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  1. ToroDeFuego

    First Half Thoughts

    Ned is great. He needs to get the ball more.
  2. That we have to run up the middle every first down?
  3. ToroDeFuego

    First Half Thoughts

    Gilbert. Is. Horrible. Scary to think that Barnett was better than who we had. I was wrong to worry about the run defense. It's the whole defense. The refs are Big 10 fans. If Barnett gets it together and Gilbert lets him he can still win it for us.
  4. ToroDeFuego

    USF Run Defense

    T This thread was needed a week ago:
  5. ToroDeFuego

    Run Defense

    Ahem. i think I was right to be worried. It wasn't just GT. Pitt handled them easily and Illinois is having their way. I guess I'll hope for turnovers.
  6. ToroDeFuego

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    I don't buy this for a second. I don't care how low a school's acceptance rate, any of the competitive programs make a lot of allowances for athletes' admissions. USF actually does a decent job not making too much of a drop off in requirements. I remember years ago players being turned down here and walking right into other programs, specifically Louisville. And there's this: https://www.fromtherumbleseat.com/2014/3/12/5500068/georgia-tech-to-allow-more-academic-exceptions-for-football
  7. ToroDeFuego

    Run Defense

    That's what I'm thinking. With some injuries to their QB and WRs stopping the run will be huge. Hoping they come up big. https://saturdaytradition.com/illinois-football/illinois-loses-second-wr-season-due-knee-injury/
  8. ToroDeFuego

    Run Defense

  9. I know it's way early to be too concerned but is anybody else worried about the run defense? Elon fell behind so they didn't run that much but they still averaged 3.9 yards per rush. GA Tech rushed for 412 yards and 7.2 yards per rush (Yikes!). The thing that saved us was five turnovers forced in the two games. But how long can we rely on that? I guess the question is, will they settle down or will this be like 2015 (I think?) where we had to rely on Q and the offense to put up 30+ points a game? Also, I know GA Tech is a special case but I'm still a little worried.
  10. ToroDeFuego

    New logo

    I didn't know that Rocky was moonlighting. Maybe he's due for a raise?
  11. I prefer to think that some of the freshmen are so good they can't be kept off the field. But yeah, it was surprising to see that.
  12. ToroDeFuego

    History repeats

    I have the same feeling because of so many unknowns. I'm testing the power of positive thinking... but it probably won't work.
  13. ToroDeFuego

    History repeats

    It would be nice if they came out and took control from the first play. I don't want a close game going into the fourth quarter.
  14. Not sure if anyone noticed but in 2007: Opened against Elon Had a 4/5 star Alabama recruit - Mike Ford The opener was closer than it should have been We Got to Number 2 I'm hoping only one of those things doesn't happen.
  15. ToroDeFuego

    QB battle narrowed to two??

    Who does #2 work for? https://tenor.com/oVZJ.gif