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  1. Bucs ain't doing squat. This is the Falcons' division.
  2. Ranking
  3. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    Is QF on Twitter?
  4. Another arrest

    The problem is that the coverage when we do something outstanding is disproportionate to when something goes wrong.
  5. Falcons trying B.J. Daniels at running back

    Welcome to ATL BJ. Go ahead and get fitted for that ring cuz we winning it this year.
  6. Mitchell Wilcox, Top receiver in AAC

    MVS will play on Sundays.
  7. Is our 2017 schedule really as bad as it seems?

    Our schedule sucks because of the way this system is set up, period. The poor schedule excuse is built in for every G5 to a varying degree. The deck is stacked against us. The NCAA and ESPN are evil, evil, geniuses.
  8. USF Love in Virginia Beach

    No need since I read that in, well, the actual media.
  9. USF Love in Virginia Beach

    Chick Fil A fries were just voted as THE #1 fast food item in America. Look it up.
  10. That should have been the first clue that COA was not the guy. Collins was a good PG and led the charge during our tourney run.
  11. Wait AC transferred for his senior year? Seems like he was here forever and very successful. Was it because of the Heath firing?
  12. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    I read somewhere that Metro Atlanta produces more Div.1 college players than any other city in the country. If USF is in a good recruiting area, then so is Georgia State. Plus their new Stadium is closer to Campus than ours and will be theirs and theirs alone, no sharing with the pro team. Point being Georgia State is "pregnant with potential".
  13. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    I give credit where it is due.
  14. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Hiring coach Gregory was a great move and no are not jumping the gun with this assessment. I can't remember a better batch of coaches at USF at the same time in our history. I hope that these guys and the AD stick around for a long time but with the current college athletics landscape it is not very likely. We should enjoy it while we can.
  15. ESPN thinks we go 13-0!!!

    So there's never been a 2 loss team in the whole 2 years that there has been a playoff. That doesn't set much precedent. My point is I do not have any faith that the ESPN/NCAA would do anything to hurt their profit margin and putting USF in the playoff does just that.