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  1. Bold: May daughter dominates the Easter egg hunt prior to the scrimmage. Not so bold: Offense destroys defense
  2. Our schedule is a joke.
  3. More talent in the gym than the Sub Dome.
  4. Hard for me to see a guy riding with his wife and kid being the aggressor but who knows?
  5. I'm freakin pumped
  6. Mid to high 4.4
  7. Thats basically what Playstation VUE is right now. I currently get all of those channels and pay exactly the same amount each month.
  8. Hoping to get across the bridge for a couple of Friday night games this year.
  9. Good - Season tickets for football will be on the rise again. Bad - players will transfer
  10. Guy is gone get over it.
  11. Everything about Spectrum sucks
  12. Football

    I think Brini ends up here. If we finish with Dingle/Harris/Brini today thats a solid transition class. People are sleeping on Nick Roberts too. Hes a stud.
  13. Miami pushed him out. They havent recruited him in 2-3 months.
  14. Lol so thats it? Thats all you have? Your back tracking is as pathetic as you not quoting me in that response. 10k posts on this board and not only do you have a minimal amount of recruiting knowledge but get cranky when someone offers a valid point that contrasts yours. Now I can see why this board doesn't get a lot of traffic. Good day to you.
  15. Lol they planned to take one QB cause they only took 1 QB in the class, which happened to be the highest rated guy they could get. You might want to educate yourself in recruiting before you start trying to jab at people. Makes you look foolish.