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  1. ToroDeFuego

    Google's QB opinion

    Thought is was kind of funny when I went to see if there was any news about QBs at USF and this was at the top of the search. Not only was Barnett at the top but he was the only one with a picture.
  2. ToroDeFuego

    New AD Search

    "My nickname in high school was Ice." https://www.connectsports.com/feature/25-things-didnt-know-michael-kelly-coo-college-football-playoff/
  3. ToroDeFuego

    Random observation on Bulls Nation

    I'll throw out one theory, besides the obvious fact that with every year there are more alumni. When I went to USF you could almost walk off the street and into class. Now the grades and test scores required are very competitive. You almost need a 4.0. Kids coming here now have to want it rather than it being a last option. Having a football team and guys like Vinik on our side doesn't hurt either.
  4. ToroDeFuego

    ESPN Losing Viewers

    An interesting test case to watch is Fubo.tv. They are doing without ESPN because they can't reach a deal with them. As far as their interface they are my favorite streaming service. YouTube ended up caving an added the Disney/ESPN channels and jacked their price up accordingly. The good thing about most of the streaming services is that they have no contracts like cable/satellite. I switch them out all the time.
  5. ToroDeFuego

    Nick Munera off the team

    As far as I know just on special teams. He also played FB/TE. We're getting thin at tight end.
  6. ToroDeFuego

    Craig Watts

    Danny Verpaele is the DC/ Linebackers coach at Valdosta State. https://www.vstateblazers.com/staff.aspx?staff=201
  7. ToroDeFuego

    Nick Munera off the team

    Or maybe he wanted to keep making YouTube videos.
  8. Anybody heard why? https://twitter.com/BullsNathanSBN/status/998293021639704577
  9. Yeah, I see your point but the QB is more of a leader of the team if not the offense. Who knows if he can win the job though and if he wins it won't matter.
  10. Second Elite 11 QB to transfer here and Kean has been here for both.
  11. I can't imagine this being a good thing for team chemistry, not just among QBs. https://twitter.com/TBTimes_Bulls/status/994036364348928002
  12. I would say that offensive line might be the hardest position to recruit. There are only so many big, tall, quick, smart guys out there. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that using speed is the alternative. Leavitt knew that. Taggart learned it the hard way.
  13. ToroDeFuego

    Packers Looking at Marquez Valdes-Scantling

    And he made the All-Name team: http://kdhnews.com/sports/football/nfl-draft-all-name-team/article_19e292e2-c3ac-592e-a3e7-78b09845ac9b.html
  14. Would love to see Rodgers tossing the ball to MVS. "Few athletes with his size can run that fast, giving him field-stretching potential if he can figure out how to play the position." https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2018/04/23/packers-hosted-usf-wr-marquez-valdes-scantling-on-pre-draft-visit/
  15. Deadrin Senat talking about his Pro Day and draft. Links to part 1 & 2 are at the bottom. https://fansided.com/2018/04/05/deadrin-senat-nfl-draft-blog-part-3-post-pro-day/