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  1. mellobull

    ECU Game Video

    True ...knowing has its benefits
  2. mellobull

    ECU Game Video

    Thanks for the video . I do not have fast enough bandwidth here in the Ozark hills of southwest Missouri so as to watch live video feeds when they are available. That and most all Bulls games are not shown in the midwest . Thereby I end up watching replay vids after the fact. Listening to them on the radio the announcer is dull and misses detail ,,,grumble... Well at least radio is better than nothing .
  3. If the tinboys lose to pit they will drop in ranking thus giving Boise Mistake the top ranking . The media has Boise as their choice for the top game for the lower 5 this year and will bend over backwards to see to it that they do .
  4. mellobull

    Quick Note About Our Punter

    The punting job should be his !
  5. I want ucif to be unbeaten when they play against our Bulls .
  6. Any team from the Big 12 1st choice or Florida or Miami or FSU
  7. As San Diego is a Navy Town it will be more of a home game with a large Navy crowd.
  8. QB =A RB = B WR/TE = A OL = C DL = D LB = C DB = B K/P = D KO = C PR = C KR = A Coaching B
  9. As has been said before QF was really good at long passes but short and intermediate yuck
  10. Hunch , Gotta change score to... Bulls 47 - 20 - all else remaining the same