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  1. Which do you take? 2016 team vs. 2017 team

    This years defense isn't much better, we just play a much softer schedule. 2016 would torch this team.
  2. Valdes-Scantling

    MVS ticks most boxes for a great WR except the most important one...hands. He needs some little giants stick 'em out there. That said, Adams had some pretty egregious drops as well, AND a big fumbling problem. MVS doesnt seem to have that issue at least. I had hoped we would see some improvement throughout the year but I think that ship has sailed.
  3. Our Pain May be Short Lived

    Any school that hires Charlie Strong away from us simply hasn't done their homework. Now if he keeps winning next season and the year after? Then maybe. This hasn't been a good year for him, regardless of our record.
  4. Gilbert killed this offense and Strong is too **** conservative. If we had played any decent teams this year we would have lost a few already. If Strong stays we are in a world of hurt when Flowers leaves. I wanted Strong...I'll admit I was wrong. That said, we still control our destiny in the East. We should dominate the cupcakes up to UCF and the winner is in the championship. The Peach is a possibility, but St. Pete is more likely.
  5. Dillion was wiiiiide open on that third down.
  6. He was probably short...but you can't overturn the call on probably. BS call.
  7. Do you guys remember when we had two solid receiving tight ends? And we used them on occasion rather than just throwing deep verticals that never work?
  8. This offense is terrible. Flowers has been on point when given the opportunity to throw, let them play!
  9. Let's break 60. ECU defense is just hopeless. Feel bad for their offense, the QB is solid.
  10. Johnson injury

    That's a shame, he was looking pretty good in the reps he was getting.
  11. Today in the P6 - Following any game?

    I'll end my comments on UCF here because I'm going to watch the second half of oSu and TCU. The conference looks better with them getting a W. All I was saying is I think it's more of Maryland being bad than it is UCF is good. That's just my opinion.