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  1. I like this co-OC idea with King and Kinnan. Or alternatively, make King OC with Kinnan a “consultant”. Whichever works logistically.
  2. 05 Bull

    Fire Gilbert petition

    If accurate... pull the **** trigger! Cut bait! And before 2019! If we (usf) pay this numbnuts $400,000 next year, we need a new AD too. Does Kinnan have any other GCO disciples? Hell, bring back Reaves. Or promote King (vs Gilbert I dont care if he has no playcalling experience). Anything but “D”ilbert. The mere thought of Gilbert being here next year makes me fing nauseous.
  3. 05 Bull


    Ive been in the same boat. Ladt 2 games have swayed me, along with kneeling just before half at 40-ish and 21 seconds left and 2 (should have been 3) timeouts left . CCS is a fing puss. Play to win, or go the f home! Fire CCS. Hes almost as inept as CSG
  4. If CO is healthy, fire CCS too. Was previously on the hate CSG train, but CCS allows this crap to happen
  5. DId i miss something.... why the hell has CO not been in the last 3-4 series. Kean is obviously in over his head.
  6. How has Gilbert and CCS not come to this conclusion and at least attempted different ways to resolve the issues. No frickin flexibility or ingenuity. Gilbert must go, this year. Not even debatable. And Preferably before bowl practices start. If CCS wont do cut him, then CCS should be sent packing too. If you cant adapt, you go the way of the dinosaurs.
  7. 05 Bull

    What did Strong say?

    Agreed. And sounds defeated. As the HC (and tone-setter), question should have light his competitive fire, and reinforce that is the direction and ultimate expectation for this program. But he responded with defeatist dribble jibberish. Up to this point I’ve been a CCS supporter, even though I agree some assistant coaching changes need to be made. But things like this have me wondering if he needs to go also.
  8. Great analysis. Gilbert is a horrible OC. No creativity. Unable to create or take advantage of mismatches. He needs to be let go before the Spring.