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  1. Anyone want to post the article? Even if for once he may be right... I'd rather not give him any more clicks for all his previous history.
  2. Dogma

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I'm visiting family in Miami for Thanksgiving. No way in hell am I driving back the next morning just to see USF get embarrassed on national TV. Plus having to deal with knaggit fans in the home stadium
  3. Why? I hear the HB Dive is much more effective. Just got to <constantly> keep trying to get it right.
  4. Had to look that one up... "Disconcerting Signals. It's one of the rarest penalties called in college football.Disconcerting signals or when a defense is charged with simulating the offense's snap."
  5. You forgot one important factor:
  6. Oh.. thought I had already responded... I'll take the MBB tickets. Thanks!!!