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  1. DJ thread for UCF

    UCF will be known as the black and blue knights after DJ pounds them into the dirt
  2. USF 61 - LSU 55

    Congrats ladies!
  3. USF Football Center... It's real!

    After the indoor practice facility will be the OCS
  4. Tulane 0 Memphis 35 - 2nd quarter

    Tulane will come back and make a game of it in the 4th...right?
  5. Ordered my UCF tickets today

    I'll be driving my 14 year old beat up Toyota Tundra...no worries
  6. Tulane 0 Memphis 35 - 2nd quarter

    Frack... no spoiler alert...not cool I'm recording the game; I wait an hour and then watch. Now I have to jump ahead
  7. USF today...

    Class of 96...BS Chemical Engineering
  8. Ordered my UCF tickets today

    Ordered mine a few days ago.
  9. USF today...

    Being an engineering student in the 90's with a hectic class schedule I didn't have time to smell the roses. I do recall the jail style concrete block dorms and stepping on the sand burrs while trekking across campus. It's amazing to see the transformation of the campus over the years, there is so much more elaborate and well laid out landscaping plus all the new buldings and more construction in progress. Makes me proud of my USF heritage.
  10. Tulsa game time

    For me, it means 30 minutes less drinking...can't leave work 30 minutes earlier. So anyone want to shotgun a few beers with me?
  11. AAC Championship Game TIme

    I hope to be watching it from Ray Jay
  12. Uniforms vs Houson

    From a camo pattern perspective, I think these uniforms don't have the "wow" factor; I'd like to see a more pronounced pattern.