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  1. I've eaten sushi from a drive thru sushi restaurant. A couple of times I still live and am able to tell the story
  2. How early does the pre-game buffet start for MBB and WBB games? Thanks.
  3. Interesting reply on whether he would come back to USF:
  4. What uniform scheme/color should USF use once they play in the OCS???
  5. Hmmm... thought it was already over,
  6. Since we're talking about Leavitt and the BEast... That would have been quite an accomplishment since there were only 7 conf games
  7. I always thought he needed more years to catch up (talent/depth) while the program "caught it's breath" from its rapid ascension. But it was that rapid ascension that make people (including influential donors) feel entitled and too demanding with unrealistic expectations. They ripped out the heart, soul and leader of the program without any clear path/goals of where to go from there.
  8. Even without the 3rd level... RayJay used to be LOUD during those prime years
  9. Dogma

    23 passes for 82 yards

    Thought that stat was for the 2nd half For the entire game... truly pathetic
  10. Anyone want to post the article? Even if for once he may be right... I'd rather not give him any more clicks for all his previous history.
  11. Dogma

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I'm visiting family in Miami for Thanksgiving. No way in hell am I driving back the next morning just to see USF get embarrassed on national TV. Plus having to deal with knaggit fans in the home stadium