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  1. There will never be another The Greenery as far as I'm concerned. I enjoyed living in UTA and stumbling in and out of that place on the regular.
  2. "College football overall vision of equality..." What a wonderful way to run a sport.
  3. I don't have it and haven't read it but I'll summarize it for you: "USF is this season's G5 team that we have chosen to write an article about so that all the schools in the G5 can read it and feel that they too can hold out hope for an "opportunity" to be talked about as having a "chance" to play for a NC and feel thankful for this crumb that we have so graciously afforded them even though they don't actually stand a chance at the Playoff but this is just enough attention to prevent them from doing anything drastic so that there is no uproar to shake up the unfair system that we have put into place which allows our network and a select Group of "Blue-Blood" institutions to earn ungodly amounts of money off of the backs of unpaid college athletes."
  4. You're gonna have to start going further and further North to get seasons. As of this year Atlanta only has Summer and Fall.
  5. Did he really say that? If so I am officially off team Willie.
  6. Labrum and rotator cuff tears are becoming more and more commonplace. Too much heavy bench pressing?
  7. Nah arguing on the internet has become too commonplace. I'm taking a different approach these days.
  8. Have no fear fCJL will surely be there to provide Willie with stellar media relations tactics.
  9. Football

    Let's face it whenever high expectations have been there, let downs is all we've ever had. Hope this year is different but will not be surprised if it is not.
  10. Nah the extent of negativity on this board dwarfs my contributions as such. I was simply the match that lit the dynamite that set this mother off.
  11. FIFY
  12. The poster stated that success at BIG EAST Louisville is nothing to brag about. Jim Leavitt had success in that same BIG EAST and he is revered by most on this board, and by most at USF besides the president and former AD. Why would CCS success in that conference be viewed any differently?
  13. Seems folks sure like to brag about Leavitt's success...
  14. I remember watching us go punch for punch with Cinci and the likes of Kenyon Martin at the Dome in what seems like another lifetime.
  15. Sorry when did Kean look good again?