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  1. Haha perfect! With all that money we might have just enough money to build one of CBG. Good thing he's not 7ft tall lol. I still can't believe we actually won something in BASKETBALL!!
  2. Talk about overly exceeding expectations! Who would've thought. I was right there with you but 20+ wins and the CBI. I'm so **** proud of these guys!
  3. I'll bring the tools... Let's start building!!!!!
  4. You're probably right. Let's just hope that they always favor the home team
  5. I'm more worried about the refs than the orlando school...sheesh I hope that crew doesn't make it to tampa come black friday
  6. True facts are true... at least rank Houston they just had a quality win!
  7. Lol oh boy this looks like it was made by a 5 yr old who picks his favorite toys or a Pathetic 5 homer... They had me at Syracuse and bc... way to try to put lipstick on the ACC
  8. I see your point and understand where you're coming from. I completely agree. If we fail our objective of a conference championship this year and fail to be competitive against tough opponents then ccs should be in the hot seat come next year. I do NOT believe he should be fired after this year regardless of the outcome for the end of this season. However, perhaps our perception of the original post was different. My original response was once again in the long term point of view rather than just this season. Given our schedule and talent I absolutely believe that our USF football program should be ranked in the top 25 every single year. It might sound ridiculous to some but those are my thoughts on how athletic and talented our team is typically. And man am I praying that we don't drop any more for the rest of the season. It would be amazing to fight on black Friday for a spot in the ccg!
  9. What in the blue hell are you talking about?? I did NOT say fire coach strong for a 17-3 record. Not right now. But if we keep failing to be competitive against the top tier of our conference which lets face it aren't many teams, then perhaps some change is in order. So yes firing a coach mid season at 7-1 or 17-3 overall is stupid you're right. It is actually a completely dumb idea to fire a head coach halfway through the season so I wonder if you even know what you're talking about making assumptions that others actually believe this. However, let's say we lose to cincy, temple, and Orlando would you honestly be that chill? Regardless, the original purpose of my post was to primarily disagree with the thought that it was ok to keep a head coach that would year in and year out fail to bring a conference championship. So mostly thinking long term failure than just now. And I repeat I WILL EAT CROW if we manage to be competitive, win these big games and win a conference championship. Why is that such a bad expectation?
  10. Top 25 with the schedule that we play. And I know Houston is good but acting like a loss to them is not upsetting is where I disagree. My apologies if I believe that our team is more talented than the rest of our league competition. I believe that the loss yesterday was more dependent on the Xs and Os.
  11. I respectfully disagree. I cant fathom the idea of settling with a coach that can keep us #20-35 will help boost attendance and increase the fan base. Call my expectations high but you must also remember that tampa is a fickle city so those kind of results aren't going to cut it. Much less if we are ever looking to escape this conference that we can't even win... So it's a matter of sink or swim and unfortunately if we don't have a coaching staff that can help us swim then we are just wasting our time. I do respect your optimism fellow bulls friend! And I would love to eat crow if it comes down to it...
  12. It just sucks bc I feel like we say that too often. Every year "Well next year the team will be more in sync". I do agree with you as I believe that but watch next year we find a way to say the same... I love my bulls but I can't ever think of a year where we were really balanced. It's always one or the other. When the offense is kicking ass the defense has holes like Swiss cheese. Or when the defense is stout and killing it our offense can't score more than 17 freaking points. Anyways Go Bulls!
  13. Agreed so bye bye chances at the ccg... I cant see the orlando guys losing any before our game. Regardless I always see our matchup as going either way bc of the complete hatred for one another.
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