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    ESPN Losing Viewers

  2. OncomingStorm

    CCS hates it here

    Kiffin would not leave FAU for USF. Not only will he not take another HC job unless it's P5, but FAU's offense will return plenty of starters on offense next year, while we have turnover at QB and HB.
  3. Those TWO FIELD GOAL OPPORTUNITIES from the first quarter that we passed up on for failed fourth down conversions would be really nice right now.
  4. USF is leaving an unforgivable amount of points on the field this season. Could have had two field goals, instead failed 4th downs so far today. Past few weeks, horrible red zone playcalling.
  5. OncomingStorm

    Rankings - where do we land??

    You realize that UCF winning out would mean them defeating us? No bueno. In this scenario, when we defeat them at the crash can, they fall out for good.
  6. OncomingStorm

    Rankings - where do we land??

    Memphis takes over Navy's #25 in the AP. AAC maintains 3 spots! A Navy defeat over UCF would put them back in the top 25, and depending how the rest of next weekend plays out, I could see a one-loss UCF, that loss being to ranked Navy (and a win over ranked Memphis, should Memphis handle Houston), hanging around the #25 spot. Which would give the AAC four spots.
  7. USF turns ball over, running into our own player on a break away. Embarrassing.
  8. OncomingStorm

    Mad Cow Lounge password?

    Sign me up as well for the password-train, por favor!
  9. OncomingStorm

    National Signing Day '17

    Strong on ESPN2 right now.
  10. OncomingStorm

    Fans today

    How did that happen? Was he in the stands at the time?
  11. We will almost certainly be in the final Playoff Poll though. #23-#25 have already lost their bowl games, and more will follow. I have to imagine we were right on the outside, and they would have to be idiots to fail to recognize an 11 win season. Then again, this is the College Football Playoff committee we are talking about...