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  1. That's such a USF play. Reminds me of Mike White throwing a pick to Uconn off a receivers hands right before half. Just terrible.
  2. I don't think I've heard a team that's up 20-0 roasted like this by the commentators before...but we probably deserve it. should be much worse, temple looks awful.
  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    We shouldn't need a draw for 20-25k fans to show up. That's the problem right there. Tampa fans are fickle, you see it in every sport in the area...but this is inexcusable.
  4. This is the most

    I think you forget the illegal formations when CWT was trying to install his offense.
  5. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Haven't seen it this bad in a while...I don't expect great attendance but this has to be in the low teens. I dont know what can be done but it really is sad. Prime time on espn and fans don't show up.
  6. Illinois Attendance

    2007 Cincy had Brian Kelly and we were in the Big East. The damage of Skip Holtz and the loss of the Big East cannot be overstated. We will get some better crowds when we are ranked and playing ranked teams but for the typical games? Below 30k actual going to be the norm. Our best chance of a bigger crowd this year will be Houston, and the AAC championship if we are in it. Very weak schedule this year.
  7. Good, Bad, and Ugly

    As others have said Good - The offense opening it up. Defense looked great throughout most of the game. Bad - The drops. MVS has serious shades of TO with all that talent and questionable hands. The less said about Barr the better. Ugly - Special teams. That needs to be fixed asap. Penalties in the first half were awful. Overall, I feel much more confident in the team than I did after the first two weeks. I don't know if we are good or if Illinois is that bad...but it's hard to imagine they are worse than San Jose State or Stony Brook. They did shut down a solid WKU the week before. Temple will be another good test, hopefully we keep improving.
  8. Haven't seen a team this undisciplined in a long time...we have a lot of work to do. These are the year one growing pains...hopefully.
  9. Unbelievable...how have they not fixed this?
  10. Announcer finally calling out Fullwood for his terrible play.
  11. Y'all worried about still being ranked? LOL. That ship has sailed. Hell, winning this game is still in doubt after quarter 3.
  12. Our offense looks terrible. This team is not going undefeated
  13. Our offense has reverted back to the first quarter. we should be at 35 right now at least, SJSU scores here and they are right back in it with confidence.