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  1. This is UCF's QB coach.....for real....no photoshop....right from UCFSports. Just saying
  2. While they might not have Bulls gear the day you went, that is not always the case. I have flown out of tampa several times this year, and in years past, and they have had USF apparel. Just saying.
  3. Anyone know if they are going to sell signed bowl tickets like did in the past...... I know it has been awhile does anyone remember these?
  4. The other six people going with me are the "Joe Donuts". People that had no interest prior to this year.
  5. I disagree. I was a season ticket holder until two years ago when I just got fed up with Holtz and company.......and had my second child and couldnt afford baby sitters. While I missed going to the games, I didnt miss it enough to buy season tickets last year. This year is different, I am finally seeing a real team on the field and am excited for the future. What does this have to do with the thread? Well, I just bought ten seats to this game. While I could be put in the "season ticket holder" group the poster is referring to above, that would still only cover four seats ( my family ).... there are six more people going to this game than would normally go. So I think the interest is growing. Also, as I mentioned above, I dropped my season tickets two years ago and so did two other groups I know that had season tickets. I had discussions with people from this group recently and all of them are considering season tickets again next year, myself included. I may get some heat from being a fair weather fan.....and I deserve that, but I just wanted the community to know that the fans are coming back and I think we are really starting to see some good progress..
  6. Problem: We obviously cant recruit offensive players and our line sucks. Solution: Triple option. With QF and Mack this system would win games....why not switch? Also, you don't have to recruit great players the scheme itself will work with marginal talent just ask navy.
  7. I would definitely take the trolly. It hits most tourist stops and the driver provides interesting commentary throughout the ride. I would check out both forts, the lightner museum, The pirate museum, and Flagler college.
  8. Some of the comments on this board about how the team is doing this year are just absurd. I see comments stating that there is no difference from this team and last years, or there is no real improvement unless you get a win. Both views are disillusion. The team is getting better every game and those that cant see it are either blind or closing their eyes. I was reading a book "Three and Out" about Rich Rodriguez's tenure at UM and they had a quote attributed to Bobby Bowden about a new coach and the teams expectations, he said " in the first year of a new coach you lose big, in the second year you lose the close games, in the third you win the close games , and in the forth you win big". Guess what, we are in the second year and guess again, we are losing the close ones. Next year we wins these games.
  9. UCF's stadium is nice because it doesn't have 40K empty seats. It is nice because they never have to wonder if the field will be painted with their symbols. Its nice because ........ I will take a relatively cheap stadium vs using the Bucs. I realize that people will disagree with me on this but there has been a change in their fan base since they put up that stadium and it isn't just because they are winning more, although that helps. I think the OCS has helped generate a larger and more loyal following.
  10. While I admit that I am not pleased with the direction that it looks like USF is going right now, I cant say that there is much that Judy, etc could/can do. Its a matter of geography and history, two things that are not in our favor at this moment. As an Alum and a fan, its disheartening to see "fans" saying that they will stop going to games or supporting the university when the going gets tough. Look at UCF, they dont have a chance in H** of going to a NC yet their fan base is enthusiastic and they show up to games ( for the most part). So, worst case, we lose our AQ, that certainly hurts recruiting and coaching but really, have we done much with an AQ to date? If we get into a lower conference, we dominate it and get ranked top 10 and go to BCS bowl anyway. Being in a lower conference for a few years may be a blessing in disguise. Lets say we pull a TCU or Boise. Dominate a weak conference , go to BCS bowls and win. When the 16 member conferences begin to be created, and they will, we will be in a much better position to get in. To me these next few years may be like purgatory.... theere will be something better on the horizon.....So buck up!! and continue to support your program.
  11. Am I the only one, or has anyone else not received their commerative ticket from last years Bowl game? I saw on this forum that some members had received their ticket but mine has yet to arrive. Anyone have any information?
  12. 2004USFChick, you should know that no good deed goes unpunished in this board. With the attendence nerds on this thread you MUST have actual numbers plus documented evidence. I, for one, appreciated your update. For you attendence nerds, you guys need to relax a little bit. For crying out loud, you guys are starting to sound like UCF with their attendence fixication. Suffice it to say that the stadium should be packed.
  13. Agreed, if coach can be heard that far away, that needs to stop.
  14. I have a few somewhat obscure USF football collections that my wife thinks are a bit strange. I was wondering if I am the only one or if others out there collect the same junk I do. If you do collect this stuff, from what dates does your collection start? Any different collections? USF Football schedule posters --> 2003 – Present USF Football schedule magnets --> 2005 – Present USF Football season tickets --> 2005 – Present USF bowl tickets -->all USF bowl games
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