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  1. Been lurking throughout the spring, but wanted to say I'm sorry to see you go Ricky.... You were one of the more level headed here. So another prominent member leaves because of the circle-jerk nature of this forum that I know Brad has been attempting to stamp out since January. I'm soooo shocked, I tell you. And those select few users who keep jerking each other will end up driving everyone away until there's just a handful of users left.
  2. Did you consider it makes us look better as a school/program to possible recruits, potential future coaches/ADs, HS coaches in the area, college football power brokers and whoever else that we let Scott complete his season with Clemson? I think it makes us look great. The situation were in as a program, you can never have too good an image to as many people as possible, and telling Scott he couldn’t coach in the playoffs would have been a bad look. Edit: Actually I don’t want to get caught up in this. Just please tone it down.
  3. Well, our HC has won 2 National Championships as a coordinator in the past half decade, and may be coming here with a third. He helped build a culture of winning at Clemson with Dabo from the start. And our two new coordinators just won a Conference Championship this month. What was the last coaching staff we had with this pedigree of success? I think too many people put too much stock in whether a coach has specifically been a Head Coach before, rather than looking at their actual experience. Of course not every coordinator should be an HC, but it would be foolish to discount any coordinator for an HC gig because they hadn't been an HC before.
  4. Rumor has it that no progress has been made. I’m trying to confirm...
  5. Does anyone seriously think we were an option for Kiffin? That’s the most insane thought I’ve heard in this whole process. More insane than the notion that firing Strong was impossible.
  6. How is it that an IPF wasn’t part of Douggie W’s expensive athletic facility spending spree?
  7. Not surprising. QF still supported Willie in a podcast interview with a FSU fan site just after Willie was hired in Dec ‘17 (shortly after QF’s final USF game)
  8. The story is that the IPF is on hold during the coaching search. So for a week or two. Big whoop.
  9. Well per his Twitter, he is a member here. Perhaps he can elaborate in this thread?
  10. Let’s say you are an employer, and an employee leaves you for a competitor and bad mouths your company on the way out. He then leaves that job after a year for another gig, which he gets fired from. Then he wants to come back to you. Do you forgive that employee for bailing the first time and insulting you in the process?
  11. Do you have any thoughts on how the season-to-season decline over three years could have been avoided?
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