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  1. Quinton's 2017 numbers

    I don't care what we do as long as he stays healthy.
  2. Yes, they are "grown ups" and should be able to board a plan without supervision, but SOMEONE on the staff should be there accounting for each player. Huge screw up by the staff, and of course, an embarrassing headline for the university.
  3. New coach, losing Adams and Mack, coming off a terrible defensive season...I see us losing a few games. i would love for USF to go undefeated, but I could see 10-2 or 9-3 being possible.
  4. USF #20 in new pre-season ESPN poll

    Flowers is irreplaceable but we seem to be in much better shape on QB depth than I can remember. Kean has looked solid in mop up duty and Oladokun is a great prospect.
  5. 2007 team lost 4 games including a blow out loss in our bowl game, finishing unranked. 2016 team lost to FSU who won a NY6 bowl and the conference champ. Beat an SEC school in our bowl game and finished 19th. 2016 was the better season. Yes the Auburn and WVU games were great, but that season ended on a really sour note.
  6. Asst Coaching changes

    He was at the NC game with some USF players I believe, even on the field. Posted a few tweets. Seems like as of now he is still involved with the program...but I'm no expert.
  7. I was at that game and it was a lot of fun, a little too close at the end. Definitely didn't feel like it would be our last bowl game for five years! I do remember a lot of Clemson fans wanting to axe Dabo after the game. It's amazing how things change...he has become one of the best coaches in cfb right behind Saban and Meyer (and he has Meyers number).
  8. NY6 How Many?

    If it was in Atlanta or Miami I think USF would travel well. Phoenix, Dallas? Yeah...that would be ugly.
  9. Bowl program?

    Did anyone that went to the bowl game get an extra bowl program they would be willing to part with for a price? Long story short, I am stationed in Germany, I like to collect the programs and there are none for sale on ebay or the birmingham bowl website. If this sort of post isn't allowed it can be deleted, I just don't know where else to look.
  10. Does Rodney Adams get drafted? Bucs needs a receiver.

    He was a great player for USF but I (and I'm sure many USF fans) always worried about him putting the ball on the ground. He will not get drafted. Defenses knew he couldn't hold onto the ball and exploited it. I do hope he lands somewhere though, he has NFL speed, for sure.
  11. Won the bowl game. Now what?

    I imagine the entire staff is gone. I would be thrilled if Strong keeps Reaves, Weist, and King...but that's not how these transitions usually go.
  12. We are talking hypotheticals here but they were already highly ranked, and wins over Oklahoma and Louisville would have put them up there. They would have been in a Big 12 champ situation where they need help, but all I'm saying is it IS possible for a G5 team to make it in.
  13. If Houston had gone undefeated they could have made it in with the way they were hyped preseason. NIU athletic director can eat a bag of d's.
  14. Diaco Gone

    They would've had to pay him a few million if they fired him prior to January 1st. That's why the effective date is January 2nd. They missed out on good coaches to save some money, maybe the will go for Fleck? UConn almost looked competitive last year, took a huge step back.