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  1. Not sure if serious...
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to introduce the Bull family to the newest Grothe. With moms gymnastics background and mine in football, she'll be hitting golf balls 300 yards before we know it.
  3. If he becomes a heisman finalist, that means we are doing very well, which equals great things. Which is all that matters at the end of day. I also think we will be fine with Kean when QF is gone. Of course, I might be a little biased since he reminds me of myself, minus a few ints hopefully.
  4. Except that's not how the league're not given nearly as many looks or patience if you're a lower draft pick, compared to a top rd pick. This years draft is loaded. Honestly, I'm befuddled with the decision.
  5. They have to have the most butthurt fans in the country over in Disney world.
  6. Mike is not only an incredible human being, but he is a hell of a quarterback who knew he could play and wanted to go somewhere that suited him better. I'll be surprised if he's not playing on sundays.
  7. I'd like to see us play 2 of the "big 3" and win both in the same year.
  8. From what I've heard, Woodie and Strong are pretty close. I'd think he would stay around. He can recruit.
  9. Nobody, the player that tweeted that was speaking about Taggert leaving and not waiting till finals were over.
  10. Haha, one of my favorite games every year. Especially in '07
  11. I absolutely love this, and I think anyone involved will too.
  12. If you have no idea about the situation, go back into your hole. Thanks.
  13. And yes Brad, only one person would have heard the most powerful man comment and that would be Joel, I still to this day can not picture JL saying that, but if it were true it's disappointing.
  14. Wish I would have now being a little older and wiser.