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  1. Temple 56 - 23 Cronkite McCants 450 Bulls pack it in early and start prepping for next year in hopes that they get a new offensive coordinator
  2. If the first play is a halfback dive it's game over...as if it wasn't already
  3. I hope the refs hands get so cold that they can't pull the flag from their pockets
  4. Hey we still have four quarters , so we can come back to beat em yet! Go Bulls
  5. mellobull

    Games of Interest 10-25

    Maybe we should rank News Paper sports reporters and see where Mr B ranks....
  6. Bulls 42 - 40 Bell -Cronkite McCans 525 NEB - " Bell ain’t playing..." Thanks, I thought it was a maybe the way that Gilbert put it .
  7. Bulls 42-40 Bell - "I just don't know"....... McCans 525
  8. Our best chance to would be for Houston's whole team comes down with the flu .
  9. "Edsall says guys who didn't play in the first six weeks will play in the second half so the staff can see what those players might be able to bring to the table. "https://the-boneyard.com/threads/game-week-uconn-20-21-usf-10-20-18-7p-on-cbssn.134497/ After further review : USF 57 - 10 Cronkite McCants 575
  10. USF 36 - 27 Cronkite McCants 524
  11. mellobull

    ECU Game Video

    True ...knowing has its benefits