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  1. FINALLY GOT A LINK THAT WORKS! http://nowwatchtvlive.org/live-sports/stream-8.php
  2. http://frontrowsports.ru/football Reddit also links Make sure you have add blocker on
  3. total yards FSU 133 Cuse 391 first downs FSU 6 Cuse 21 ToP FSU 17:39 Cuse 30:54
  4. I still have dreams of what USF football would have become if they had brought in Ironside like they should have.
  5. Home teams wear dark colors.. visiting team, light colors. This is an NCAA rule. This may be changed in a per game basis if both teams agree in advance in writing. Recently they modified the rule to allow BOTH teams to wear home colors provided that both teams' colors contrast sufficiently. I THINK this was changed after some backlash when the NCAA didn't allow USC and UCLA to bring back the tradition of both teams wearing home colors (which they used to do from the 1920's - 1980' when the home/away uniform rule was created)
  6. Feel free to PM me the link
  7. Has been uploaded to Youtube ..not by me. Not sure how long it will be up before it is taken down
  8. Dogma


    Wife and I discussed this as well
  9. While I think the triple option is a great offensive scheme... I *HATE* the utilization of cut blocks. I know it helps smaller players against larger... it's still a very dangerous style of play on the defenders.
  10. Dogma

    Injury Updates

    Ga Tech Injuries [OL] 09/03/2018 - Kenny Cooper is downgraded to OUT Saturday vs South Florida ( Foot ) [LB] 09/02/2018 - Bruce Jordan-Swilling is "?" Saturday vs South Florida ( Undisclosed ) [DB] 09/02/2018 - Lamont Simmons is "?" Saturday vs South Florida ( Hamstring )