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  1. My thoughts exactly. King will shred our D.
  2. See Washington and Texas as examples. Horses
  3. Agree 100%. fwiw... i wasnt a fan 1st time i saw the new academic logo. But its growing on me. i like this, but needs to say usf or univ. South florida go bulls
  4. The clear “over-ranking” sticking out to me in AP and Coaches.... 1. Washington is over-ranked based on resume. 2 losses to unranked Auburn and 15-25 caliber (at best) Oregon. They have no business as high as 14-ish above other, better resumes. Top 25 sure, but not top 15. 2. Why the extreme love for Texas? They beat a good Oklahoma team in a close rivalry game. Great. But what else have they done to deserve top 8-9 rank? They lost to frigging Maryland. There are better and more deserving 1 loss teams. I guess its too trendy to jump on the big Texas bandwagon; i hear “they’re back!”
  5. 05 Bull

    Blake Barnett

    And utlize Mcants as a HB. Hes big enough and athletic enough to block, run, recive, etc. he should be a swiss atmy knife creating mis-matches. Not solely as a WR. How can a professional OC not figure out how to abuse lesser athletic teams with Mcants. And the new, small speedy guys on sweeps and screens. No creativity at all.
  6. 05 Bull

    Blake Barnett

    Perhaps sprinkle in more max protection with TE or xtra RB
  7. My heart and hairline cant take this anymore. But happyb for boys and win.
  8. Ive become convinced that BB is a fill gap, not solution. Still looking for Q’s replacement. But on the bright side overall team talent should keep us a top-tier AAC team.
  9. BB may throw a pretty ball, but stares down 1st option and doesnt check down well. I dont think he can win a ConfChampionship. Sterlin is still a bum. Too many reasons to elaborate. Team needs more discipline too (mental errors, gap discp., stupid midtakes or lack of effort). Thisbis on CCS. No excuses.
  10. 9-3 maybe 10-2. Believe we should win of at least 1 if not 2 of the following toss-ups: houston, ucf, cincy, temple
  11. Defense played their butts off. They were on the field all night. Very impressed with the defensive progress so far this year. Alot of overall progress and positives to take from the win,. Offensive performance was extremely disappointing. Frankly, its been disappointing all year. I still have not seen anything that gives me faith in Gilbert.
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