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  1. USF to Change its Logo????

    Maybe they're taking about the academic logo which is less than good. Most schools are incorporating the athletic logo or just using it instead of the academic logo.
  2. Uconn Game

    Yes. I called and had them move it from the travel bank to my credit card.
  3. Mack Attack

    I took him in the final round. Might be my sleeper.
  4. Uconn Game

    I just got a full refund on my airfare sent back to my credit card.
  5. Uconn Game

    I got the same. I called and they said if the flight is cancelled, we'll get a full refund to our card.
  6. Uconn Game

    They're not drinking games... They're drinking competitions!
  7. Hurricane Irma

    I think we'll be ok to fly back Saturday night. Now, I'm no meteorologist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.
  8. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    Just a note... NHC states that wind estimate map is still in the experimental stages. They also have one that shows the most likely arrival time of the winds which puts the wind getting here much later.
  9. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    Sounds like a plan. I think we're ok with that return flight.
  10. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    Looks like I could stay there and drink all afternoon.
  11. Uconn Game

    Fellow daytrippers going from Tampa... What shall we do to kill time after the game? We'll have almost 6 hours until our flight home.
  12. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    Thanks but I'm good. 1030am kickoff works for me. Just won't be able to tailgate since I land around 9:15.
  13. For you OCS fans.

    Another feasibility study?
  14. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    I meant for me to do in Hartford. I'm guess find a bar and drink might be the best option.
  15. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    Flying out of Tampa. So far no weather waiver.