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  1. OncomingStorm

    Charlie Strong is not getting fired

    I'd expect something tomorrow. Today was the first work-day after Thanksgiving. Michael Kelly will do his due-diligence.
  2. You never have to develop hopes to get let up.
  3. OncomingStorm

    Gilbert has to go

    Two runs up the gut in a row. It's Gilbert's MO. The first run is normally good. The second run sniffed out from a mile away. Every time.
  4. OncomingStorm

    We need a better HC than CCS

    This isn't even *good* satire...
  5. OncomingStorm

    15-25 Poll Teams

    Posted this in the wrong thread: We have won 5 games in a row that we were expected to win. Many teams don’t win every game they are expected to win. I also did not expect us to be 5-0 given the amount of roster turnover this year. Are we one of the 25 best teams in the country? No. Do we deserve to be in the Top 25 this week, based on established ranking formulas and precedent? Yes, but barely.
  6. OncomingStorm

    Biggest Concern After Tonight's Game

    For me, it's still offensive playcallling. I remember that thread hailing Gilbert as our new savior after the GT game, a game we won due to special teams contributions, not offense. Last week, and last night, I saw the same Gilbert playcalling from last year. HB dive, HB dive, shot down the sideline. It worked on all of two plays yesterday.
  7. OncomingStorm

    Is it a stretch to say...

    This win is only 'meaningful' if we follow through the rest of this season.
  8. OncomingStorm

    Coaches Poll Week 2

    So.... were #32
  9. Blake Barnett has a little 'Psycho Tom' in him...
  10. My biggest knock against Barnett is how he lets his stomach hang out.
  11. This game is going to give me a heart attack. These two hamburgers may also contribute...