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  1. It looks like she has turd specs on her cheek.
  2. I've never googled that place or anything like it. Maybe I'm logged in as puc?
  3. We win tonight because we finally get our HC on a full-time basis.
  4. Any word on Hunter Helms? Was he signing today?
  5. I'll be honest... This might be THE coach we need. I know this because I haven't been all too excited about his hiring. The last 3 coaches? I was ecstatic about each one. Look how that turned out. We may have a winner.
  6. This isn't helping me decide to renew my season tickets. Making me think I need to go ahead and not do it for next year. That's 6 more seats available for the KB fans
  7. It always warms my heart to see this thread make an appearance. It's like seeing an old friend at the 30 year high school reunion.
  8. To be fair... CWT didn't cause CCS. Harlan was the one who caused the CCS disaster.
  9. Don't be bringing that logic sorcery stuff in here. We don't use logic or believe in facts. TBP members like to use emotions and rumors to make decisions.
  10. Considering MK isn't using a search firm, there really hasn't been much info available about who and when.
  11. Don't think they would... I'm just saying everyone here is hanging their hats on Jim or Willie. We'd all be surprised if it's someone else.
  12. All this talk about Jim (which I love) and watch MK roll out one of the Clemson guys
  13. No. He turns into Rush Limbaugh and stirs the pot for the "anyone but Leavitt" crowd.
  14. Someone call Mike Canales... Get him ready for OC. Time to get the band back together.
  15. It's his call but large donors can influence it
  16. Ok. If you say so, it's got to be true.
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