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  1. We should request our AAC cut to be distributed in the form of 50 cent frostys... chocolate of course
  2. Straight from grandma's coin purse...if you account for inflation and look at what we get now from years past...if I run the numbers correctly, yep we're still broke
  3. That is insane!! We would make that much in a decade...geeze!
  4. 370Bull

    New kicker!!

    Clicked on this thread with excitement that the kicker situation is no longer a concern... aaannd I'm still worried...
  5. BCS system was our friend. CFP committee will never be...
  6. 370Bull

    NFL Draft

    Yessir! Congrats to Senat and his family! This is a huge accomplishment. Btw I like how 3 sacks vs almighty Tx Tech was on the highlight points
  7. Oh man reading is tough. I seriously read it over and over but kept missing the important part lol... thank you for answering my question good sir.
  8. Can someone answer this. I agree with all but men's basketball. Do they mean ranked at some point in it's existence?? Even when we made it to the tournament I don't remember being ranked.
  9. 370Bull


    If that happens it would be completely ridiculous. It's a double edge sword, on one hand I want to drop them (espn) all together but on the other hand they will just believe that it's just lack of fan support for the school. As someone else mentioned NBC would be great as the production quality is outstanding. I love what they do with NHL.
  10. Just took mine. Boy this stadium is going to be expensive lol. There were plenty of questions asking about fancy Tv's, beer gardens, and padded seats; to which my answer was "definitely needed"
  11. 370Bull

    Our 2018 Bowl Destiny is Set

    It looks like they have the Orlando national champs of florida in oveido playing in the Lockheed Martin bowl vs k state... Well it was a good season boys I'll see you near home plate at the trop lol
  12. 370Bull

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to my fellow Bull friends!