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  1. After football ? Basketball and football spring practice ,recruitment and sign day. Then baseball. Then football videos of the past season and other vids of USF football past and then more football recruitment. And then fall practice and keep up with hype for the 2018 football season...... Go Bulls!
  2. mellobull

    Pre-Football Bulls: What was it like for you?

    I was a orange and Blue through and through . But when USF started play in 1997 my interest in the gators faded away . Now I can't stand dem dare gaters . Go Bulls
  3. mellobull

    What can we expect from Oladokun next year?

    I expect mr O to be warming the bench and only used as a backup .
  4. mellobull

    TV numbers are in for USF - UCF game.

    I hope that my Bulls and the Knights are unbeaten when they come to OUR place next year . Revenge game , sell-out would be written all over it . Hats off to you this year but next year is ours !
  5. mellobull

    USF-UCF Rivalry

    When I think of South Florida I think of the BULLS! Just keep winning then the football world will think the same .
  6. mellobull

    Bring your rain ponchos to Orlando

    I like our chances better if it does rain as I think it favors our running game .
  7. mellobull

    Week 13 Games to Watch

    I would love the Ole Miss rebels to stomp 3 loss and in the playoff pole MState
  8. mellobull

    CCS hates it here

    UT some of the alumni hated him from the getgo
  9. The way I figure it is that Flowers had his worst game flushed out of his system last week and will play his best game yet against the gnats .
  10. mellobull

    Could practices closed for the media mean...

    Maybe they are going to open up the rest of the playbook
  11. mellobull

    CCS and Coaching Openings

    And win the peach ... if he can't win the big one then I think the big boys will pass on em .