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  1. Temple receivers are worse than ours
  2. Who would have thought the D would be this team's strong point smh
  3. Bulletin Board Material

    Just win
  4. Bulletin Board Material

    Our cheerleader game is stronger than i've seen in awhile.
  5. Bulletin Board Material

    Wonder if Charlie will take the reigns off for the entire game even if we are up big.
  6. Bulletin Board Material

    I'm glad Charlie knows his history even though he wasn't here. Points for him.
  7. P6

    Someone mentioned this in another thread, but imagine if Boise, SDSU and TCU were in our conference instead of 3 bottom feeders. As great as that conference would be (better than the Big 12 and PAC12 certainly) I doubt there would still be any chance for a P6.
  8. Is it a violation to "recruit" him at this point in time? If not CCS should have been waiting in the driveway.
  9. Scheduling a 12 game for 2017

    Any opportunity we can get to improve our SOS is beneficial. If SDSU goes undefeated they are getting the NY6. If we can add this game we should, but we can't so we won't.
  10. Not saying I totally disagree with your point but if you think thats awkward and distasteful you should check out the rest of the internet.
  11. Strong jabs back as fans attack USF's offense

    The Defense looks better yes, but its against inferior competition. Its not as if it completely shut down a bad SJSU team and an inferior FCS opponent. Further the defense from last year couldn't possibly get worse so improvement was expected. A huge improvement on D is necessary if the O is going to take this big of a step backwards. None of the above is an excuse for the lousy attendance other than that is what this fan base is, unfortunately. Attendance between 40-50k (I know, too much to ask) would have resulted in a wider margin of victory vs SBU. These players were flat and attendance had a lot to do with it.
  12. Asiantii Woulard Update

    They running the CCS-OCSG offense at Clarion?
  13. AAC Power Poll - Week One

    So far through week 1 the league is "looking" down. It is not too early to make that statement. The eye test says this league will not be as strong as in years past. We will see if this bears out over the course of the season.
  14. Interesting: Strong - Duemig

    If Duemig mentions the low attendance CCS's retort should be that if the local media actually supported the program and stopped either ignoring or trashing it, then attendance might improve.
  15. #FreeQuintonFlowers

    Receivers will have drops and qf will make bad throws however once in awhile athletes have to be athletes and make a play.