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  1. Don’t feel so bad. Section 131 Row 35 here... I bought the tickets late, but I am also very much second guessing going through USF
  2. We thrived on the “dog” mentality the first 10-12 years of the program. That’s how USF became successful, so quickly. It’s what made us a nationally recognized program. Refuse to lose. Show that we have something to prove. When you are a young program fighting to make a name, you have no other choice. Do or die. Even with the relative recent success, the dog mentality has been neglected. Bringing it back could make for another great turning point in the history of the program. This video is an ode to our dog years with hopes of returning to that form this season!! #BeatWisconsin
  3. It was very likely Eric Mayes.. Nathan Bond with the Stampede alluded to it after Mayes was invited to the 49ers mini camp today. He sat out of the bowl game with an unspecified injury.
  4. Can anyone give me a recommendation for finding USF apparel in the Tampa area? Other than the bookstore, which closes at 5. I’m looking for a store more like Bulls Outfitters.
  5. When USF wins and the cocaine kicks in...
  6. To everyone driving from Tampa/South Florida to Birmingham, which route are you taking? Does anybody have suggestions for a route that avoids Atlanta? All of the direction websites suggest I-75 through Atlanta. I am trying to avoid the traffic. Go Bulls!
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