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  1. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    I all ready called the OP an assclown. Thanks for the backup.
  2. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    Bullies could have easily rephrased his question like: which teams will challenge us the most or give us the most trouble; instead be plays the assclown card and says which games will we lose. If he phrased his question positively he would have not been flamed and I think he would have gotten a lot more thoughtful responses.
  3. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    You sir have no class! I'd use stronger language if I didn't think a moderator would remove my post.
  4. #12 #14 and #18

    As long as the winner has a very good record, you can just say the AAC champion will be in line for this bowl spot.
  5. Have we Stopped Freaking Out Now?

    Nope, on a scale of 1-10, we've gone from a 9 to a 7. Getting better; but still a lot of room for improvement.
  6. Never Thought I Would Say This...

    All I know is that if we play Illinois the way we've played the last two games then we will lose.
  7. Interesting: Strong - Duemig

    I'm not a regular listener but will occasionally listen to Duemeg when commercials are playing on all the other stations I have programmed into my tuner. Over the years I've heard him talk about USF at least a dozen times and I can't remember any positive comments.
  8. #FreeQuintonFlowers

    QF's chances at a Heisman trophy were slim, but CCS and staff have taken that chance from him due to their poor utilization of his skills.
  9. Just an idea for the MODs

    We will look like a 2 -10 team
  10. Roger's report - more on CCS

    That's because there is no playbook, the players have to write down the plays as they go.
  11. This play calling is pathetic

    I found it hard to believe that the philosophy of the offense was no playbook, the players have to draw the plays under the tutorage of the coach. After two weeks of mediocre performance I now do believe there is no play book. Sandlot football has arrived.
  12. I gave USF the benefit of the doubt last week, but there is no way around it; we SUCK!!! UCF looked a lot better than USF, and we will lose next week against a crappy team if we don't step up and play to our capability. We don't deserve to be ranked 19th, maybe 119th...Shame...Shame...Shame...Shame...We keep playing the way we did tonight and we won't win enough games to even make it to a mediocre bowl. I've given thousands of dollars to this program and I'm tempted to go find a better option, and I will if I don't see any better play from this team, then USF athletics won't get another dollar from me.
  13. Supporting USF

    A legacy donation is a great way to support your college. You can do a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. My wife and I don't have any kids so we have committed a significant percentage of our estate. It's very easy to do and I'm amazed in how grateful and appreciative USF has been to us. We didn't do it for the perks (didn't know about them when we made the donation); but we are included in a lot of activities and events that most people never get the chance to do. I know most people plan to keep their estate in the family; but you don't have to bequeath your entire estate. Just give/commit to what you feel comfortable with and remember you can't take it with you.
  14. Football Season Prediction

    14 - 0
  15. Appears to be sold out, link says tickets no longer available.