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  1. I believe there's already a thread on this topic with a quite a bit of banter/feedback.
  2. If I didn't know better, I'd think we got a winning program. Awesome Job Bulls!
  3. At the rate we're going, most of us will be under 6 feet of dirt when that happens.
  4. Hillsborough River State Park has great amenities and a lot of shaded spots. Estimate it's 30 to 40 min drive to the stadium. I'm more of a day visitor, but drove through the camp sites a couple times and they look very nice.
  5. Yes, when we were in the Big East. Now, No. Its very hard to remain positive year after mediocre year. I hope we will soon become competitive in the AAC; but it seems whenever things are starting to go our way it all falls apart.
  6. I thought this was talking about the MBB team at first and thought it sounded reasonable.
  7. I would have preferred watching DC wear the Green & Gold another year but I wish him well too and think it would be great if his new team goes far into the tourney and he plays a key role on it.
  8. Mr Schneider, Thanks for your contributions to the team, they were significant and appreciated. Best of luck with your future endeavors!
  9. If you scratch w and 0 off then the trophies they would say "MEN's" then we would have lot's of conference champion trophies for the football case ...just saying
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