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  1. slayer9

    We are a 4th Quarter Team

    We aren’t a 4th quarter team. We’re a team that plays down to its competition
  2. We’re getting a good push up front, we should just pound dive plays the whole game on em
  3. slayer9


    **** ucf, we’ll beat their ass come black fridau
  4. This game was hotter than balls we started to tailgate at 8 and we just blew gt out by 11 points if we aren’t ranked then the comittee might as well be suckin bama off again this year. **** gt!!!!! #hornsup
  5. slayer9

    USF Apparel

    Fletcher Walmart has a great selection lol
  6. slayer9

    USF GT Tailgate

    Lot 4 if you’re a current student or wanna party lot 5 and up if you want a family atmosphere. If you were in any club while at USF then you can just go to there tailgate
  7. slayer9

    Bowl projections week 1.

    Y’all ready to go back to Birmingham this year lol
  8. slayer9

    Girls of Georgia Tech

    You guys are probably around 40 years old looking at barely legal *****, there’s no way this is not creepy af
  9. slayer9

    Girls of Georgia Tech

    Why do you guys post this? It’s pretty creepy considering most of these chicks just got out of high school and most of this board are alumni
  10. Time to make some quick cash then
  11. I just came from the game and I’m pretty sloshed rn. We need to hurry up and get an on campus stadium so I can rip a shotgun at muma and run over to the stadium on campus. The drive to ray jay is far af and is pretty gay. Student section was ok, I finally made it to the game around halftime and we were just talkin **** the whole time lol. Decided to leave midway through the 3rd quarter and we kept tailgating lol. Next week we might just tailgate the whole game since we dgaf and we’re playing gt
  12. Nah, I'd rather have that 80$ per semester to pay for food and rent
  13. lol **** that, I'm a current student here and that would be total bs to pay an extra 80$ a semester. I'd honestly rather us be a legit college and stop throwing money at amateur sports where, let's be honest, don't really matter at the end of the day. Our alumni aren't that great, greek life isn't that great, and USF is no where near a college town. All of these factors make having an on campus stadium pretty retarded. We would basically be a slightly better FAU, if that. If y'all wanna throw money into amateur sports then I'd rather have us throw it all into mens basketball, it would be way litter than football would ever be here