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  1. I think he called a good game, but our players just didn’t execute them. Offensive line needs to greatly improve next season or we won’t get a bowl game
  2. Can I be your defensive coordinator? My ass is fixin to be fired
  3. Oh yeah good luck persuading us to stay for the alma mater when we can just leave by the 3rd quarter to beat the traffic so we can keep partying on campus
  4. I'm a current student, so hopefully I can give some insight. The campus doesn't invoke spirit to students. Most students only go here because the school is in Tampa or the program is really good here. Students rarely talk about the sports teams here. The students don't really care about going to the game and really just go because they can tailgate and party. Having an oncampus stadium would definitely help attendance because currently the students are the largest demographic that attends games. If our basketball team becomes good the students will start showing up. These are really the only 2 sports the students care about and both are being neglected in their own way. If you want to build a good student culture at USF just build an on campus football stadium and make a winner in basketball.
  5. We aren’t a 4th quarter team. We’re a team that plays down to its competition
  6. We’re getting a good push up front, we should just pound dive plays the whole game on em
  7. **** ucf, we’ll beat their ass come black fridau
  8. This game was hotter than balls we started to tailgate at 8 and we just blew gt out by 11 points if we aren’t ranked then the comittee might as well be suckin bama off again this year. **** gt!!!!! #hornsup
  9. Fletcher Walmart has a great selection lol
  10. Lot 4 if you’re a current student or wanna party lot 5 and up if you want a family atmosphere. If you were in any club while at USF then you can just go to there tailgate
  11. Y’all ready to go back to Birmingham this year lol
  12. You guys are probably around 40 years old looking at barely legal *****, there’s no way this is not creepy af
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