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  1. Agree. Overall look not terrible, but still missing the mark. But I have been tremendously underwhelmed since switching to Adidas. Personally, i think Adidas has been mailing it in and not creative in anyway. Even the sleeves were a rip-off from UA. I miss the UA days. Ultimately though, i guess its only fashion so perhaps not a big deal, especially if the athletes like them.
  2. Your opinion. Not fact. And is speculation, venting, sharing, and yadayada not the majority of the lure of this forum? If I wanted to wait and see, why would i read this thread, or forum? And much of the 13 pages is fluff. But yes, there are some thoughtful ideas shared. In particular, thank you to Heart Attack for your contribution. Go Bulls!
  3. Bump. CCS still needs to go. Any more replacement ideas? Need something to look forward to. AAC schedule will “destroy” us.
  4. So.... have you officially jumped off the CCS ship? Join us, our numbers have grown dramatically the last 12 months. Frankly, there were many signs of his ineptness during Year 1.
  5. I mis-understood. Good question. I have no good answer at this time. But personally, I dont think I can stomach watching any more games until CCS is gone.
  6. I am not in the know or familiar with USF finances. So that call is beyond me. But if the funds are there, by all means cut bait after the season, if not sooner.
  7. Absolutely . And great point on the buyout; I suspect we will be disappointed until the buyout figure is greatly reduced.
  8. If Clemson OC would be interested, hell yes! Thats Jeff Scott? But why would he take a USF gig when he likely is already paid as much (or very close to it) as USF could afford, and knowing a more lucrative an likely attractive P5 program will come calling any day/year? I believe USF has zero chance at someone like the OC from Clemson. I understand if you are differing opinion. And of course, by all means, USF should gauge the potential interest of Clemson OC.
  9. To clarify, the “ coach in waiting” was not meant to be contractually binding. Simply a known opportunity in the not too distant future. Also, no proven top-notch OC from a “big-time” program is going to come to USF as for a HC gig. If they are smart enough to be a top OC at a big-time program, they’ll bide their time an extra couple years (at an already large salary) for a desirable P5 job to open up (whether at OC or HC). The only exception would possibly be someone with deep USF or Tampa ties; but even then its unlikely. I’m floating the idea of someone actually interested in a future HC gig at USF. Such as a Young coordinator without enough resume to get a Coordinator position at a “big time” program, or proven coordinator at a non-“big time” program. And if he does not progress accordingly, he’s not promoted. No “promises” have to be made. Simply knowing the “opportunity” for a HC position in 5-8 years is there is enough. And if the opportunity is not enticing enough, who cares, at least CJL will be an improvement over Chuckles. And that forward momentum buys time to figure out the next best step. and good luck finding the “next” big thing young coach with little resume. The odds will be greatly against nailing that hire. Great, a 70%+ chance we fail another 3-4 years and we get to try again. And if USF does nail that hire, he’ll be gone in 2 years time. I dont like the odds.
  10. Strong has mishandled every single season. Season 1. Tamper with and change a team prime for an undefeated season. Season 2. Continue to alienate upperclassmen (talented and productive ones) and not seeing/addressing the Incompetence, stubbornness, and ineffectiveness of OC after Season 1. Season 3. Complete sh$t storm. Cant even blame not having “his recruits” or “changed culture”. Just further evidence Chuckles is incompetent himself. Season 4. If Chuckles is back, I will likely take the season “off”. Hell, I’m pretty much already there for the rest of this season.
  11. Bring back The Jim please. with a solid coordinator intended for grooming as coach in-waiting. long view, while bringing the energy back immediately (for me at least). Any opinions? Reasons why it would or would not be a good option, if executable.
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