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  1. He's toxic. He reminds me of Jose Mourinho in soccer. He can definitely get you some wins but sooner or later there's a fire in the dumpster and the dumpster is your program. A complete narcissist. But maybe he's learned his lesson. Oh, wait... https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27890527/fau-coach-lane-kiffin-fined-5000-blind-refs-tweet
  2. Sonny Dykes went from Louisiana Tech to the AAC by way of Cal.
  3. Supposedly Ole Miss and Arkansas are after Lane Kiffin so he's probably out here, which I'm happy about.
  4. He's a Spurrier loyalist obviously and so is Kerwin Bell. What if Bell's the guy and they're talking to Spurrier as the coordinator. Add Larry Scott and it's a UF staff.
  5. I was not aware that Scott Spurrier was on Strong's staff: https://gousfbulls.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/scott-spurrier/910
  6. Looks like Strong is expecting to be in town for a while: https://www.tampabay.com/business/usf-coach-charlie-strong-buys-south-tampa-house-for-32-million-20190709/
  7. Valdes-Scantling got decent playing time and receptions.
  8. Some good publicity for USF. Vinik has really made a difference: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomlayberger/2019/04/28/the-university-of-south-florida-and-tampa-bay-lightning-are-flourishing-together/#1120b51b1bb8
  9. Kind of a puff piece but still nice to see local attention for the Bulls. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/sports/2019/04/23/former-usf-rb-mack-flourishing-in-nfl-career
  10. Did anyone notice that one of the assistants he's bringing is Andrew Robustelli? This was his grandfather: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Robustelli. Pretty cool.
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