction Not sure if you are serious in your post
  3. Didn't bother to go to what I assume would be an embarrassment for USF at the UCF's dump of a stadium with their trashy fans. Didn't bother to watch this game on TV to see what I assumed would be an embarrassment for USF in the comfy confines of my family's house. Figured to check out the score right now and now see I was right on what I assumed would happen.
  4. Umm... woohoo...? (..considering it was a bad loss prediction)
  5. I now have lost all respect for Strong... Those were clearly fake injuries
  6. And now you can see the halftime adjustments at work. Cincy's offense is taking over
  7. This is who I would prefer to bring back to lead the program... whom I wanted to take over the program when Slick left
  8. It's the.. this team is 4-8 but I'm still attending a Thursday night game level talent
  9. Chant started again. As dead quiet this stadium is, I sit behind the USF bench and you can clearly hear it
  10. Student section started a "Fire Charlie" chant after the last TD
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