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  1. And I'm getting a pony for Christmas!
  2. Leavitt knew from the start what Taggart learned the hard way. When you're not a top level program you build on what you can get, not on what you want. Big smart offensive lineman are the unicorns of D1. We're not getting them. We do, however, have access to speed and over-achievers, and that usually fits in better on defense.
  3. ToroDeFuego

    Charlie Strong and Mark Richt

    Big difference is that Strong has not really built anything. Strong had one good season and Bridgewater at Louisville. Then he hired Gilbert.
  4. I think they will come back. But they should have never have been here.
  5. Yes, I think they will. Don't know if it will be enough but they'll come back.
  6. The reactions to this are hilarious. This is who the team was all year. They just got a lot of breaks. Anytime someone pointed this out everybody piled on saying they weren't a real fan and pointed to Strong's record. Gilbert is a disaster and Strong is questionable.
  7. Haha. Yeah, because adding teams to a conference comes down to a single game.
  8. I think we'll get this sorted out before that.
  9. Why the shock? Everybody saw this coming. Well... every rational person.
  10. Gilbert does suck but I'm not sure his suction extends that far.
  11. Is it Strong's fault that the defense sucks?
  12. I've been here since before you were born.
  13. All of the fanboys from last year are surprised. Everyone else, not so much