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  1. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    So we couldn't run the table with our best player ever against the weakest schedule ever but we are gonna start talking about running the 2 years mind you.. against a tough schedule without the aforementioned best player ever/magician/savior of our program from the doldrums of the G5? Stop the madness.
  2. P6

    ucf sure getting a lot of pub. Wonder if recruits see this. They certainly capitalized on the opportunities they were presented with.
  3. Never seen a State's constituents so eager to tell other people how great their State is than Texas'.
  4. So some were ignorant and some were cool? Sounds a lot like most fan bases.
  5. Q Invited to NFL Combine

    Does anyone know if he has been working out as a WR or RB? I doubt he will make the league as a QB.
  6. Mitch Wilcox

    I don't think anyone but QF himself could have imagined that by the end of his career he would be regarded almost unanimously as the greatest USF football player ever, but here we are. Who knows who could be the next QF.
  7. It was I who advised that CBG was a great hire. (pats self on back)

    Which is ironic considering how liberal their views are across the board. It would appear that they just like to take whatever stance will benefit them the most, i.e. make them the most profit.
  9. Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    Whining about people expressing their opinions, there you go again.
  10. Read an article about Deadrin today. Said he was working out for the draft. Does he have a shot?
  11. Anytime a team goes no huddle, any announcer: I really like the tempo of xxx's offense"
  12. Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    Wow how snarky. I read the paper version of this article this AM. I don't live in Tampa and am here for the Holidays. He writes about USF like a female would talk to her best friend about someone she hates; All passive aggression and back-handed compliments. I don't think anyone would mind if he just came out and wrote constructively about USF's shortcomings, we all know they are there. But for a local writer to be so disrespectful to the ONLY local Div 1 football team is uncalled for.