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  1. Can anyone honestly tell me why Cal State Fullerton is ranked 10th at 9-5 and USF is not ranked at all?
  2. She's beautiful Matt. Congrats to you and mama.
  3. My dingle is definitely a 5 Star...
  4. Ah... The Daewoo Leganza. You think you hate it now, wait 'til you drive it.
  5. its an alternative fact.
  6. this is why I love the bulls community... coming together in times of need. GO BULLS!
  7. How many pages can we pump into this thread before the season opener next fall?
  8. Darth McMurphy has spoken. No. I'm still trying to sober up from last night. Ha!
  9. Darth McMurphy has spoken.
  10. ****. They didn't tell him chicken tender subs are on sale now.
  11. So Les Miles is coming too?
  12. Link?
  13. I had a drunken UCiF fan sitting behind me in 219. He and his inbred family snuck liquor into the game. crazy drunk. He spilled a beer down the back of my head and my back. Then he spilled a coke on my 9-yr old daughter. Classless.
  14. Sorry. I'm not clicking on the link. can't give him the satisfaction of getting clicks.